Chapter 1209: So This Is The Sage Stage

    Chapter 1209: So This Is The Sage Stage

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    One day, two days

    One year, ten years...

    Mo Wuji continued to walk like this. This walking caused him to forget about hunger and time. By the time 1000 years passed, he was already as skinny as a bag of bones. However, he still continued to walk on.

    This mortal world was sparsely inhabited. The more Mo Wuji walked, the more remote the places became. He passed countless forests and countless rivers and creeks.

    Although his dao foundations were still broken and his meridians were still damaged, an additional trace of a dao ripple seemed to appear around him,

    This dao ripple mark contained the imposing might of a peerless expert. Whether it was a beast or an insect... as long as it was within 100 miles of Mo Wuji, it would flee in fright.


    In the deepest part of the Resting Land of Gods, Xia Ruoyin calmly kept the Reincarnation Mirror. She lifted her head and stared into the depths of the boundless space.

    With the help of the Reincarnation Mirror, she had finally stepped into Quasi-Sage Level 7 after a little more than 10,000 years. As long as she could reach Quasi-Sage Level 7, she could use the Red Lotus to enter the Sage Nun Pool. This was her secret.

    It was exactly because of this that she could not allow the Sage Nun to enter the Resting Land of Gods. If the Sage Nun came to the Resting Land of Gods, it would only be a matter of time that the Sage Nun discovers that the Red Lotus could be used to return to the Sage Nun Pool.

    Now that she had killed the Sage Nun outside the Resting Land of Gods, the Red Lotus had completely belonged to her, Xia Ruoyin.

    Compared to the Sages that have cultivated for tens of thousands of years, she used the Reincarnation Mirror to go from an ordinary mortal to the Quasi-Sage Level 7 in less than 30,000 years. This was her pride.

    Scenes that happened in the past flashed through her mind. Countless people and events wouldn't be remembered by her; even the Xia Clan that she was born from had already been forgotten.

    The only thing that she couldn't forget was the rear view of a man hard at work in his laboratory.

    She was unable to forget that person's every frown and every smile. She could not forget that question 'Why?' when she stabbed her knife in his back.

    Yes. How could she not know that she only needed to ask to get the formula? However, he needed to die.

    She didn't want to ask him for the formula. Alternatively, it could be said that she didn't want to owe him anything. Perhaps, at that time, she would have a bottom line...

    Xia Ruoyin opened her mouth and released a clear roar. She wanted to severe this distracting memory. Otherwise, this person would become the obstacle to entering the Sage Stage.

    After an incense's time, Xia Ruoyin's face had turned increasingly cold. She had forcefully severed that distracting memory.

    From now on, she, Xia Ruoyin, will move on to become the ruler of this entire universe.

    She believed that she was the only one in the universe to possess 101 spirit channels and 101 meridians. In fact, she even formed a second sea of consciousness.

    Now, she had killed the Sage Nun and snatched the Red Lotus of Fortune. As long as she headed to the Sage Nun Pool to nourish herself and the Red Lotus, she would be able to become one with the Red Lotus and turn into a true Sage.

    She brought out the Red Lotus, and with a single step, she landed on top of it. One hand seal after another was formed. In merely ten breaths of time, the Red Lotus swept up a veil of red light and disappeared without a trace.

    In less than half an incense's time, a green-robed woman landed at the spot where the Red Lotus disappeared. She lifted her head and harrumphed coldly. Suddenly, she grabbed multiple dao ripples from her own body.

    In just another half an incense's time, the faint outline of the Red Lotus swept up this green-robed woman and disappeared.


    The Red Lotus landed and clear and refreshing Red Lotus dao ripples surrounded her. Xia Ruoyin's heart was filled with excitement. She knew that she had successfully used the Red Lotus to return to the Sage Nun Pool from the Resting Land of Gods.

    Now that she was at the Resting Land of Gods, she would only need 1000 years to become one with the Red Lotus and step into the Sage Dao.

    By the time she was on the Sage Dao, she, Xia Ruoyin, would also be one of the peerless experts of the universe. As a Sage, everyone else were nothing more than ants in her eyes.

    "Boom!" While Xia Ruoyin was still reeling in excitement and hadn't even started to gain insights from the Red Lotus dao ripples of Sage Nun Pool, the center of the Sage Nun Pool exploded.

    Xia Ruoyin jolted. After she sprang off the Red Lotus, she saw a person that she would never believe that she would see. How did the green-robed Sage Nun that she had personally killed appear her? Could the Sage Nun have a clone? However, she had never heard of it. She had followed the Sage Nun for so many years and she was sure that the Sage Nun didn't have a cultivation clone.

