Chapter 1215: The Things Sold At The Sage Dao Conference

    Chapter 1215: The Things Sold At The Sage Dao Conference

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    Mo Wuji kept the Time Plate and stared at the four huge, floating words: Universal Sage Dao Conference.

    He couldn't feel it previously when his spiritual will traversed through several galaxies to find this place. Now that he was standing in front of these four words, he could immediately sense their boundless majesty.

    The person who left these words behind definitely wasn't weaker than a Sage.

    "Brother Mo, this Sage Dao Conference isn't simple. There are at least three to four other people like Dao Friend Tian Hen. As for Quasi-Sages, then there would be many more." Seeing Mo Wuji stop, Kun Yun could not help but say.

    He was extremely worried that Mo Wuji would use force here. Even if Mo Wuji had stepped into the Sage Stage, force wouldn't be enough against the Sage Dao Conference.

    Mo Wuji laughed faintly, "Don't lie to me. There are only eight Sages in this universe."

    When Tian Hen heard Mo Wuji's words, he immediately explained, "My Lord, there are indeed only eight Sages. The remaining people without God Thrones would not be able to step into the Sage Stage..."

    As he got to this point, he subconsciously shot a glance at Mo Wuji. He knew that Mo Wuji was definitely in the Sage Stage. However, he really didn't know how Mo Wuji managed to obtain a God Throne.

    "Then would there be four Throned Sages here? I've seen the Throned Sages before, so which four are here? Could it be those four fellas that surrounded and attacked me previously?" Mo Wuji asked questioningly.

    Kun Yun subconsciously shuddered. Four Sages had surrounded and attacked Mo Wuji? What happened? Why didn't he know about it?

    Tian Hen bowed, "My Lord, there are indeed eight Throned Sages. More accurately, there would definitely be less than eight Sages. Back then, there were three that fell. I was only able to return back to the Sage Stage because of my Lord's grace. The Sages that frequently station themselves in the Sage Dao Conference are Qing Yuan and Tai Luan. However, the power of the Sage Dao Conference vastly exceeds these two people. Some people do not have God Throne but their powers are infinitesimally close to Sages. These people extract the fate of a world to stabilise their Dao..."

    "There are such people?" Mo Wuji suddenly thought of Luo. Luo should have borrowed the power of the Sword of Fortune. Theoretically, that couldn't be considered the fate of a world.

    Tian Hen hurriedly said, "Yes, there are really such people. For example, there's the Underworld's Underworld Sage Mi Ji, Gods Race's Wu Huang, Yuan Jie, etc. They are already beyond the Quasi-Sage Stage but they are lacking God Thrones. Without God Thrones, they would lack longevity and offerings from the Heaven and Earth. Ultimately, they would still die of old age. Thus, they are a unique group of people.

    Mo Wuji was confused. He had also validated his Sage Dao but he didn't have a God Throne. As a Sage, he was very clear that he didn't need a God Throne. Not only did his longevity increase by countless times, he could sense his Dao improving at every instant.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji was silent, Kun Yun added, "Yes, there are indeed many experts in the Sage Dao Conference. Thus, while the people that come here are extremely vicious, they still do not dare to cause a ruckus in the Sage Dao Conference. Moreover, the Sage Dao Conference is protected by a peak-grade defensive array. Anyone that dares to cause trouble here would not be able to escape..."

    Mo Wuji did not speak but closed his eyes. Seeing this, Kun Yun and Tian Hen naturally knew to remain silent as well.

    "Come on then, let's go in." After an entire four hours, Mo Wuji finally led the way into the Sage Dao Conference's defensive array.

    The Sage Dao Conference's array was a peak-grade killing and defensive array. However, he did not fear it. He possessed his own world and his Array Dao was at the extreme peak. Even if the Sage Dao Conference's array was any stronger, it could forget about trying to trap him. Moreover, he had just spent four hours to engrave void runes outside the Sage Dao Conference.

    Tian Hen was feeling emotional. Even though he was a Sage, he would still need to consider deeply before entering the Sage Dao Conference to cause trouble. Mo Wuji, on the other hand, did not hesitate to step in. Perhaps this was the difference Mo Wuji and him.

    "Eh..." Kun Yun uttered in exclamation the moment they entered the Sage Dao Conference.

    There was no need for Kun Yun to explain. Mo Wuji and Tian Hen also saw it.

    Upon entering the Sage Dao Conference, one would immediately see a huge auction sign. The Sage Dao Conference was organising a huge auction and the three things at the very top of the auction sign were a Dao Law of the Universe, the Tao Tit Pot and a broken primordial world.

    Even the Wood Origin Bead that he wanted was here.

