Chapter 1211: Dao Aspiration

    Chapter 1211: Dao Aspiration

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    Xia Ruoyin's face went still. If Mo Wuji wasn't already a Sage, she would have pleaded for mercy on account of their past love. However, facing a Sage, she could not utter such a lie. This was because able to see through it with a single glance.

    However, how did he know that it was Wen Xiaoqi? To her understanding, it wasn't Wen Xiaoqi.

    Space instantly turned rigid and a suffocating sensation of death came over. Xia Ruoyin wanted to struggle and beg for mercy again. However, at this moment, she couldn't even say a word. At the bottom of her mind, there was only one thought. If she hadn't killed Mo Wuji then, how would things have been?

    Unfortunately, the pressure came down on her. She would no longer be able to think any further.

    A dao ripple of erosion wrapped around her. In this instant, her life force had disappeared. Following which, a flame swept over, burning her entire body into nothingness.

    Even her ring had been destroyed by this powerful dao ripple. Clearly, Mo Wuji didn't want any of her belongings to remain.


    Mo Wuji's spiritual will went back into space. He actually noticed Tian Hen again. Back when he snatched that Dao Law of the Universe away, he was struck by Tian Hen's Samadhi True Fire. Till now, he still hadn't gotten back at Tian Hen for that.

    Mo Wuji directly traversed across galaxies. At almost the same instant he landed in the same galaxy as Tian Hen, Tian Hen's spiritual will also detected Mo Wuji.

    The way Mo Wuji looked at it, this fella would definitely try to flee. However, he didn't expect that this fella would actually come flying to him.

    From the looks of it, the Furnace of Heaven and Earth really turned him crazy. If it was him and he saw a person escape alive after facing five Sages, he definitely wouldn't have dared to come over.

    "You want to snatch this Furnace of Heaven and Earth?" Mo Wuji looked at Tian Hen who had already arrived in front of him and brought out the Furnace of Heaven and Earth.

    What shocked Mo Wuji was that Tian Hen did not hesitate to throw out a strand of his soul as he kneeled on the ground and said, "I know that Senior must have already stepped into the Sage Stage. I only wish to follow Senior. Senior, please accept Tian Hen. As for the Furnace of Heaven and Earth, this junior no longer dares to want it."

    Mo Wuji was at a loss for words as he stared at Tian Hen. This didn't seem right.

    At any rate, Tian Hen used to be a Sage. How did he become so weak? It would be normal if Tian Hen didn't surrender in their fight for the Furnace of Heaven and Earth, even if Mo Wuji was about to kill him. But now, Tian Hen had directly kneeled on the ground and he willing severed a strand of his soul for Mo Wuji to control him. This was clearly very strange.

    Immediately, Mo Wuji knew what was wrong. Tian Hen's pride and desire for the Dao seemed to have disappeared. This was like... Yes, this was like when he first landed on that mortal planet and he felt as though he could never leave it.

    "You lost your aspiration for the Dao?" Mo Wuji stared at the kneeling Tian Hen questioningly. He did not accept that strand of Tian Hen's soul.

    To him, a person that lost his aspiration for the Dao wouldn't be of much use in the upcoming World-Ending Cataclysm.

    Tian Hen sighed. He could tell that the expert in front of him had no interest in him.

    Indeed, he had lost his aspiration for the Dao. Even when his spirit suffered consecutive blows due to Lei Hongji and Xia Ruoyin, it still remained strong and he was determined that he could return back into the Sage Dao.

    But after he saw Mo Wuji's battle with the five Sages, his dao spirit had completely crumbled.

    Mo Wuji forcefully endured his deadly Samadhi True Fire and got out safely. Not only that, Mo Wuji even snatched a Dao Law of the Universe from five Sages.

    That still wasn't what shocked him the most. The most shocking thing was that when Mo Wuji was surrounded by the four Sages and Luo, he injured three Sages, heavily injured Luo and managed to escape calmly.

    Back then, he believed that Mo Wuji was completely screwed. As a person observing from the sides, he could clearly tell that Mo Wuji's dao foundations were destroyed.

    He didn't think that after a short 1000 years, this young man didn't merely recover, he even stepped into the Sage Stage.

    Those years ago, this fella could deal with the onslaught of five Sages while only at the Quasi-Sage Stage. Now that he had stepped into the Sage Stage, the encirclement of five Sages shouldn't be a problem for this Mo Wuji, right?

    As for him, he didn't lose his dao aspiration because he saw Mo Wuji escape after suffering the combined attacks of five Sage experts. Instead, it was because after Mo Wuji and Luo fled, his hated enemies, Luo Xu and co., treated him as though he didn't exist as they went on to chase after Tai Luan.

    If Luo Xu and co. decided to kill him before they chased after Tai Luan, perhaps he would be able to maintain his self-esteem. After all, he, Tian Hen, used to be a Sage. But now, he was actually disregarded like this? He was actually disregarded to the point where they didn't even have time to kill him.

