Chapter 1204: The Fourth Dao Law of the Universe

    Chapter 1204: The Fourth Dao Law of the Universe

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    Mo Wuji landed on a massive grey and white stone.

    This was not Mo Wuji's first time on the Seven World Stone.

    Every time he stood on this Seven World Stone, he would have different realisations. The first time he was here, all he could feel was how vast and boundless this stone was. Afterwards, he was shocked knowing that this Seven World Stone was man-made. What kind of expert could build something like the Seven World Stone?

    This time around, he could detect a few laws of the Seven World Stone. He had a sensing that he might be able to build something like the Seven World Stone in the future.

    Mo Wuji didn't leave immediately. He walked to a corner of the Seven World Stone instead. With a lift of his hand, a void recording appeared in front of him.

    The last time he was here with Tong Ming and co, he secretly installed a few spiritual will imprints.

    A familiar figure appeared in the recording. At the sight of this figure, Mo Wuji furrowed his brows immediately.

    He recognised this person as Tai Shixiao. Mo Wuji even knew that this fella had a spiritual eye.

    From Tai Shixiao's movement in the recording, Mo Wuji knew that this fella should be at least a Unity God expert. He was inwardly surprised because it seemed like he wasn't the only one who had obtained fate from the universe. In just a short ten thousand years, he must have obtained an extraordinary fate to be able to cultivate to this stage.

    After a while, Mo Wuji's eyes shifted from the Seven World Stone to void whirlpool which Tai Shixiao went into.

    Something was wrong, this whirlpool became much weaker.

    Mo Wuji had been to the Seven World Stone for three to four times already. Even though he hadn't been to all seven of these whirlpools, he knew that all seven whirlpools were black holes. Now, one of the black holes actually became weaker. Evidently, this weakening whirlpool would disappear completely with time.

    An unknown urge was felt by Mo Wuji. He felt as though there was something he needed desperately in that weakening whirlpool. Without any hesitation, Mo Wuji charged towards the weakening whirlpool.

    At almost the same moment Mo Wuji jumped into the whirlpool, this whirlpool disappeared completely.

    A terrifying tear in space could be seen and Mo Wuji was so close to taking out his Book of Luo. Fortunately, he managed to control himself. The moment he took out the Book of Luo, such intense transformation of the world planes could have caused him to lose his Book of Luo.

    Fortunately, his strong physique allowed him to make it out alive of this tear. The tear only caused a few broken bones.

    "Bang!" Broken rocks were exploding wildly and Mo Wuji could feel a few more of his bones breaking. After a while, everything finally calmed down.

    Looking at the surrounding, Mo Wuji was certain that the Seven World Stone's transfer failed. He might have entered the weakening whirlpool but the transfer had definitely gone wrong. He had no idea which world domain's void he was currently in.

    After swallowing a few pills, Mo Wuji's wounds recovered very quickly. The first thing he did was to take out his Time Plate. To Mo Wuji's surprise, he didn't even see anything on the Time Plate.

    Other than black void, there was only more black void around.

    The Laws in the universe here was extremely strong. Mo Wuji's spiritual will was unable to force its way through it. Presently, he couldn't even use his hands to tear the void here, let alone his spiritual will.

    A moving planet with no one on it was caught by Mo Wuji's spiritual will. With one step, Mo Wuji hurried over and landed on that planet.

    The god spiritual energy was not considered dense but the laws here were pretty clear.

    Mo Wuji had been lost in the void for so many times that he became well-experienced in situations like this. He knew that it would be meaningless to run around like a headless housefly now.

    If he had nothing to do, Mo Wuji might even use his Time Plate and travel around to try his luck. However, he had a bunch of things to do. Therefore, the only logical thing for him to do was to cultivate on this planet.

    If he didn't have the Time Plate, Mo Wuji would install a monitor array on the surface of this planet. No matter where this planet drifted to, his monitor array would be able to let him know.

    However, now that he had the Time Plate, all he did was to place the Time Plate on the surface of the planet. Following which, he opened up the position of the Time Plate before heading into the core of the planet to prepare for his secluded cultivation.

    The Time Plate could be said to be the treasure which would never lose its way. As long as there were any familiar spaces, the Time Plate would be able to detect it. This was still not the main reason why Mo Wuji used the Time Plate to find a familiar space. The main reason was that nobody would be able to snatch the Time Plate away. The other reason was also because the Time Plate was his treasure. As long as there was any form of traces on the Time Plate, he would find out immediately.

    This was different from a monitor array. The monitor array required him to constantly look at it. Now that he was preparing for secluded cultivation, it was likely that he would miss something.

    Mo Wuji was currently in Quasi-Sage Level 9. At this level, he was clear of what he needed to do to step out of the Quasi-Sage. He knew that he shouldn't make use of any treasures to enhance his cultivation speed. He needed to gain insights into an ordinary space in the universe. By making use of the Time Plate, it was true that he could reach the Quasi-Sage Level 12 in a very short period of time. However, using the Time Plate to enter Quasi-Sage Level 12 wouldn't do him any good in his quest to enter the Sage Stage.

    No matter how powerful the Time Plate was, he couldn't make use of it to step into the Sage Stage.

