Chapter 1221: Plotting Against Mo Wuji

    Chapter 1221: Plotting Against Mo Wuji

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    "My Lord, Qing Yuan, Tai Luan and Yuan Jie are too strong, and I was unable to obstruct them. I was, however, able to block this fella."

    Tian Hen was a Sage and he had clearly recovered his powers. At this moment, a Sage like Tian Hen was addressing Mo Wuji by 'lord'. This caused Gu Pingren's heart to be filled with shock. Even a Sage had to recognize Mo Wuji as superior; this Mo Wuji was too crazy.

    Mo Wuji knew that Tian Hen wouldn't be able to block Tai Luan and co., and he didn't mind it. His gaze landed on a thin monk. This was the person who purchased the Dao Law of the Universe during this Sage Dao Conference Auction. Since this person could be obstructed by Tian Hen, his cultivation clearly wasn't comparable to Tian Hen.

    Noticing Mo Wuji's gaze, this monk hurriedly clasped his fists and bowed, "Junior greets Senior Mo."

    He did not mention the Dao Law of the Universe. This Dao Law was exchanged for with his most valuable item. Even if he had to give his life, he would not hand this Dao Law away.

    Mo Wuji laughed and said, "You can go. Tian Hen was mistaken. My visit to this Sage Dao Conference is unrelated to you."

    This thin monk was momentarily stunned. Unrelated to him? Could Mo Wuji not want the Dao Law of the Universe from him? He definitely didn't believe that Mo Wuji didn't know that there was a Dao Law of the Universe on him.

    "You don't want the Dao Law of the Universe?" This monk didn't leave immediately. Instead, he looked at Mo Wuji warily.

    Mo Wuji clearly understood what was in the monk's mind. He laughed, "I, Mo Wuji, am not so low as to pretend to let you go now, and hunt you down afterwards. If I want, I can simply attack you now. There's no need for me to take off my pants to fart."

    At this moment, this thin monk was sure that Mo Wuji definitely wouldn't act against him. He quickly recalled about the things that Mo Wuji had done so far.

    Mo Wuji had snatched the Tao Tie Pot because it belonged to him previously. It was the Sage Dao Conference that took it from him in the first place. Besides the Tao Tie Pot, Mo Wuji had always been following the rules of the auction.

    When Mo Wuji blocked Qiang Mu, he didn't snatch Qiang Mu's Book of Luo, but traded for it. He, himself, was the one that traded the Dao Law of Reincarnation away. Thus, he naturally knew that the value of the Dao Law of Reincarnation was definitely higher than the Book of Luo.

    From the looks of it, Mo Wuji really didn't intend to rob him. This thin monk bowed, "Senior is forthright and righteous. Junior feels guilty for suspecting you. Junior will take a leave now."

    With that, his figure flashed and he broke out of Tian Hen's domain.

    However, he did not immediately leave. Instead, he stopped and clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji, "Senior Mo, this junior has a jade letter here. Perhaps it might be of some use to senior."

    Following which, he left behind a jade letter and his figure flashed. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the vast universe.

    Mo Wuji did not mind. The Dao Law of the Universe was very valuable but he had three of it. After using one of it to merge with his Mortal Halberd, he still had two.

    Others might treat this thing as a supreme treasure but he did not view it as highly as they did.

    "Dao Friend Gu, in the third level of the Immortal World's Broken World, I saw Dao Friend Yongxiao turned into a stone statue. Back then, I helped him. Many years later, he was hunted by the Underworld Sage's underling, the Restrained Soul King. My friend and I killed the Restrained Soul King and saved him. In return, he gave me two pages of the Book of Luo. Afterwards, I never saw him..." As Mo Wuji was speaking, he had already held the monk's jade letter in his hands.

    His voice suddenly stopped and his face instantly turned ugly. Following which, he stepped forward and disappeared. He didn't even bid his farewells.

    Just as Tian Hen and co. were wondering where Mo Wuji went, Mo Wuji returned. He passed the jade letter in his hand to Tian Hen and said, "Tian Hen, this is where I'm going. When I stepped out just now, I could sense that it definitely wasn't a good place. Now, you will go to the God World's Mortal Sect. Tell Tong Ming, Huan Ti and the rest about the place that I'm going. Bring them to help me..."

    Before he even finished speaking, Mo Wuji took out a talisman and handed it to Tian Hen, "This is a World Splitting Talisman. Get Huan Ti to return to the Immortal World to collect the Gods Tower."

    After Tian Hen accepted the items, Mo Wuji flashed away again. From the start to the end, he didn't wait for Tian Hen to say a single thing.

    The jade letter that the monk gave him showed the location of the last page of the Book of Luo. That page was currently held by a female. Although the monk did not draw the portrait of that female, Mo Wuji knew that it was definitely Shuyin.

    He did not know why Shuyin would be sucked away by a spatial whirlpool. However, he knew that even Great Circle Quasi-Sages would not dare to approach such a spatial whirlpool.

    At the same time, he had a premonition that the place that Shuyin was at would also be extremely dangerous for him. It was like a huge mouth waiting for him to enter.

    Even if it was incredibly dangerous, Mo Wuji would not abandon Shuyin.

    It was also because he could sense the danger that he returned to leave Tian Hen with instructions. If Huan Ti merged with the Gods Tower, and with Tong Ming added, it would be three Sage-level experts helping him. That would give him an additional strand of life.


    Limitless Domain Sage Hall.