    "You are not dead?" Xia Ruoyin stared at the green-robed Sage Nun in shock. Not only didn't the Sage Nun survive, she was also able to return to the Sage Nun Pool? What was going on?

    The Sage Nun didn't respond to Xia Ruoyin. Before Xia Ruoyin's words could even land, that red lotus beneath her feet suddenly disappeared and melted into the Sage Nun Pool. The disappearance of the Red Lotus was telling Xia Ruoyin that this was the Sage Nun's territory.

    Sensing the Sage Nun's aura get increasingly stronger, Xia Ruoyin immediately knew that things weren't good. She did not hesitate to whip out her Dawn Cloud Light and struck towards the Sage Nun. At the same time, the Reincarnation Mirror transformed into a reincarnation dao light which wrapped around the shattered dao ripples of the Sage Nun Pool and shot towards the Sage Nun.

    "Boom!" Dao ripples exploded. A red ripple appeared in between the Sage Nun and Xia Ruoyin. This red ripple seemed to be a barrier between worlds, stopping Xia Ruoyin's attack.

    Xia Ruoyin's heart sank. She knew that she needed to eliminate the Sage Nun soon. Otherwise, she was screwed.

    She shot out a drop of vital blood. The Reincarnation Mirror's reincarnation dao light started to shine with increasingly blinding light. Boundless reincarnation dao ripples exploded, shattering that barrier between Xia Ruoyin and the Sage Nun. The reincarnation dao light then continued to move towards the Sage Nun with powerful momentum.

    By this time, Xia Ruoyin had already come to an understanding. The Sage Nun should have been hiding near her as she cultivated, waiting for her to use the Red Lotus to return to the Sage Nun Pool.

    The moment they returned to the Sage Nun Pool, the Sage Nun immediately made use of the Red Lotus dao ripples that she left behind to get the soul of the Red Lotus to return to the Sage Nun Pool. The soul of the Red Lotus originally belonged to the Sage Nun, so it was naturally easy for her to do that.

    Even though her heart was filled with regrets, Xia Ruoyin knew that this wasn't the time.

    After the Reincarnation Mirror destroyed the barrier, it whipped up an even more powerful reincarnation dao light which whistled towards the Sage Nun.

    The Red Lotus was originally the Sage Nun's true body. Now, that it had returned to the Sage Nun Pool, the Sage Nun's physical body congealed rapidly and her cultivation directly rose to the late Quasi-Sage Stage. When Xia Ruoyin's reincarnation dao light surged over, she uttered a clear shout and the vanished Red Lotus reappeared.

    The Red Lotus slammed against Xia Ruoyin's Reincarnation Mirror, causing a huge whirlpool to form in the center of the Sage Nun Pool.

    How could Xia Ruoyin dare to hesitate? She didn't even try to retrieve her Reincarnation Mirror as she charged into that whirlpool. In the blink of an eye, she disappeared. She knew that if she didn't leave, she wouldn't be able to leave.

    She guessed that a strand of the Sage Nun's soul had escaped. And that wasn't enough. Someone must have helped the Sage Nun. If this person didn't help the Sage Nun, the Sage Nun definitely wouldn't have recovered such a powerful primordial spirit in such a short time and even borrow the Red Lotus dao ripples to return to the Sage Nun Popol.

    Because she was too pleased with her own achievement, she had lost her best opportunity to become a Sage. Not only that, she also lost her Reincarnation Mirror.

    The moment she entered the black whirlpool, Xia Ruoyin knew that she couldn't control herself. The powerful whirlpool tore apart ten of her meridians, then it brought her through planes and into the depths of the universe.

    The Sage Nun looked at the black whirlpool and remained silent. She did not chase after Xia Ruoyin. In reality, she had cultivated in the Sage Nun Pool for so many years but she didn't know that she could go from the Resting Land of Gods to the Sage Nun Pool. She didn't even know that there was this transfer whirlpool right below the Sage Nun Pool.

    From the looks of it, this was no longer a place where she belonged.


    At the same instant that Xia Ruoyin was drawn into the whirlpool and had her meridians torn, Mo Wuji suddenly stopped walking.

    He lifted his head and stared at the sky. An extremely ordinary dao ripple appeared around him.

    At this moment, his vitality channel recovered, his elemental storage channel recovered, his spirit storage channel recovered...

    His meridians, his dao foundations and his dantian healed. The dao ripple around him became increasingly faint and the link between the Mortal and the universe became increasingly clear.

    After an unknown period of time, the increasingly faint dao ripple around Mo Wuji disappeared. At this moment, he was an ordinary mortal.

    So this is the Sage Stage. Mo Wuji's heart was calm. The instant he recovered from his injuries, he stepped into the Sage Stage.

    He stared calmly into the sky. His spiritual will traversed through countless galaxies and countless worlds.
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