Chapter 1210: Who Wasnt Young Before?

    Chapter 1210: Who Wasn't Young Before?

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    A great dao of life force emanated from Mo Wuji's body. The fate over this land instantly thickened.

    This was originally a mortal world. Now, low-grade spiritual herbs started to grow and crops turned greener. At this moment, all the people on this planet became more spirited. All diseases and pain disappeared, and the people ill in bed or waiting to die suddenly sat up. Their illnesses seemed to have vanished in that instant.

    This phenomenon was soon discovered. Everyone immediately went on their knees, thanking the heavens for this gift and the spirits for their protection.

    Mo Wuji was delighted. He borrowed the help of this mortal land to stepped into the Sage Stage. In return, his dao ripples had given this mortal land fate and vitality.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will, which was roaming through space, stopped suddenly. He saw a familiar figure. He even suspected that his spiritual will was faulty. Why did he actually see Xia Ruoyin in space?

    Not only did he see Xia Ruoyin, he saw that Xia Ruoyin was actually rolling around in space. Mo Wuji then caught a familiar dao aura and he instantly came to an understanding. Xia Ruoyin had opened her meridians and entered the Dao through meridian cultivation. Very clearly, after Xia Ruoyin killed him, she obtained the meridian opening solution. It was just that the formula that he left behind wasn't completely. Although Xia Ruoyin obtained it, she would definitely be unable to open 108 meridians.

    That's not right. Not only did Xia Ruoyin open her meridians, she also opened her spirit channels. There were also spiritual ripples flowing around her.

    Dual cultivation through meridians and spirit channels. Besides his Da Huang, Xia Ruoyin should be the only other person to do that, right? This woman was able to step into the Quasi-Sage Stage in such a short time. It could be seen that her opportunities were frighteningly good.

    Mo Wuji shook his head. He did not step into space to kill Xia Ruoyin. He didn't even have his past intention of asking Xia Ruoyin why she killed him. This was because this woman was now a complete stranger to him.

    The reason why he didn't kill Xia Ruoyin wasn't because he had grown indifferent to enmity, nor because he didn't kill woman. Instead, it was because Xia Ruoyin was the first woman that he had loved. He truly couldn't bring himself to severe that memory of his young self. If he was any other Sage, he probably wouldn't have hesitated to extinguish her. However, he cultivated the Mortal Dao. As a mortal, he couldn't truly forget everything.

    A huge asteroid came flying over and slammed against Xia Ruoyin's body. A spurt of blood shot out of Xia Ruoyin's mouth and her entire body was sent flying.

    Mo Wuji retracted his spiritual will. He raised his hand and cleaned his body. After which, he changed into a clean set of blue robes.

    He sensed boundless fate coming from all directions and gathering on him. At this moment, his Dao seemed to reach a higher level and his Mortal Dao ripples seemed to be increasingly nourished.

    Mo Wuji came to a deeper understanding. He had a faint understanding of what a God Throne was. A God Throne was a Dao Throne which could draw fate from the universe. Only cultivators with a God Throne would continuously obtain different kinds of fate from the universe.

    This fate allows their cultivation to rise, their longevity to lengthen and their dao foundations to strengthen.

    This sort of fate included incense burning, gratitude, reverence, worship...

    He didn't have a God Throne; he only bestowed vitality and his Mortal Dao ripples on this ordinary planet. But in return, he got the fate from the people on this planet.

    Mo Wuji's heart was moved. With a single step, he landed at the spot that he first arrived at. After 1000 years, the tiny mount was already gone. In its place, was a barren field. At the side of the field, there was a broken hoe. Mo Wuji grabbed the broken hoe in his hand.

    1000 years ago, he was standing here quietly, contemplating on his future. At that time, a farmer with a hoe came and talked to him.

    1000 years later, he was standing here again and he was still thinking about his future. In his hand, there was a hoe. Perhaps that was the difference.

    The difference was that 1000 years ago, he was thinking about how he would die here. On the other hand, that farmer had his own goals and this hoe was a tool to help him move towards his goals.

    1000 years later, he was thinking about his goals and where he could go to. Looking at the rusty hoe in his hands, he realised that he only understood this difference when he held this thing in his own hands.


    The disorder in space finally settled down. Xia Ruoyin wiped off the fresh blood at the corner of her lips. Her spiritual will had finally noticed a planet brimming with life.

