Chapter 1206: Surrounded

    Chapter 1206: Surrounded

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    Tian Hen's expression turned grave. The glee deep in his heart settled down.

    He had been madly searching for the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. If the first thing he saw wasn't the Time Plate but the Furnace, he would have already charged towards Mo Wuji crazily. There was no other reason besides trying to snatch back the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth.

    But now, Mo Wuji had taken the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth out of his own initiative. This caused Tian Hen to feel as though an electric current had run through his entire body, stimulating him to explode. His heart was clearly filled with a deep sense of desire but he had no choice but to force himself to calm down.

    He didn't know why Mo Wuji had thrown the Time Plate out, but it was clear that Mo Wuji wasn't afraid of losing the Time Plate. Moreover, Mo Wuji had found out that he was Tian Hen and knew of his motive, yet Mo Wuji still dared to bring out the Furnace of Heaven and Earth. This was telling him one thing: Mo Wuji wasn't afraid of him.

    Tian Hen took in a deep breath. His dao ripples continued to spread out together with his domain. No matter what, he definitely couldn't let this man in front of him escape.

    Without the Furnace of Heaven and Earth, he would not have a foundation.

    Unfortunately, his current abilities were far from fully recovered. Otherwise, why would even need to force himself to calm down?

    He was furiously accumulating his power. As long as Mo Wuji made a move, he would make an all-out attack. He did not believe that abnormal perverts like Lei Hongji would exist everywhere. However, even though he did not believe that Mo Wuji was as strong as Lei Hongji, he still wouldn't underestimate his opponent.

    Mo Wuji sneered. The current Tian Hen was merely a strong ant in his eyes. If Tian Hen was still a Sage, he might have some reservations. But the current Tian Hen didn't have a God Throne, he wasn't a Sage, and he also lost his supreme treasure of fortune. Thus, Tian Hen didn't even pose a threat.

    Mo Wuji knew that Tian Hen was storing up power in his domain. However, he didn't go and stop Tian Hen. He was already at the pinnacle of Quasi-Sage Stage Level 12 and he was only a step away from the Sage Stage. He wanted to know how how his current abilities fared.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji didn't make a move, Tian Hen continued to use his elemental energy to store up power in his domain. As long as Mo Wuji made a single move, he would be ready to whip out his sacred art.

    When Tian Hen was waiting for Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji really made a move. However, Mo Wuji didn't make a move against him. Instead, Mo Wuji's face changed. He immediately swept up all the god spiritual veins and Time Plate, and he made a move.

    You want to escape? Tian Hen didn't hesitate to attack with his full power. He knew that Mo Wuji was definitely up to some tricks. Otherwise, Mo Wuji wouldn't have chosen to escape at such a moment.

    At this moment, his sacred art was on the brink of igniting and his domain had been stored to maximum power. If Mo Wuji didn't try to escape, he would have some chance of resistance. If he did try to escape, then he would only be courting death.

    "Boom!" A violent tsunami of elemental energy was shot out by Tian Hen. Wave after wave of torrential flames appeared in space. These waves of flames didn't merely seal all paths of escape; this entire piece of space was filled with these torrential flames.

    Even though the Laws over this space were strong and rigid, they also started to release cracking sounds due to Tian Hen's flames. The Laws were noticeably weakened by the flames, seeming as though they could be torn with a lift of a hand.

    When he fought against Lei Hongji, Tian Hen didn't use such flames. The primary reason was that he had a faint feeling that the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth wasn't on Lei Hongji. Another important reason was that it was possible that the other Sages would detect his Samadhi True Fire the moment it was used.

    In this vast universe, only the few Sages know of his Samadhi True Fire. This sort of fire was equivalent to a Sage Fire. Activated together with the Dao Laws of his sacred art, it could directly burn his opponent's domain and the Laws of Space in this area.

    "Bang!" Under these flames, Mo Wuji's domain was burned into nothingness. Following which, his hair and clothes were completely swept away by the flames.

    His skin was torn apart by the fire and his bones were revealed.

    Against this Samadhi True Fire, Mo Wuji seemed to be unable to resist. In just a single instant, he was heavily injured.

    However, Tian Hen did not celebrate. He discovered that Mo Wuji had already stepped out of his Samadhi True Fire's domain.

