Chapter 1219: Let Death Make You Understand

    Chapter 1219: Let Death Make You Understand

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    In just a short time, Tai Luan and Qing Yuan understood what was going on. Mo Wuji had become a Sage. Back when Mo Wuji was battling them, he was undoubtedly a Quasi-Sage.

    Back then, they were suspecting whether Mo Wuji was a Quasi-Sage. Now, Mo Wuji's abilities weren't merely stronger on the surface but they had experienced a qualitative change. What else could this mean besides an advancement into the Sage Stage?

    When Mo Wuji wasn't even a Sage, he could deal with four Sages and an expert stronger than them - Luo. A total of five people surrounded Mo Wuji, but in the end, Mo Wuji had heavily injured Luo and escaped.

    Now, Mo Wuji has returned as a Sage. On the other hand, where was Luo?

    Although Wu Huang and Yuan Jie were shocked, they weren't as fearful as Sage Tai Luan and Sage Qing Yuan. Moreover, they could clearly tell that Tai Luan and Qing Yuan hadn't gone all out previously.

    "Tai Luan, Qing Yuan, everyone, attack with your full power. He's merely a Sage without a God Throne..." After saying this sentence, Wu Huang whipped out seven Universe Brilliant Stars and shot them towards Mo Wuji.

    Yuan Jie also didn't hesitate as he pounced towards Mo Wuji. Although Tai Luan and Qing Yuan followed suit and whipped out their magic treasures, they didn't even use half of their power.

    They were concentrating their thoughts on how they could escape.

    The Mortal Halberd was slashed, conjuring a towering halberd rune.

    A broken chasm was formed. Although the Sage Dao Conference's auction hall was sturdy and its defensive arrays were strong, Mo Wuji's single Remnant Chasm turned it all into ruins.

    The defensive arrays split apart and even the god spiritual veins were revealed.

    The powerful Mortal World Domain spread outwards. The entire space was enveloped by Mo Wuji's Mortal World; all dao ripples in this Heaven and Earth were within this Mortal World.

    At this moment, this domain was no longer within the universe. Instead, it was within Mo Wuji's boundless Mortal World.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" The dao ripples from the sacred arts crashed against one another, shattering inch by inch.

    Shock and fear rushed into Wu Huang's mind. This was the first time that he saw a person destroying his seven Universe Brilliant Stars with a single halberd slash. Moreover, this was when his seven Universe Brilliant Stars had fully taken form. How powerful was this fella's sacred art?

    "Kacha!" At the same time, Yuan Jie's sacred art, Flowing Time, was torn apart by Mo Wuji's Mortal Dao ripples.

    Flowing Time wasn't simply Yuan Jie's number one sacred art. In the entire world, Flowing Time was second only to Great Arts. This was a sacred art which contained the Laws of Time. It's said that the universe's original Dao Law of Time was wrested away by Yuan Jie. After obtaining this Dao Law of Time, Yuan Jie went into seclusion for one million years before gaining enlightenment on Flowing Time.

    This was a true time-type sacred art. The moment it was released, anything touched by its dao ripples would be turned into flowing water in the passage of time.

    But now, this peak-grade sacred art was reduced into dust by Mo Wuji's single Remnant Chasm.

    Yuan Jie was scared out of his wits. The insurmountable Mortal Dao Laws had sealed him and the threat of death swept over him. At this instant, he understood that the difference between Mo Wuji and him could not be described in words.

    If Mo Wuji was a huge tree, then he would be a tiny grass below that tree.

    As he was on the border between life and death, two powerful dao ripples surged past him. A hand imprint directly pulled Yuan Jie away.

    Yuan Jie was incredibly emotional. He knew that Tai Luan and Qing Yuan had saved him.

    "Fortune!" At almost the same instant that Qing Yuan and Tai Luan saved Yuan Jie, Mo Wuji pointed out with a finger.

    Space had become a furnace, and everything within this furnace will be melted.

    It didn't matter whether you were a Sage or a mortal, nor did it matter whether you were a good guy or a bad guy.

    In this furnace, everything would be refined...

    The Heaven and Earth is the Furnace and All Creation is the bronze!

    "Pff!" Wu Huang's entire body exploded into blood and dispersed into the air.

    Tai Luan's 's and Qing Yuan's face changed drastically. To save Yuan Jie, the two of them were brought back into Mo Wuji's Mortal World. They could rip out on Mo Wuji's Mortal World domain. However, by the time they did so, Mo Wuji would have already made another attack.

    Although they knew that they had lost an opportunity, and although they knew that they were in an extremely precarious situation that could lead to death, Tai Luan and Qing Yuan still chose to rip a hole in Mo Wuji's Mortal World Domain.

    "Kacha!" In just a few breaths time, Tai Luan and Qing Yuan tore through Mo Wuji's Mortal World Domain and successfully escaped.

