Chapter 1216: The Wealthy Newcomer

    Chapter 1216: The Wealthy Newcomer

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    "So it's Dao Friend Kun Yun." Mi Ji merely nodded towards Kun Yun casually before turning and speaking to Mo Wuji warmly, "Since dao friend has come here, I wonder whether there are any items that you have your eyes on?"

    Mo Wuji nodded, "That's right. There are some items."

    Mi Ji lifted his hand and formed a seal, "Dao Friend, originally, I did not have good intentions when I invited you here previously. But now, I definitely do have any bad intentions towards you. You should know that I have my eyes on that Dao Law while you definitely wouldn't want that..."

    "Who says that I don't want it?" Mo Wuji directly interrupted Mi Ji's words.

    Underworld Sage Mi Ji jolted, then he asked in confusion, "Dao friend, could it be that you don't know that you can only fuse with one Dao Law of the Universe? Even if you have two, it would be useless."

    Mo Wuji said blandly, "I one to play with, can't I?"

    "Are you joking?"

    "Do I look like I'm joking?"

    "You..." The smile on the Underworld Sage's face disappeared. His voice contained a hint of coldness as he said, "I'm afraid that dao friend doesn't have that capability. If dao friend works with me, then we would barely be able to get that Dao Law and I definitely wouldn't let dao friend be at a disadvantage. But if dao friend still wants that Dao Law, then you would only be courting your own death."

    This sentence already contained a hint of threat.

    "F*ck off. Whether I, Mo Wuji, am courting my own death is none of the business of a devious person like you. If you don't leave, don't blame me for making a move." Mo Wuji did not hesitate to speak in an unkind manner.

    Even before he was at the Great Circle of the Quasi-Sage Stage, he could already deal with this Underworld Sage. Now that he had stepped into the Sage Stage, why would he need to be afraid of him? Moreover, Mo Wuji had always been displeased with this fella. If this wasn't an auction site and if he didn't have something important to do, he might already have made a move.

    "Good, good..." The Underworld Sage's face turned ashen. However, he still held back from making a move. He simply turned and left.

    Originally, he thought that Mo Wuji was the best person to cooperate with. Experts on the level of Mo Wuji would want to fight for that Dao Law of the Universe. Because Mo Wuji already had a Dao Law, then that would mean that Mo Wuji wouldn't take part in that fight. Additionally, Mo Wuji was no weaker than him. Thus, finding Mo Wuji to cooperate with him was the optimal choice.

    He didn't expect that Mo Wuji wouldn't even show him any face and directly asked him to f*ck off.

    "Various dao friends, we will be auctioning a total of nine items today." A green-robed old man that was at least in the late Quasi-Sage Stage walked onto the auction stage.

    His voice caused the auction site to quieten down. Mo Wuji, however, felt shocked.

    Mo Wuji was extremely familiar with auctions. However, a huge auction like this only auctioned nine items. This was his first time seeing such a thing.

    His spiritual will swept outwards. There were at least 1000 people here. 1000 people were fighting for nine items. Wasn't this ratio too small?

    "The first item is a Wood Origin Bead. There's no need for me to explain its function. I believe that everyone should already know about it. There is no minimum price for the Wood Origin Bead. Everyone is free to place a bid and the highest bidder would obtain it." The old man said as he placed a jade box in the seal in front of him.

    Mo Wuji didn't need to use his spiritual will to sense that it was indeed a Wood Origin Bead.

    This was an object that he happened to lack. No matter what, he was going to get it.

    "I offer 1000 peak-grade god spiritual veins." After the old man finished speaking, someone immediately placed a bid.

    "1000 peak-grade god spiritual veins and 1 billion high-grade god crystals."

    "500 peak-grade god spiritual veins and a peak-grade water-type sacred art Dao Fruit."


    There were all sorts of bids. The more Mo Wuji heard, the more shocked he got. These fellas were truly too rich. His few thousand peak-grade spiritual veins probably wouldn't even matter much. As for his 100,000 high-grade god spiritual veins, they wouldn't even have much bargaining power.

    When the old man heard a bid of the water-type sacred art Dao Fruit, he stood up and said, "If someone has a peak-grade fire-type treasure, then this Wood Origin Bead is his."

    The moment he heard these words, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to bid, "1000 peak-grade god spiritual veins, 2000 high-grade God spiritual veins and a Primal Motherfire Crystal."

    Just as Mo Wuji finished his bid, countless spiritual wills landed in Mo Wuji's box. When they discovered that Mo Wuji's box didn't have any seals, they were slightly curious. However, they soon saw Kun Yun's cultivation. It was truly too low.

    As for Mo Wuji, his cultivation seemed to be concealed and it couldn't be discerned.

    The auctioneer said, "If this friend is willing to offer two Primal Motherfire Crystals, then this Wood Origin Bead is yours."

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate to say, "Deal."