    Sage Luo Xu, Sage Qing Yuan, Sage Tai Luan and Sage Fo Ti were sitting high and lofty at the top. On their lefts, there were more than ten people seated. This included the four Dao Monarch's Dao Monarch Grand Desert and Dao Monarch Darkness, the three Rogue's Meng Ye, and the 12 God Emperor's God Emperor Heng Zuo, God Emperor Ming Yue, Tao Tie and Gui Gu.

    Besides them, there were also approximately 100 Throned Gods seated at the centre of the hall.

    The atmosphere in this hall was grim. After Sage Luo Xu's eyes swept across the Throned Gods, he opened his mouth and spoke, "Among those that recovered their God Thrones and powers, who isn't here?"

    A man that was as round as a ball rolled out and said respectfully, "Greetings four Sages. The Sage Nun Pool has exploded and the Sage Nun has disappeared. The four Dao Monarch's Dao Monarch Yellow River was seen following Mo Wuji and fighting Dao Monarch Golden Poo. The Principal God's Kun Yun and Jie Heng follow closely to Mo Wuji. They should have teamed up..."

    This round man spoke very fluently. In less than an incense's time, he explained the locations of all the experts with Principal God Thrones.

    The four Sages had ugly expressions on their faces. In particular was Sage Tai Luan. Not too long ago, he had an argument with the other Sages. This was because Luo Xu and co. didn't believe his words and were duped by Mo Wuji. If not for that, Mo Wuji definitely wouldn't have a chance to become a Sage and would have already been killed by them.

    Fo Ti stood up and said, "Various dao brothers, tears have appeared in the planes. Now, we can go to the God World. Brother Luo Xu can extract the fate of God World, then..."

    Luo Xu waved his hand and said, "God World is now secondary. Before we eliminate that Mo Wuji, God World has no meaning."

    Following which, his eyes swept across the group and he tried to slow his pace as he said, "This person, Mo Wuji, might have validated the first Great Dao of the universe. In the Quasi-Sage Stage, he was able to escape from the encirclement of five Sages. Now that he has validated his Sage Dao, he would be likely to escape from us even though we are higher in numbers. This is unless we scheme and conspire."

    Tai Luan and Qing Yuan naturally knew that this was Luo Xu pasting gold on his own face. Mo Wuji escaping from them? Keke, when the time comes, they might be the ones escaping.

    However, Tai Luan was very clear that if they do not cooperate, the universe might no longer have them as Sages. He cut in and said, "During the Sage Dao Conference, Qing Yuan and I might not have used our full power but I'm sure that if we cooperated against that Mo fella and if any of us didn't use our full power, that Mo fella would be able to escape. I hope that everyone here can swear that when the time comes, you will attack with your full power..."

    "Sage Tai Luan." A voice suddenly interrupted Tai Luan's words. Following which, a pale, bald man stepped forward.

    He was a Sage but he was actually interrupted by a God Emperor. Tai Luan could not help but feel infuriated. However, he maintained his smile as he said, "So it's God Emperor Heng Zuo. I wonder whether God Emperor Heng Zuo has anything to say?"

    Heng Zuo clasped his fists and said, "I have a major matter to handle, so I will not be able to join everyone in this venture. I seek the Sages' understanding and forgiveness."

    "Hahahaha..." Tai Luan chuckled. In his eyes, Tai Luan was already a dead man. After laughing, his eyes swept across the hall, "Is there anyone else with important matters to handle?"

    Dao Monarch Darkness gritted his teeth and stood up, "Sages, I have yet to recover from my heavy injuries. I wish to return and recuperate."

    "Very good, then die." Tai Luan harrumphed coldly and he directly grabbed towards Heng Zuo.

    Heng Zuo seemed to know that Tai Luan would act like this. With a wave of his hand, a huge, white tree root was revealed. After this white tree root appeared, the Dao Laws in this grand hall instantly split into two.

    "Boom!" The boundless white light clashed against Tai Luan's hand imprint. Tai Luan's hand imprint was immediately scattered.

    Heng Zuo's tree root transformed into a white Dao Law, protecting Heng Zuo in its centre.

    "Heaven Measuring Tree Root?" Tai Luan exhaled a breath of cold air. Not only did Heng Zuo obtain the Heaven Measuring Tree Root, he also validated his Sage Dao. No wonder why he didn't fear them any more.

    "Pff!" At almost the same instant that Tai Luan acted against Heng Zuo, Dao Monarch Darkness Ku Xinren was reduced into a mess of blood.

    Luo Xu retracted his hand. Just now, he was the one that eliminated Ku Xinren.

    "Farewell." Heng Zuo's expression did not change as he turned and tried to leave.

    If it was against some other person, he definitely wouldn't offend the four Sages. However, he was extremely clear about Mo Wuji's strength. Previously, he suspected that Mo Wuji had not entered the Sage Stage. Now that Mo Wuji had officially entered the Sage Stage, he was less willing to offend Mo Wuji. Moreover, his Heaven Measuring Tree Root could be said to have been given by Mo Wuji. Back then, if Mo Wuji really wanted to snatch his Heaven Measuring Tree Root, he wouldn't have a chance of obtaining it.

    If there was a person in this universe that he feared the most, it would undoubtedly be Mo Wuji.

    Luo Xu and co. stared grimly at Heng Zuo. However, they did not make a move. Perhaps they also knew that they wouldn't be able to retain Heng Zuo with his Heaven Measuring Tree Root.

    "Keke, you want to leave? Get back in." Just as Heng Zuo reached the door, he was slapped back in by a huge hand imprint.
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