    Tai Luan frowned. This did not seem right. He knew Mo Wuji's strength; Mo Wuji definitely wouldn't have simply allowed them to leave while they forcefully escaped the Mortal World.

    Soon, he and Qing Yuan came to a realisation. Mo Wuji was currently in a moment of enlightenment. He stood in the ruin-like Sage Dao Conference Hall with his eyes closed. Mortal Dao Ripples revolved around him, sweeping up a majestic energy.

    In just a little over ten breaths of time, Mo Wuji suddenly grabbed into mid-air.

    Seeing the items that Mo Wuji grabbed, Tai Luan and Qing Yuan felt their skulls turning numb. They no longer dared to stay behind as they fled with Yuan Jie.

    They had seen Mo Wuji tearing open Wu Huang's world, revealing all of Wu Huang's treasures.

    Sages like Tai Luan and Qing Yuan naturally knew what this entailed.

    Was a Sage's world so easily opened? Even if Mo Wuji had killed Wu Huang, he should not be able to obtain Wu Huang's treasures. This was because Wu Huang's treasures were in Wu Huang's world. Besides Wu Huang, no one knew exactly what plane his world was in.

    This was unless the difference in levels of their two worlds was very high. Then, Mo Wuji would need to spend a large amount of time before he could have a chance of breaking open Wu Huang's world.

    However, Wu Huang was an expert on the level of Sages. Who could have a world that was very much stronger than his?

    Now, after Wu Huang's death, Mo Wuji only used ten breaths of time to tear into Wu Huang's world. How powerful was that?

    Observing in the distance, the Underworld Sage's heart felt as though it had sunk into the bottom of the valley. He had actually threatened Mo Wuji previously. If he used to have the rights to bargain with Mo Wuji, then now those rights were gone and he wouldn't even catch Mo Wuji's eyes. At this point, he could only hope that Mo Wuji would not recall what he did.

    Mo Wuji wasn't even thinking about Underworld Sage Mi Ji, nor did he care about chasing after the fleeing Tai Luan and co. Instead, his gaze landed on a white-robed horse-faced sissy.

    "This dao friend, may you release your domain and allow us to leave?" When he saw that Mo Wuji had retained his Mortal World Dao Ripples and turned to look at himself, the horse-faced sissy clasped his fists and spoke in an incredibly polite manner.

    In the battle of expert, if an expert traps you in his domain, it would mean that the expert has beef with you. If you forcefully break out on the domain, that would mean that you didn't even place the expert in your eyes. That was a grave enmity to form.

    With Mo Wuji's incomparable strength, this horse-face did not casually dare to leave even though he was trapped in Mo Wuji's domain.

    Besides him, there was also a fierce-looking man enclosed in Mo Wuji's domain.

    "No." Mo Wuji stabbed forward with the Mortal Halberd. Air seemed to take form as it released a 'kacha' sound and the Mortal Halberd was stabbed in.

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words, this horse-faced sissy's heart tightened. He directly brought out a dark-red blade which was wider than a door and he stared at Mo Wuji seriously, "Dao friend, I, Mi Xu, have no enmity with you. If you want the Dao Law of the Universe, I have already sold it to someone else."

    Mo Wuji laughed coldly, then he brought out a broken intermediate-grade god cave estate, "Today, I will let death make you understand. For a mere Dao Law, you confined my aunt and my friend, Aunt Eleven, for tens of thousands of years. My aunt and Aunt Eleven went through great difficulties in order to send the Dao Law to this plane and you, a mad dog, simply killed them. Today, I will dig your heart out and see whether this mad dog's heart is black or dirty."

    When the surrounding people heard Mo Wuji's words, they sighed. They didn't sigh at Mi Xu for killing Mo Wuji's friend and aunt for a Dao Law of the Universe. Instead, they were sighing at Mi Xu's mad luck for encountering such a vicious person.

    As for the Dao Law of the Universe, it wasn't 'mere' as Mo Wuji had said. Among the people here, how many of them weren't willing to destroy planets or even galaxies to obtain a Dao Law of the Universe? What more two people?

    Mi Xu's heart turned cold. He didn't think that his luck would be so bad. He casually found two people to bring the Dao Law here but he also found such a powerful enemy.

    Mi Xu was very clear that anything he had to say was useless. His door-sized blade slashed out, conjuring blade dao ripples which tore Mo Wuji's domain. His power was much weaker than Wu Huang and Wu Huang was killed with a single finger. If he didn't grab the opportunity, today would be the day he dies.

    Mo Wuji did not use the Mortal Halberd. With a wave of his hand, the hole torn open by Mi Xu was repaired. Dao ripples of light moved through the air and Mi Xu's red blade dao ripples suddenly weakened.

    Time-type sacred art? Mi Xu's heart sank. Before he could ignite his personal Dao Laws, a powerful but ordinary dao ripple had sealed him. Following which, an elemental hand grabbed at his throat.
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