    Hearing that Mo Wuji did not seem to have any hesitations when he increased the number of Primal Motherfire Crystals to two, some more powerful spiritual wills parked themselves at Mo Wuji's box.

    Although the Primal Motherfire Crystal wasn't as valuable as some other items on this auction, it was definitely a treasure that many fire-type cultivators needed.

    Balancing the utility of a treasure isn't based on its price. Instead, it's based on the treasures usefulness to you.

    No matter what, Mo Wuji was already eyed on.

    Underworld Sage Mi Ji, who originally thought that Mo Wuji was courting his own death, furrowed his brows. He had dealt with Mo Wuji before and he knew that Mo Wuji definitely wasn't someone that could be easily offended, nor was he some rash dolt.

    However, not only did this fella remove the seals on his auction box, he even dared to raise the number of Primal Motherfire Crystals so casually. This was too crazy and it could only be described as the behaviour of a rash dolt. It was telling everyone that he had more than two Motherfire Crystals. However, he, Mi Ji, knew that Mo Wuji definitely wasn't a reckless fool. The only possibility was...

    As Mi Ji thought of this, his heart pounded heavily. The only possibility was that Mo Wuji was not afraid.

    In a few breaths time, Mi Ji calmed down. He wouldn't provoke Mo Wuji, but if someone else does, he would strike if Mo Wuji was in a disadvantage. That way, he could earn fortunes from Mo Wuji. On the other hand, if Mo Wuji turns out to have his own methods, then he would give up.

    Soon, a female cultivator brought a plate to Mo Wuji's box, "Senior, here is your Wood Origin Bead."

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will entered the jade box on the plate. He nodded, placed a storage ring on the jade plate and retrieved the jade box.

    Mo Wuji's storage ring didn't even have any seals. Besides the female cultivator, everyone outside could also see that there were 1000 peak grade god spiritual veins, 2000 high-grade god spiritual veins, and most importantly, two Primal Motherfire Crystals.

    With the jade box in hand, Mo Wuji didn't hesitate to send it into the Mortal World, right next to the Darkwood. Indeed, when the Wood Origin Bead was placed by the Darkwood, it released boundless wood-type energy which entered the Darkwood. The Darkwood now had an additional gentleness and vitality. This vitality caused Mo Wuji's Mortal World to have a qualitative change.

    This change could even be felt by Han Qingru who was cultivating in the Mortal World. Her brows relaxed and she soon immersed back into her cultivation.

    She heard about the World Ending Cataclysm from Mo Wuji. If it arrives, her cultivation would be too low to be of help to Mo Wuji.

    But after cultivating in such an environment for so many years, coupled with the complete Laws within Mo Wuji's Mortal World, she had already stepped into the God King Stage.

    After Mo Wuji's trade had completed, the old man brought out another jade box and announced, "The second item for auction is a peak grade treasure, the Reincarnation Mirror. Although the Reincarnation Mirror isn't a supreme treasure of fortune, its name is known by many. This is a treasure that can change the Laws of Time. It's definitely a treasure which exceeds the Xiantian level. Compared to some supreme treasures of fortune, the Reincarnation Mirror is of more value.

    Moreover, the Reincarnation Mirror was the treasure of the Reincarnation Saint Nun of yesteryear. Ever since the Reincarnation Saint Nun disappeared in the previous Cataclysm the Reincarnation Mirror has not shown itself. Now that the Reincarnation Mirror has appeared, I believe that many people would not want to miss this opportunity. The World-Ending Cataclysm will soon be coming. An additional Reincarnation Mirror is equivalent to an additional chance at life. It's the same as the Wood Origin Bead; there is no starting bid. Everyone is free to place a bid and the highest bid would obtain the treasure."

    Mo Wuji's expression turned serious. Although he had come to cause trouble, it would have to wait until the Tao Tie Pot was revealed. Previously, he acted because the Wood Origin Bead was too useful to him.

    Originally, Mo Wuji didn't intend to act any further after the Wood Origin Bead. But now that the Reincarnation Mirror had appeared, it caused him to change his mind.

    The Reincarnation Mirror must be taken. There was no other reason. This item was the same as the Time Plate; it contained the Laws of Time.

    "I bid one Primal Motherfire Crystal, one Primal Motherwater Crystal, one Darkness Origin Bead and one vase of the Breath of Hongmeng." This time, Mo Wuji was the first one to bid.

    Hearing Mo Wuji's bid, everyone in the auction sit exhaled a breath of cold air. At this instant, more spiritual wills landed at Mo Wuji's box. Many people were wondering: Was this fella born when the primordial chaos first split apart? Otherwise, how did he obtain so many Primal Mother Crystals?

    Searing light even appeared in the eyes of several experts. Mo Wuji's wealth had vastly exceeded their imagination.

    In the universe, wealth wasn't measured by god spiritual veins. Instead, it was measured by peak-grade treasures. Now, which one of the items that Mo Wuji offered wasn't a supreme treasure?

    While Mo Wuji was envying these old fellas' wealth, they were also envying his.
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