Chapter 1218: Snatch

    Chapter 1218: Snatch

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    "Very good. Your bid is acceptable." The green-robed old man wasn't infuriated by Mo Wuji. Instead, he nodded his head.

    When Mo Wuji was conducting the trade a murderous spiritual will landed on Mo Wuji's body. Mo Wuji instantly made use of this spiritual will to look at the other party. It was a fierce and wild-looking man. His cultivation should be at the Great Circle of the Quasi-Stage.

    This fella was the cultivator that bidded the Great Art of Thunderclap. Mo Wuji didn't care about a mere Quasi-Sage. Just as he was about to shift his spiritual will, his eyes suddenly turned grave.

    He finally understood why this fierce-looking man wanted the Book of Luo. This was because Mo Wuji could sense the aura of the Book of Luo on this man. This meant that this fella also had the Book of Luo.

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate to place a spiritual imprint on this big man. Since this fella had the Book of Luo, then there were things that he had to make clear. Besides Murong Xiangyu, the only other person he could have gotten the Book of Luo from was Shuyin. He had already checked the page of the Book of Luo that he had just purchased; it did not come from Shuyin.

    "This dao friend is truly rich and imposing. The first three treasures were all taken by this dao friend. Now, my Sage Dao Conference's fourth item is something that everyone here wants. This fourth item is a Dao Law of the Universe..."

    The green-robed old man didn't even finish speaking but many spiritual wills already landed on the auction stage.

    A good half of the people here in this auction were here solely for the Dao Law of the Universe.

    "I offer 10,000 peak-grade god spiritual veins, 10..."

    "Wait." Before that first bidder could complete his bid, a voice suddenly interrupted the bid, "I was the one that auctioned this Dao Law. I hope that I can trade it for the Sage Dao Talisman, Paramita Flower or a Dao Law of Reincarnation..."

    So that's him. Mo Wuji took in a deep breath and forcefully tried to conceal his killing intent.

    The fella that made use of Mo Xiangtong and Aunt Eleven to bring the Dao Law to this plane was the man who just spoke. This fella was dressed in white, he looked like a sissy and his face was long like a horse.

    Looking at his cultivation, Mo Wuji knew that this fella definitely wasn't weaker than the Underworld Sage.

    At this moment, the bids in the hall rose like waves. However, no one could offer the Sage Dao Talisman and Paramita Flower.

    There were only two Paramita Flowers: one was with Mo Wuji while the other should be with Qu You. The Sage Dao Talisman was also on Mo Wuji. Only the Dao Law of Reincarnation could be offered.

    Mo Wuji did not intend to place a bid. With his current abilities, he could definitely kill this fella who made use of Mo Xiangtong and Aunt Eleven after he snatched the Tao Tie Pot.

    "I bid a Dao Law of Reincarnation, 5000 peak-grade god spiritual veins..."

    Mo Wuji didn't think that someone would actually offer the Dao Law of Reincarnation. Indeed, no one here was simple. Even the Dao Law of Reincarnation could be offered.

    The Dao Law of Reincarnation clearly wasn't comparable to the Dao Law of the Universe. However, trades of this level were based on personal need. This horse-faced sissy naturally wouldn't not know that the Dao Law of Reincarnation was worth less than the Dao Law of the Universe. However, he needed the Dao Law of Reincarnation, possibly to construct a reincarnation cycle in his own world.

    This caused Mo Wuji to have some reservations. His Mortal World's Dao Laws were already considered very complete. However, it still didn't have the Dao Law of Reincarnation. If this fella was really constructing a reincarnation cycle in his world, it would mean that his Dao was rather impressive.

    "Deal." Following this horse-faced sissy's consent, this incomparable deal was successful.

    After the trade was completed, the green-robed old man brought out a metal pot and said, "This is one of the two most valuable treasures of this auction. I believe that everyone should know what this item is. That's right, it's the Tao Tie Pot..."

    Just as the old man just said the three words 'Tao Tie Pot', he felt the seals around him vibrating. Following a loud rumble, the seals were broken and a human figure charged in.

    Before he could react, the Tao Tie Pot in his hands was already grabbed by Mo Wuji and thrown into the Mortal World.

    "You..." The green-robed Quasi-Sage was stunned. He didn't really expect that someone would dare to snatch an item in a Sage Dao Conference auction.

    Not only did he snatch an item, he easily destroyed the defensive seals around the auction stage.

    The moment Mo Wuji arrived, he started preparing void runes around the auction stage's seals. Now that the Tao Tie Pot had come out, his Earth Shrinking brought him to the stage with a single step and his void runes were activated. Before everyone could react, the Tao Tie Pot was already snatched.

    Just as Mo Wuji finished sending the Tao Tie Pot into his Mortal World, ten figures landed around Mo Wuji, tightly surrounding him.

