Chapter 1220: 12 Pages Of The Book Of Luo

    Chapter 1220: 12 Pages Of The Book Of Luo

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    As they saw Mi Xu, an expert comparable to Sages, had his heart gorged out and thrown into a fire by Mo Wuji, the entire Sage Dao Conference went silent.

    This time, Mo Wuji's hand seals were much shorter. In just a few breaths, Mi Xu's world was forcefully opened. Everything inside was instantly swept away, including the Dao Law of Reincarnation that Mi Xu had just obtained.,

    As for that big, doughty man that was still in Mo Wuji's Mortal World Domain, his entire face was filled with fear and he didn't dare to move. Previously, he had competed with Mo Wuji for the Book of Luo. Now, Mo Wuji had confined him, clearly wanting to do something to him.

    Indeed, after Mo Wuji burned Mi Xu, he walked in front of the big man.

    "Junior Qiang Mu greets senior." Seeing Mo Wuji walk over, this big man directly kowtowed and spoke in a humble manner.

    He had a good view of Mo Wuji's actions just now. He was merely in the Great Circle of the Quasi-Sage Stage. He probably wouldn't even have the chance to lift a finger against Mo Wuji.

    "Why do you want the Book of Luo? And why are you willing to offer such a huge price?" Mo Wuji looked at Qiang Mu. His eyes contained a hint of killing intent.

    Qiang Mu's heart sank. At this point, how could he dare to lie? "This junior obtained five pages of the Book of Luo. That's why I wanted to get this page..."

    "You obtained five pages of the Book of Luo at one go?" Mo Wuji stared at Qiang Mu in astonishment. Hearing these words, the killing intent in his eyes had disappeared. Not only that, his domain had receded.

    Clearly, Qiang Mu's Book of Luo wasn't from Shuyin but Murong Xiangyu. As long as he didn't have anything to do with Shuyin, Mo Wuji wouldn't care, even if Qiang Mu had killed Murong Xiangyu.

    Qiang Mu could sense that the killing intent in Senior Mo's eyes had vanished after he said that he had five pages of the Book of Luo. Although he was still confused, he still replied in a respectful manner, "That's right. Junior had obtained five pages of the Book of Luo."

    "Your Book of Luo should have been snatched from a woman called Murong Xiangyu, right?" Mo Wuji asked in an indifferent manner.

    Qiang Mu, who had relaxed slightly, immediately felt anxious again. He didn't expect that this expert actually knew the person who he had stolen the Book of Luo from. Could his fate be the same as Mi Xu? Would he die here today?

    Despite feeling anxious, he still didn't dare to resist. His tone became increasingly humble as he said, "Yes, yes, junior obtained the Book of Luo from Murong Xiangyu..."

    Mo Wuji nodded, completely uninterested in asking about Murong Xiangyu's whereabouts.

    Qiang Mu, however, misunderstood Mo Wuji. He hurriedly waved his hand and a pale-faced woman in purple robes was brought out.

    "This junior deserves to die. I didn't know that senior is acquainted with Dao Friend Murong Xiangyu. Junior has only sent her into a tiny world, I did not torture her. May senior forgive me." Qiang Mu directly kneeled on the ground. At the same time, he brought out the five pages of the Book of Luo.

    He was about to enter the Sage Stage after cultivating for countless years. If he was killed because of this matter, then it would be too late for him to regret.

    "It's you? Mo..." Seeing Mo Wuji again, Murong Xiangyu only said these three words before going silent.

    Every time she saw Mo Wuji, she would swear that she would surpass Mo Wuji the next time they met and she would suppress him. However, the reality was that the gap between Mo Wuji and her hadn't shortened every time they met. In fact, Mo Wuji seemed to be getting further and further away.

    Her face turned increasingly pale. The Book of Luo did help her to get to this stage. However, she seemed to have lost much more. She really wanted to ask Mo Wuji what his Dao was? But she also knew that Mo Wuji wouldn't even hesitate to kill her.

    Mo Wuji did not care about Murong Xiangyu. He detested this woman greatly. If he knew that Qiang Mu had confined Murong Xiangyu, he definitely wouldn't have mentioned her name.

    "Dao Friend Qiang Mu, can you sell the five pages of the Book of Luo to me?" Mo Wuji clasped his fists. He did not care about how Qiang Mu obtained these five pages.

    "Ah..." Qiang Mu returned to his senses. From Mo Wuji's words, he could tell that Mo Wuji didn't intend to kill him. If Mo Wuji had such intentions, why would he talk about a trade?

    "I have seven pages of the Book of Luo. The complete set of the Book of Luo is clearly much stronger than when the pages are dispersed. You have fewer pages, so I hope that you can sell the Book of Luo to me." Seeing Qiang Mu's silence, Mo Wuji asked again.

    Qiang Mu hurriedly said, "If senior needs it, feel free to take it. How can junior want anything in return?"

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I dislike people that forcefully snatch items from others. Although I know that you have obtained your Book of Luo from forceful means, it's a different matter since I didn't see it."