    The Laws of Heaven and Earth in his Mortal World were indeed perfect. The pity was that the Mortal World wasn't born for very long. It was still lacking all sorts of energies of the Heaven and Earth and Universe. Perhaps after a long time, his Mortal World might become the second universe but now was definitely not the time.

    Moreover, Han Qingru was still in secluded cultivation within his Mortal World. If he were to gain insights on the Sage Stage now, there was a high chance that it would affect Han Qingru.

    After implanting hundreds of peak grade god spiritual veins underground, Mo Wuji didn't touch the two Dao Laws of the Universe first. Instead, he took out the Primal Mothersteel.

    The Primal Mothersteel was for Mo Wuji to forge magic treasures. However, he realised how naive he was when he tried using a Grade 9 god flame to melt the Primal Mothersteel.

    The Scholar Heart might have advanced into a Grade 9 God Flame. Even so, it only managed to melt a bean-sized part of the Primal Mothersteel after two hours.

    If he wanted to melt a Primal Mothersteel of this size to forge a long halberd, he might not be able to succeed even after billions of years.

    He didn't find any difficulty retrieving this Primal Mothersteel from his Mortal World. To put it back, however, was slightly more tricky. He needed to make use of some array flags.

    Mo Wuji sighed because his cultivation level was still too low.

    He was in the Quasi-Sage Level 9 and he was not fearful of facing a Sage. The truth was that Mo Wuji finally understood something. The higher his cultivation level, the more he would feel that it wasn't enough.

    After letting go of all other thoughts, Mo Wuji decided to step into the Sage Stage first. Regardless of whether he would obtain a God Throne, he wouldn't feel satisfied until he became a Sage.

    God spiritual energy was constantly being swept away by Mo Wuji. In this vast and boundless universe, the planet Mo Wuji was cultivating in was merely a small and unremarkable dot.


    After the Great Cataclysm, the God Throne World turned into one of the broken worlds. Experts with God Thrones were all at Limitless Domain.

    Even Sages with God Thrones had no idea where Limitless Domain came from. However, the Laws here were definitely higher than that of God World. In fact, it wasn't any weaker than God Throne World.

    Sage Luo Xu, Sage Qing Yuan, Sage Fo Ti and Sage Tai Luan were all at Limitless Domain. Even green-robed Sage Nun's Sage Nun Pool was there too.

    When the primal space Cen Shuyin and Qu You were in was opened up by someone, the primal energy was emitted. The energy of the Dao Law of the Universe was also released. Naturally, the few Sages in Limitless Domain were the first few to detect it. Sage Luo Xu was the first to rush over while Sage Qing Yuan and Sage Fo Ti were close behind.

    The only person who didn't head over was Sage Tai Luan. Sage Tai Luan looked incredibly young and was also the most shallow one.

    He was always the one who lost his cool easily. Once, he almost got into a huge fight with Sage Luo Xu over an extremely small matter. Fortunately, Sage Qingyuan and Sage Fo Ti stopped him in time. Otherwise, the clash between two Sages was enough to destroy Limitless Domain.

    The moment Limitless Domain was destroyed, they wouldn't have a place to live even before the arrival of the World-Ending Cataclysm.

    Previously, Sage Luo Xu made use of the Dao Law of the Universe owned by the four of them because he wanted to get to Dark World. Eventually, that Dao Law of the Universe was stolen by someone from Dark World. Because of this, Sage Tai Luan almost got into a fight with Sage Luo Xu again. He pointed fingers at Sage Luo Xu's nose accusing him of being greedy and stealing that Dao Law of the Universe.

    Sage Qing Yuan, on the other hand, was one who rarely expressed his emotions. Others would normally find it hard to understand what was in his mind.

    After this Dao Law of the Universe appeared, Sage Tai Luan should also charge over there with the other Sages. However, not only did he not do so, he even remained at his Tai Luan Sage Mountain.

    An incense worth of time after the three Sages disappeared, Sage Tai Luan immediately grabbed tens of array flags to seal up his own residence. After that, he opened up a restriction in his cultivation immortal cave.

    A piece of soil, which contained unlimited life force, appeared in front of his eyes. If Mo Wuji was here, he wouldn't believe it too. This was because he would recognise this huge piece of Soil of Breath.

    Previously, Mo Wuji worked so hard to obtain that fist-sized Soil of Breath. However, there was actually a piece of the Soil of Breath which was multiple times larger than Mo Wuji's.

    Sage Tai Luan appeared as though he didn't think much of the Soil of Breath. After keeping the Soil of Breath, the vast energy of the Dao Law of the Universe was released. A faint violet colour was instantly set off by a contrast to the room. This item, which was covered by the Soil of Breath, was evidently the violet Dao Law of the Universe.

    Sage Tai Luan hurried to create restrictions after restrictions on this Dao Law of the Universe. With every restriction, the violet Dao Law would rise a little.

    He was clearly trying to draw out this violet Dao Law of the Universe.


    Billions of miles away, a silver sword radiance was dancing away wildly. Three experts were constantly executing their sacred arts against this sword radiance.

    Various strikes were continuous and the traces of dao were intense. There was no longer any bit of laws left in the space around them. The void was filled with the explosive energy of destruction.

    Initially, no one knew how long this fight was going to last. However, all four of them stopped simultaneously now. They sensed yet another Dao Law of the Universe.

    "It is Limitless Domain!" Sage Fo Ti was the first one to cry out.
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