Chapter 1205: Picked Up A Time Plate

    Chapter 1205: Picked Up A Time Plate

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    Luo Xu, Luo and the two others had already given up on their fight. All four of them flew straight to Limitless Domain.

    Luo was determined to collect more Dao Laws of the Universe. Therefore, as long as another Dao Law of the Universe appeared, he wouldn't give it up. On the other hand, Luo Xu and co. realised that even their combined attacks wouldn't be enough to snatch the Dao Law of the Universe from Luo's hands. Moreover, which one of the three of them would be the one to keep the Dao Law of the Universe? All of them might as well fight for it and it should belong to whoever could get it.

    When Tai Luan removed the Soil of Breath, he guessed that the Dao Law of the Universe would be exposed. However, he had this planned out well. He would definitely keep that Dao Law of the Universe in less than an incense worth of time. As long as he kept it, he would leave immediately.

    Even with Luo Xu and the other two Sages, they wouldn't be able to catch him.

    After tens of his array flags were thrown out, Tai Luan's expression changed.

    This was because reality was far from what he predicted. He, Luo Xu and the other two God Throned Sages had been analysing on the Dao Law of the Universe for countless years. In his eyes, he was confident that he could keep a Dao Law of the Universe within one incense worth of time.

    Now, he realised that he was wrong. The energy of the two Dao Laws of the Universe was completely different. He wasn't even confident of keeping this Dao Law of the Universe in two hours, let alone one incense. It wasn't because he wasn't strong enough but because the laws in his world weren't perfect.

    Now that the Dao Law of the Universe was leaked, it would be too late to conceal it again.

    At this point in time, he could only strike out countless hand seals in a desperate attempt to bring this Dao Law of the Universe away.

    "Boom!" An incense worth of time passed and a magic treasure landed on his defensive array.

    Tai Luan's heart sunk because he knew that he missed a golden opportunity. Luo Xu and co. were finally back. He calculated and planned everything out but the only thing he didn't expect actually happened. He would never have expected himself to fail at keeping this Dao Law of the Universe within an incense worth of time.

    "Tai Luan, how scheming! I have always been wondering why you will build a rubbish chute like this in your immortal cave. So it is to hide a Dao Law of the Universe?" Luo Xu grunted and his voice was filled with immense murderous intent.

    "This Dao Law was hidden by myself here. Does the few of you want to snatch it from me?" Sage Tai Luan's face couldn't be any more gloomy. He knew that things would get complicated from now on.

    "Where is Luo?" Sage Qing Yuan suddenly remembered Luo, who was rushing here with them.

    Before Sage Qing Yuan's sentence was complete, "Boom!" a loud explosion could be heard. Sage Tai Luan's defensive array was completely torn apart. A sword radiance darted right towards that violet Dao Law.

    Tai Luan didn't know that Luo was also with them. He had been completely focused on Sage Luo Xu and co. that he didn't notice Luo. After Luo destroyed his defensive array, he finally realised that Luo Xu and the two other Sages were not the only ones here.

    For this Dao Law of the Universe, Tai Luan had planned it since a long time ago. However, because Luo Xu, Fo Ti and Qing Yuan seldom left the place at the same time, he wasn't able to carry out his plan.

    This time, he finally managed to get hold of an incense worth of time. Even so, he miscalculated his own strength.

    Presently, he would fight to the end just to prevent Luo from obtaining the Dao Law of the Universe. The World-Ending Cataclysm was arriving so this Dao Law of the Universe was equivalent to his life.

    Tai Luan's traces of dao surged and a massive mountain flew towards the sword radiance.

    "Boom!" The laws were instantly destroyed as the explosive backblast hit Tai Luan. Tai Luan spat out a mouthful of blood. Another blood fog formed near his waist.

    Tai Luan was incomparably shocked. Where did such a powerful expert come from? What kind of sword was that? How could he slice his domain and fleshly body apart so easily?

    "Tai Luan, that fella is Luo. None of us is a match for him if we fight him alone. We should place this Dao Law here for now. He still has a few Dao Laws of the Universe on him. I suggest all four of us attack him together..."

    Before Qing Yuan could finish his sentence, he heard an even louder explosion in the hall. The laws in the surrounding collapsed and the violet Dao Law of the Universe disappeared completely. This violet Dao law turned into a violet light as it tore the void apart and escaped.

    Without hesitation, Luo chased after this Dao Law. Almost concurrently, Luo Xu and the three other Sages followed suit.

    The Laws of the Heaven and Earth of the Limitless Domain started to collapse. Thin cracks started appearing throughout the entire void of the world domain.


    Thousands of years passed in a blink of an eye during cultivation.