    This was actually a mortal world? Xia Ruoyin didn't think twice as she directly stepped onto this planet.

    Indeed, this was a mortal planet. Moreover, this planet contained boundless life force; it seemed to be a newborn force.

    If she could extract the life force from this planet, she would definitely be able to recover her abilities in a short time. Sage Nun, that simple-minded woman. In the future, she, Xia Ruoyin, would definitely kill her...

    Xia Ruoyin's mind suddenly stopped in shock. Her spiritual will arrived at a barren field where a blue-robed man was standing. That man looked very thin and his hair was very long. Only one look was needed to tell that he had not taken care of his looks for a long time.

    Fortunately, this man seemed to be very clean. He was currently in a daze as he stared at a broken hoe.

    This was not why Xia Ruoyin was shocked. She was shocked that this man seemed so familiar. The memory of the back view that she had previously severed appeared in her mind. No, it had appeared right in front of her eyes.

    "What's your name?" Xia Ruoyin only needed a single step to arrive in front of Mo Wuji. She spoke in an icy-cold tone.

    Mo Wuji looked at Xia Ruoyin calmly, "I am Mo Wuji."

    "You are called Mo Wuji?" Xia Ruoyin's face instantly turned unsightly. His name was the same and his looks were 99% similar. This was clearly the reincarnation of Mo Wuji.

    "You want to kill me?" The instant Xia Ruoyin's killing intent rose, Mo Wuji noticed it. He spoke in an indifferent tone.

    Xia Ruoyin subconsciously stopped moving. She looked at Mo Wuji in greater astonishment, "You know that I want to kill you?"

    A little farmer actually knows of killing intent? No, that's not right. This farmer seems a little too clean; there wasn't even a speck of dirt on him.

    Mo Wuji actually turned his back on Xia Ruoyin. He lifted his head, looked into at the sky and spoke in a lonely tone, "Because you have already killed me once, so killing me again isn't anything much."

    He didn't even ask Xia Ruoyin why she killed him those years ago. To him, that was an unimportant detail. Even Xia Ruoyin herself was nothing more than an unimportant dust in his eyes.

    "You have retained the memories of your past life..." Xia Ruoyin stared at Mo Wuji's back view in shock. She even felt a strand of fear. Even when great experts reincarnate, it would be hard for them to retain their past memories. How was Mo Wuji able to do it?

    That strand of fear was quickly replaced by killing intent. She did not hesitate to raise her hand, "Since that's the case, there's no need for you to reincarnate again."

    Boundless energy swept over and space seemed to appear bigger. However, in Xia Ruoyin's eyes, space seemed to have shrunk down till it was infinitesimally close to nothingness.

    This powerful dao aura seemed to envelop the entire planet. Perhaps, when this slap lands, the entire planet would disappear along with Mo Wuji.

    The dao ripples that swept out of her suddenly stopped. It was no longer able to influence this planet. At this moment, Xia Ruoyin felt difficulty breathing. Her spirit channels started to turn sluggish, her meridians started to collapse, her sea of consciousness started to crumble, and her dantian started to erode...

    "You are a Sage..." True fear finally appeared in Xia Ruoyin's eyes. She didn't expect that when she met Mo Wuji again, he would actually be a Sage-level expert.

    She was sure that Mo Wuji had already seen her. Since Mo Wuji didn't make a move, it would mean that he had already spared her once. Now, she had actually impatiently come to seek her own death...

    "You can't kill me Wuji. On account of the meticulous care that I showed you and the tea and water that I served you, please spare me... Wuji, I was forced. I was forced by my Xia Clan. If I didn't do it, they would have killed me... Wuji, please spare me. I still love you in my heart, which is why I don't dare to face you..." Xia Ruoyin was like the cuckoo that cried blood; her voice was filled with grief.

    Mo Wuji slowly walked away but his voice still landed beside Xia Ruoyin's ear, "You didn't kill my wife, Wen Xiaoqi, allowing Xiaoqi to give birth to my future generations. Additionally, I have already exterminated your Xia Clan, causing my anger to be dispelled significantly. Thus, I will allow you to reincarnate..."

    The moment this woman came, she wanted to kill him. Moreover, she didn't even allow him to reincarnate. It could be seen how toxic she was. It was just that Mo Wuji didn't want to mention all that. He must have blind in the past to actually fall for such a woman.

    He sighed. Who wasn't young before? From today on, let this all disappear. The past would no longer have anything to do with him.
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