    This was Mo Wuji beautifying his words. If the person that Qiang Mu had snatched from wasn't Murong Xiangyu but another person that he was more familiar with, Mo Wuji wouldn't have hesitated to kill Qiang Mu and snatch the Book of Luo.

    "Yes, yes..." Qiang Mu broke out in cold sweat, "How about 5000 peak-grade god spiritual veins."

    Mo Wuji did not take out 5000 peak-grade spiritual veins. Instead, he directly brought out a sealed Dao Law and said, "This Dao Law was the one that Mi Xu traded the Dao Law of the Universe for. Its price is comparable to your five pages of the Book of Luo. We will use this for the trade."

    With that, Mo Wuji threw the Dao Law to Qiang Mu and kept the five pages of the Book of Luo.

    Although 5000 peak-grade god spiritual veins were very valuable, it's far from being comparable to five pages of the Book of Luo. It wouldn't even be enough to get an edge of the Book of Luo.

    This Dao Law of Reincarnation's value wasn't much lower than the Dao Law of the Universe and its true value was above the five pages of the Book of Luo. However, this Dao Law wasn't very useful to Mo Wuji. His Mortal World's Dao Laws were formed personally by him. There was no need to use this Dao Law of Reincarnation.

    However, this Dao Law of Reincarnation wasn't a simple matter for Qiang Mu. If he used this Dao Law, he could use it to enter the ranks of Sages. Although he didn't have a God Throne, he would still be a Sage.

    "Many thanks senior, many thanks senior..." In his mad glee, Qiang Mu retrieved another storage ring and handed it to Mo Wuji, "Senior, this contains the location of the Great Art of Thunderclap, the replica scroll of the Great Art of Thunderclap and a Thoughtless Gold."

    These were the items that Qiang Mu wanted to use to purchase the page of the Book of Luo. Now, he used it to obtain a Dao Law of Reincarnation which was many times more valuable than the Book of Luo. How could he not know that he was the one that was at the better end of the deal? As for the god spiritual veins, he did not give them. Just now, Mo Wuji had killed two Sage-level experts and opened their worlds. The amount of god spiritual veins that Mo Wuji would have obtained was much more than his mere thousands.

    Mo Wuji did not reject this courtesy and kept the storage ring.

    "Junior bids farewell." Seeing Mo Wuji keep the ring, Qiang Mu said this sentence emotionally. With a flash, he disappeared.

    Mo Wuji also turned and left. Till now, he had never glanced at Murong Xiangyu. In his eyes, this woman was air. Although he had accidentally saved this woman, he did not intend to accept her gratitude. In fact, he knew that this woman wouldn't even be grateful towards him.

    Moreover, he also knew that he didn't need to personally kill this woman. How could the experts in the Sage Dao Conference not understand the meaning behind his attitude? Murong Xiangyu probably wouldn't last long after he left.

    Mo Wuji walked to a black-robed cultivator, clasped his fists and said, "I am Mo Wuji. May I ask how I can address this dao friend?"

    When he was placing crazy bids, this black-robed cultivator was the only one that warned him. Although this black-robed cultivator concealed his looks and cultivation, Mo Wuji could tell that this fella shouldn't be weaker than Wu Huang.

    This black-robed cultivator had clearly seen Mo Wuji's thundering methods and working style. With Mo Wuji coming over, he immediately knew that Mo Wuji knew that he was the one that gave the warning. He hurriedly clasped his fists and said, "Gu Pingren greets Dao Friend Mo. Dao Friend Mo's sacred arts are vast and powerful. I can only sigh in awe."

    As he was speaking, Gu Pingren had removed his face-changing mask. When an expert like Mo Wuji took the initiative to greet him, how could he dare to continue to conceal his looks?

    Mo Wuji didn't use his spiritual will to inspect Gu Pingren. Now that Gu Pingren removed his face-changing treasure, Mo Wuji immediately felt a sense of familiarity.

    In a short time, he recalled it. He said, "Dao Friend Gu, you look very similar to my friend, Gu Yongxiao. I wonder..."

    "You know Yongxiao? Is he still alive? Where is he?" Gu Pingren instantly got agitated and asked Mo Wuji multiple questions in a row.

    Mo Wuji laughed and said, "My friend is blocking someone. Let's go take a look. I will tell you about Yongxiao's matters soon."

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will had already seen that Tian Hen was blocking that cultivator that purchased the Dao Law of the Universe. He knew that Tian Hen had gotten things wrong. As for Tai Luan and co., Mo Wuji knew that Tian Hen wouldn't be able to block them if he didn't personally get involved.

    "Brother Mo, you are right. Compared to you, my years seemed to have been spent like a dog." Kun Yun rushed over. His voice was incomparably excited. In his heart, he was also celebrating.

    Fortunately, he did not betray Mo Wuji when the Sage Dao Conference was coercing him previously. Otherwise, he, Kun Yun, would have died a terrible death.
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