    Mo Wuji was so wealthy that other Sage-level experts were simply babies compared to him. But when he saw such an auction, he still could not help but inhale a breath of cold air.

    The kind of things on this auction was crazy. It was unknown what kind of people would actually sell such amazing things.

    "Go, let's enter the auction." Mo Wuji did not hesitate to walk towards the entrance of the auction.

    The Sage Dao Conference Auction was naturally organised by the Sage Dao Conference. Here, they organise various kinds of trades and various kinds of auctions.

    The only things they didn't have were hotels, rest houses, streets and city squares.

    It looked really weird but the people that came here didn't think so. This place didn't require people to stay for long periods of time, nor did it require city squares to become prosperous. The Sage Dao Conference existed for only one purpose, which was to allow the movement of peak-grade treasures of the universe.

    "How many seats do you require?" At the entrance of the auction, Mo Wuji and co. were stopped.

    Mo Wuji looked at Kun Yun questioningly. Kun Yun hurriedly explained, "Brother Mo, this is a first-rate auction box. The price is 10 high-grade god spiritual veins a day."

    Mo Wuji was inwardly shocked. This was simply daylight robbery. An auction box already required 10 god spiritual veins per day. Couldn't this price be more reasonable?

    In God World, a sect might not even have a high-grade god spiritual vein. On the other hand, spending a day here already required 10. If he didn't earn that fortune from Min Yuan, then he would be considered an extremely poor person in a place like this.

    "I want a first-rate auction box for one month." Although he felt that it was expensive, Mo Wuji still took out a storage ring and handed it to the cultivator that blocked them. They were here to cause a ruckus, but if they didn't even have grace, what kind of ruckus could they cause?

    This cultivator inspected the items without the storage ring, then nodded to Mo Wuji and co., "The three of you may enter."

    By the side, Tian Hen sighed and said, "Ever since the Cataclysm, auction boxes have become so cheap. I remember that the price of auction boxes in the Sage Dao Conference used to be in peak-grade god spiritual veins..."

    Mo Wuji sighed; he was truly a poor man. If Tian Hen didn't speak unintentionally, he would have already slapped him and said: "Would you die if you didn't show off?"

    "Tian Hen, don't enter. Wait outside the Sage Dao Conference's defensive array." Mo Wuji stopped Tian Hen.

    Tian Hen jolted but he soon came to an understanding. He promptly said, "Yes, my Lord."

    With that, he turned and left. He knew that Mo Wuji didn't come here today to properly purchase treasures. When the Tao Tie Pot and the Dao Law of the Universe are revealed, this lord of his would definitely snatch them.

    Snatching in a place like the Sage Dao Conference was equivalent to charging into a hornet's nest. By that time, a messy battle would be inevitable. Mo Wuji was probably worried that someone would escape, and thus, he, Tian Hen, was stationed at the entrance of the Sage Dao Conference. Alternatively, Mo Wuji, himself, might want to escape and would require his help outside.

    Seeing Tian Hen leave, Kun Yun lamented in his heart. He also wanted to leave. However, since Mo Wuji didn't say anything, he couldn't do so. Anyone that could cultivate to his stage wouldn't be a fool. Mo Wuji wanted to start a war and he was the excuse. If he wasn't there to be the excuse, how could Mo Wuji snatch the Tao Tie Pot?

    Kun Yun sighed but he could only follow Mo Wuji into the auction. He didn't know whether this was a fortune or a calamity. But even if it was a calamity, he couldn't avoid it.

    The auction box's quality was not bad. Not only did it have a good view, it was spacious and the defensive and display arrays inside were peak-grade.

    Mo Wuji had previously participated in many auctions. Every time he entered an auction, the first thing he would do was to form a seal. This time, not only didn't he form a seal, he actually removed all of them.

    Today, he had come to cause a ruckus. Since that's the case, why would he need seals?

    Not only was he going to snatch the Tao Tie Pot, he was also going to snatch that Dao Law of the Universe. More importantly, he was going to catch that fella that screwed Mo Xiangtong and Aunt Eleven.

    "Brother Mo, you must not do anything stupid. Even if you are a Sage, there are other Sages here and there's not only one of them." Kun Yun was still nervous as he sat in the auction box.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, "There's no need for you to worry. When the time comes, you won't be implicated."

    To a cultivator, days were like instants.

    Just as Mo Wuji finished a cup of spiritual tea, a clear voice sounded, "Haha, I didn't think that Dao Friend would arrive earlier than me."

    "Underworld Sage Mi Ji?" Kun Yun's face changed. Don't simply look at how he was a Principal God while Mi Ji didn't have a God Throne. In reality, Underworld Sage Mi Ji had the Underworld behind him. He, Kun Yun, didn't have the rights to lick Mi Ji's boots.
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