    His enmity with Luo Xu and co. was as deep as the ocean. However, Luo Xu and co. actually disregarded him like so. Among the greatest agonies of life, could anything be worse than that?

    Today, there was no need to talk about looking for Luo Xu and co. for revenge. He no longer had the courage to take revenge.

    A Sage that didn't even have the courage to take revenge on the people that plotted against him. Was there any further meaning in his life? Was there any further purpose for his Dao?

    Mo Wuji's current appearance, however, gave him a strand of hope. He knew that Mo Wuji was extremely impressive. Not only was Mo Wuji very powerful, his wits were also amazing. He was easily able to get Luo Xu, Qing Yuan and Ti Fu to chase after Tai Luan, granting him the chance to escape.

    Today, he had encountered Mo Wuji again and Mo Wuji seemed to have risen by another level. If there was a person in this universe that could help him, Tian Hen, take revenge, it would only be this young man in front of him. Only Mo Wuji didn't have a deep grudge against him. At the same time, only Mo Wuji had the same enmity towards Luo Xu.

    But now, after he offered a strand of his soul for Mo Wuji to imprint, Mo Wuji actually seemed completely aloof. This caused Tian Hen's heart to sink to the bottom of the ocean. He knew that he could no longer take revenge.

    "You have no use to me," Mo Wuji said indifferently.

    "Senior, this junior knows the possible location of a Dao Law of the Universe," Tian Hen said through gritted teeth. Although it was merely a guess, he still decided to say it.

    Mo Wuji was the only person that he could ask for help. If he lost Mo Wuji's help, then wouldn't he slowly corrode in this universe?

    "Dao Law of the Universe?" Mo Wuji's eyes did sparkle. He had already collected three Dao Laws of the Universe but he knew that collecting more of such things would naturally be better.

    Tian Hen hesitated slightly but he still said, "I am not extremely sure but there was a faint appearance of a violet Dao Law."

    "Since you cannot be sure, why didn't you go take a look?" Mo Wuji calmed down.

    Tian Hen spoke with deep sincerity, "The one that brought me there was a vicious and cunning woman. In a moment of carelessness, I actually fell for her scheme and I almost died under her hands. However, I was able to retaliate and injure her. At the same time, I also recorded the location. If senior wishes to take a look, this junior is willing to lead the way. If the Dao Law isn't there, then senior can kill this junior."

    Mo Wuji could tell that Tian Hen didn't seem to be lying. He nodded, grabbed Tian Hen's soul strand and made an imprint, "Since that's the case, then I will accept you. I am called Mo Wuji. I have something that I hate the most and that is petty people that are indecisive and hypocritical. As for your enmity, I will accept it for you."

    Tian Hen's enemies were Luo Xu and co. Mo Wuji already knew this fact. As for him, he already intended to kill Luo Xu and co. Thus, those words were spoken without much thinking through.

    Tian Hen was delighted and he hurriedly said, "This junior swears that if I betray senior, I will definitely be turned to dust during the Cataclysm and forever be unable to reincarnate."

    "Good." Mo Wuji nodded and threw the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth to Tian Hen, "Use the Furnace to become a Sage. In the future, you will be a great source of power to me."

    "Ah..." Tian Hen was stunned by Mo Wuji's actions. Even in his dreams, he wanted to obtain the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. He spent tremendous effort and years, and he even lay dormant in the Nirvana Ocean for countless years, but he had never gotten close to the Furnace.

    But now, the Furnace was actually casually thrown right in front of him. This sort of surprise left him in disbelief. When he gave himself up to Mo Wuji, he had also given up all hopes of obtaining the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. He definitely didn't believe that Mo Wuji would return a treasure like the Furnace to him.

    This was simply an earthshaking surprise!

    Fortunately, he regained his calm quickly. He hurriedly kneeled and said, "My lord, you can rest assured. Tian Hen will be the lord's sword. No matter where you point to, Tian Hen definitely will not hesitate. For the lord, there will be death."

    Mo Wuji nodded. He did not take this to heart. Tian Hen wasn't the only Sage under him. There was also Huan Ti. At the same time, even Tong Ming had to call him Brother Mo.

    Seeing Mo Wuji nod, Tian Hen didn't hesitate. He grabbed the Furnace and his dao will seeped in.

    The Furnace was originally his treasure. In a short time, the Furnace and him were connected.

    Tian Hen's dao aura rose rapidly. In a few days, his cultivation broke through the Great Circle of the Quasi-Sage Stage and the aura of a Sage emanated off him.

    He was different from Huan Ti. His fleshly body had always been complete. He was merely lacking the Furnace for him to return back to the Sage Stage. Now that he had the Furnace, he would naturally return back to the Sage Stage.

    Tien Hen's Sage Dao was different from Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji's Sage Dao was traceless, causing him to look like an ordinary mortal. As for Tian Hen, the moment he returned back to the Sage Stage, his Sage aura instantly spread out like surging waves.
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