    "Haha... I, Wu Huang, have lived for so many years but this is the first time seeing someone snatching items in my Sage Dao Conference. You have balls. You truly have balls." The one laughing was a short man in grey robes. Mo Wuji had heard of the name, Wu Huang, before. He was an expert of the Gods Race.

    From this fella's aura, Mo Wuji knew that Tian Hen was wrong. This was an expert that was no weaker than a Sage.

    Perhaps from others' perspective, Wu Huang was weaker than the other eight Sages because he didn't have a God Throne. However, Mo Wuji did not see it the same way. He had a premonition that Sages with God Thrones were confined to this universe. Only Sages without God Thrones could have an opportunity to take a step further.

    Wu Huang was so strong but he didn't obtain a God Throne. It was possible that this fella already understood that fact.

    "Keke, this is also the first time that I, Yuan Jie, am seeing this. It's bad to sin like this. After seeing something good, you couldn't even control your emotions. How do you cultivate the Dao?"

    "So it's really you. Today, I want to see where else you can go. Hahahaha..." A wild laughter came. Following which, two people descended from mid-air.

    Mo Wuji recognised the two of them. One was Sage Qing Yuan and the other was Sage Tai Luan. Tian Hen was the one who told him of this.

    "You are really strong. Back then, you were injured so heavily but Luo but you survived. You are even able to recover in a little more than 1000 years. You should feel proud of that." Qing Yuan stared at Mo Wuji and spoke in an extremely calm tone.

    Everyone in the hall originally thought that Mo Wuji was merely a wild cultivator. After heating Sage Qing Yuan's words, they were incomparably shocked. Some of the Quasi-Sages that were surrounding Mo Wuji even took steps backwards.

    Until now, many didn't know who Mo Wuji was. However, no one did not know of Luo. Back then, Luo was the one who obtained the nine Dao Laws of the Universe and he was only one step from controlling the entire universe. Unfortunately, the Cataclysm caused Luo's efforts to go to waste. Not only did Luo lose the nine Dao Laws, he also disappeared.

    Now, this blue-robed young man in front of them had actually survived heavily strikes from Luo. How impressive was that?

    No one knew that when Mo Wuji was heavily injured by Luo, he was only a Quasi-Sage. Not only that, Mo Wuji had heavily injured Luo in return.

    If they knew that Luo had fled after heavy injuries from Mo Wuji, none of these Quasi-Sages would continue surrounding Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji opened his palm and the Mortal Halberd landed in his hand. His gaze swept across the horse-faced sissy and across the crowd. His tone was calm as he said, "Snatch? This Tao Tie Pot was mine but it was snatched by your Sage Dao Conference. Kun Yun..."

    Hearing Mo Wuji call him, Kun Yun could only summon his courage and stand up, "Various dao friends, I believe that many of you recognise me, Kun Yun. Brother Mo is right. This Tao Tie Pot was mine and I promised to give it to Brother Mo. It was just that before I could pass it to Brother Mo, it was snatched by the Sage Dao Conference. I can swear to my words. If this Tao Tie Pot wasn't snatched from my hands by the Sage Dao Conference, I will die by inner demons and be forever unable to reincarnate."

    Among the thousand people here, there were countless experts.

    Mo Wuji's act of snatching the Tao Tie Pot had already incited the discontentment of the crowd. Many even suspected that Mo Wuji's wealth was entirely through snatching and plundering.

    Now that Kun Yun had sworn that the Tao Tie Pot was snatched from him, many of them came to a realisation. So the Sage Dao Conference was the one that bullied the weak and snatched from Mo Wuji's friend. This Mo fella should have already prepared to snatch it back when he came here.

    "Move, kill this man." Tai Luan waved his hand and he was the first to pounce towards Mo Wuji.

    No one here was clearer than him about Mo Wuji's strength. Thus, while he seemed to go all-out in his attack, he was actually holding back.

    As for Sage Qing Yuan, he also charged towards Mo Wuji. Like Tai Luan, he was also holding back.

    Mo Wuji's Mortal Halberd conjured a blinding and radiant silver river. Previously, his Winding River came descending from the sky. This time, his Winding River formed a majestic river which streaked across the sky.

    This majestic aura swept outwards. The sacred arts landed on Mo Wuji's silver river and exploded into killing light.

    Mists of blood caused this silver river to stain in a poignant manner. Yuan Jie's and Wu Huang's sacred arts were engulfed by this Winding River. Facing the rebound of god elemental energy, the two of their face's flushed red.

    In a single move, the only people that still stood, besides Tai Luan and Qing Yuan who had not gone all out, were Wu Huang and Yuan Jie.

    Tai Luan and Qing Yuan, who were waiting to move when Mo Wuji was restrained, were dumbfounded. Since when did this fella become so strong? So many people attacked at the same time but they weren't even able to cause him any damage? There was no need to talk about damage, there did not even seem to be any impact.
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