    "Boom!" Mo Wuji blasted through the barriers of Quasi-Sage Level 12. Even so, he didn't leave his secluded cultivation. Instead, he took out thousands of peak grade god spiritual veins and tens of thousands of high grade ones. He started to absorb the god spiritual will immensely.

    At this moment, even Mo Wuji could sense an energy of destruction. He knew that this was the prelude to the arrival of the World-Ending Cataclysm.

    He was determined to work hard to increase his strength before the arrival of the World-Ending Cataclysm. And he must enter the Sage Stage. If he didn't enter the Sage Stage before the World-Ending Cataclysm, he would highly likely be a cannon fodder of somebody else.

    While his Immortal Mortal Technique was sweeping up the god spiritual energy madly, the god spiritual veins Mo Wuji implanted underground were turning into ashes one after the other. Mo Wuji's strength was constantly on the rise.

    However, it didn't matter how much god spiritual energy he absorbed or how his strength grew. He was ultimately still unable to sense the shackles of the Sage Stage.

    Mo Wuji was clear that there was a good chance that he could enter the Sage Stage if he were to take out the Dao Law of the Universe now. However, Mo Wuji knew that wasn't his Dao. He created the Immortal Mortal Technique and created his Mortal World. He mustn't make use of the other Dao Law of the Universe to perfect his dao just so he could step into the Sage Stage.


    Yet another thousand years passed, the desolate and lonely planet which Mo Wuji cultivated on was no longer how it looked like before.

    Throughout these years, his Mortal Dao had permeated into the entire planet. From Mortal to Sage, traces of dao were emitted together with the endless god spiritual veins implanted. This desolate planet was now a planet filled with greenery and there was a prosperous breakout of lives.

    With an additional life force, the life force of the Mortal Dao, many low grade herbs started to grow on this planet.

    A swift figure flying across the void called out surprisingly as he flew past this planet filled with greenery. "Eh, there is a planet with life force out here in the void?"

    Following which, the flying treasure stopped and a tall and skinny man in black robes stood on the bow of the ship. His spiritual will landed on this planet.

    "Wait, that is the Time Plate?" An indescribable happiness and excitement surged into this man's heart and mind. He was so excited that he started trembling. In one step, he landed on the planet and reached out for the Time Plate.

    The Time Plate, a supreme treasure of fortune, was spotted by him. No, he should say that it was picked up by him.

    An invisible restriction blocked his hand imprint and a blue-robed young man appeared in front of him.

    "Who are you? Ai..." This skinny and tall man in black robes stared at Mo Wuji. He found this young man to be pretty familiar.

    Very soon, he tossed the familiarity with Mo Wuji to one side. His spiritual will landed pleasingly at the core of the planet. What did he see? He saw thousands of high grade and even a few hundred peak grade god spiritual veins. No wait, there were even tens of creation-level god spiritual veins...

    Who was this guy? Why was he so wealthy? Oh yes, why did he feel so familiar?

    Mo Wuji sized this man up calmly before shaking his head, "Tian Hen, why does it seem like you didn't improve even after so many years? Are you still at the Quasi-Sage Level 8? Have you been feeding dogs throughout the years?"

    Even though Mo Wuji had never seen this skinny and tall man before, Mo Wuji was certain that this fella was Tian Hen. Back in God Continent, Sage Tian Hen chased after him before. Therefore, Mo Wuji was able to detect his energy, Not only that, he picked up many nirvana dao sands back in the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction too. The energy of those nirvana dao sands was the energy of Sage Tian Hen.

    It was normal that Sage Tian Hen would produce all those nirvana dao sands when he landed on there.

    "Who are you?" Hearing Mo Wuji's words, Tian Hen furrowed his brows. He really couldn't recall who Mo Wuji was.

    Mo Wuji replied faintly, "Back then, I left you with a Great Art of Destruction. Why? Didn't it destroy your claws?"

    "It's you?" Sage Tian Hen suddenly realised that this was the fella he was trying to catch. One could say that he was even more desperate to catch Mo Wuji than Lei Hongji. Otherwise, he wouldn't have given up his pursuit of Lei Hongji.

    Mo Wuji smiled, "Indeed, it's me."

    "Are my Void Waterseal and Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo with you? And also the Great Art of Destruction." Sage Tian Hen licked his lips before glancing at the Time Plate.

    After being lost in the void for countless years, he finally got to exact his revenge today. Even if he didn't find the Furnace of Heaven and Earth, it would be enough for him to obtain the Time Plate, Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo and Void Waterseal. Moreover, there was the Great Art of Destruction too.

    As for Mo Wuji's strength, he was never too concerned. Back when Tian Hen was chasing him, Mo Wuji was still a mere ant. Even with the help of the Time Plate, Mo Wuji wouldn't be a threat to him after such a short period of time.

    Mo Wuji smiled and extended his hand as a furnace appeared, "You forgot about the Furnace of Heaven and Earth."
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