    This was the first time that a person managed to extricate himself out of his Samadhi True Fire without losing the physical body.

    One must know that his Samadhi True Fire was formed after countless years of refining within the Furnace of Heaven and Earth. Among all the Sages, if he claimed that his fire was second place, no one would dare to claim first place. Even though his power had fallen drastically and his dao ripples weren't completely healed, even Sages would not necessarily be able to escape out of his Samadhi True Fire.

    Tian Hen didn't continue thinking any further as he furiously sped towards Mo Wuji. No matter what, he wasn't going to let Mo Wuji escape.

    Mo Wuji didn't even place Tian Hen in his eyes. Now that he experienced Tian Hen's Samadhi True Fire, his heart was filled with shock.

    Indeed, you can't underestimate someone. Because he underestimated Tian Hen, he almost lost his physical body. Fortunately, his Earth Shrinking sacred art was powerful and his fleshly body was in the late Sage Physique. That was how he was able to escape out of the Samadhi True Fire.

    Mo Wuji simply wanted to turn back and crush Tian Hen into pieces. But at this moment, he didn't dare to stop. Although he had swallowed multiple pills, his Mortal Technique was in continuous reverse circulation and his vitality channel was constantly providing him with life force, Mo Wuji could still feel the Samadhi True Fire burning his meridians and vital blood, it felt as though his insides were tearing apart.

    Tian Hen only chased Mo Wuji for ten breaths of time before he stared into the distance in shock.

    He finally understood why Mo Wuji would suddenly try to leave. It wasn't because Mo Wuji was afraid of him, nor because Mo Wuji wanted to play some tricks. Instead, it was because a violet Dao Law had appeared.

    As an ex-Sage, Tian Hen only needed a single glance at this violet Dao Law to know that it was a Dao Law of the Universe.

    However, he didn't feel any happiness. In fact, he felt his heart sinking to the very bottom. Before he even sensed this violet Dao Law, Mo Wuji had already seen it. Clearly, Mo Wuji was levels above him.

    This could also be seen from how Mo Wuji dared to endure his Samadhi True Fire.

    Tian Hen's guess was correct. Mo Wuji did forcefully endure Tian Hen's sacred art because of this violet Dao Law. This was a Dao Law of the Universe! If he waited till he got rid of Tian Hen, it would definitely be too late. There was no need to talk about how he sensed that someone was chasing after this Dao Law of the Universe. Even if there was no one, Mo Wuji did not dare say that he would necessarily be able to capture this Dao Law of the Universe.

    Now, he was directly facing this violet Dao Law and he forcefully intercepted it.

    This wasn't the first time that Mo Wuji collected a Dao Law of the Universe; he was extremely experienced. His Mortal Dao Laws swept outwards. Just as this Dao Law of the Universe stagnated slightly, his hand moved swiftly and swept this violet Dao Law into this Mortal World.

    Before Mo Wuji could heave a sigh of relief, five figures had appeared and trapped Mo Wuji in the center. Besides these five figures, there was also Tian Hen in the distance.

    "It's you again." Luo's cold gaze landed on Mo Wuji. Although it was the Sword of Fortune that encountered Mo Wuji in the Immortal World, Luo could still recognise Mo Wuji.

    When Luo Xu saw Mo Wuji, his eyes turned grave. Although he had never seen Mo Wuji before, he already recognised Mo Wuji. That Dao Law of his was extracted by this Mo Wuji in front of him.

    However, he did not point out the reality that Mo Wuji had two Dao Laws of the Universe on him. Instead, he silently moved towards the direction that Mo Wuji was most likely to escape from.

    "Luo Xu, Qing Yuan, Ti Fu, Tai Luan..." Tian Hen took in a breath of cold air and subconsciously retreated by several meters.

    His enmity with these people was as deep as the ocean. Unfortunately, he was nothing more than an ant compared to these people. If this was some other time, he would have already frantically burned his longevity to escape. But now, he was reluctant to do so. His Furnace of the Heaven and Earth was still with Mo Wuji. If he left now, he might lose the Furnace forever.

    Even though he clearly knew that he wasn't Mo Wuji's opponent, he was still reluctant to leave.

    Luo's domain had completely wrapped around the entire space. He stared at Mo Wuji as he spoke to the others, "This person is very strong. I suggest that we join hands and eliminate this person before we speak about anything else."
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