Chapter 1222: Number One Expert: Luo

    Chapter 1222: Number One Expert: Luo

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    Even without the Heaven Measuring Tree Root, Heng Zuo was an expert comparable to Sages. However, against this hand imprint, he didn't even have the time to react before he was slapped back into the hall. His domain's Laws crumbled under this hand imprint.

    Including Luo Xu and the other three Sages, all the ten people stood up and stared at the oncoming man in shock.

    "Luo?" Luo Xu muttered in shock. He recognised this man. It was Luo.

    Luo was already more powerful than them previously. Now, Luo seemed to have risen to a higher level. Luo Xu and the Sages were all filled with disbelief. After Mo Wuji recovered from his injuries, his abilities soared rapidly. Now, Luo's abilities had also risen after his heavy injuries. Could they have been stagnating in power because they hadn't suffered any heavy injuries?

    "You are Luo!" Heng Zuo calmed down. The Heaven Measuring Tree Root floated above his head, clearly ready to take action at any moment.

    "You fear Mo Wuji, which is why you aren't willing to join this coalition, right?" Luo did not continue attacking Heng Zuo. Instead, he stared at Heng Zuo coldly and asked.

    Although Luo didn't make another move, Heng Zuo could still feel a sense of danger. This sense of danger was telling him that if he made a mistake in his words, he would face Luo's full-powered attack. With his abilities, he could escape from people like Luo Xu. However, he was sure that he wouldn't be able to escape from Luo.

    As he thought of this, Heng Zuo clasped his fists and said, "Dao Friend Luo, I do indeed have apprehensions towards Mo Wuji. This is because I am very clear about his strength. However, things are different now. If Dao Friend Luo also joins this coalition, then I, Heng Zuo, naturally wouldn't need to cower."

    These were Heng Zuo's sincere thoughts. With that single hand imprint from Luo, Heng Zuo knew that Luo was definitely stronger than Mo Wuji. If Luo acted, in addition to the four Sages, a Sage-level expert like him and the other Dao Monarchs and God Emperors, then Mo Wuji wouldn't have a chance to succeed.

    "That's the best." Luo swept his eyes across Heng Zuo, then he turned towards Luo Xu and co.

    "Dao Friend Luo." Seeing Luo's gaze land on them, Luo Xu and the other Sages all clasped their fists. If this was before, they might have actually surrounded Luo and attacked him. But after seeing Luo's capabilities, Luo Xu and co. knew that they wouldn't be able to trump over Luo even if they teamed up.

    Moreover, their greatest enemy at the moment wasn't Luo, but Mo Wuji.

    "I have a way to lure Mo Wuji to a land of danger. After Mo Wuji is lured there, we will combine our forces and attack him. He would undoubtedly die," Luo said calmly.

    When they heard Luo's words, Luo Xu and the Sages all glanced at one another. Delight could be seen in their eyes. Although they were preparing to join forces against Mo Wuji, they were very clear that they could only heavily injure Mo Wuji through an ambush or a plot. The chances of actually eliminating Mo Wuji were extremely slim.

    Now that Luo had joined their forces, they were set to win. And if it was as Luo had said and Mo Wuji would be lured to a land of danger, then their victory would be set in stone.

    Luo seemed to have expected that Luo Xu and co. would agree with his idea. He continued indifferently, "The treasures on Mo Wuji are more than one can count. I only want all the Dao Laws on him. I don't need anything else."

    "No." Tai Luan suddenly stood up. "The most valuable things on Mo Wuji are the Dao Laws. If you take all the Dao Laws, then what about us?"

    "Haha!" Luo lifted his head and started chuckling. He pointed towards Tai Luan in severe disdain and said, "I'm not looking down on you lot. But without me, all of you wouldn't even be able to touch a single strand of Mo Wuji's hair. Even without your help, I can also kill Mo Wuji. It's just that having you guys on would make my plan more stable. Moreover, do you guys know where Mo Wuji is now? I also don't know that, but I do know a method to lead him to a certain place."

    The group went silent. They knew that Luo's words were true. Without Luo, their chances of eliminating Mo Wuji were extremely slim. If Luo joined them, then things would be completely different. Additionally, they also don't know where Mo Wuji was at the moment.

    "Dao Friend Luo, you can only fuse with one Dao Law of the Universe. There's no meaning in having more." Luo Xu said in a polite manner.

    He was speaking the truth. Before the Cataclysm, it would be extremely difficult to fuse with even one of Dao Law of the Universe. The Limitless Domain's four Sages possessed one Dao Law of the Universe. Even after so many years, none of them was able to fuse with it, and it was ultimately stolen by Mo Wuji.

    Now that the Cataclysm was coming, the person that obtained the Dao Law of the Universe would be the one who would take a step further in the Dao.

    Luo laughed coldly but he didn't explain. Back then, he did believe that one could only fuse with one Dao Law of the Universe. This was why he chose to fuse with the ninth Dao Law while the remaining eight were used to nurture eight Sages. But ultimately, he failed. Not only did he almost perish during the previous Cataclysm, he also lost his eight Dao Laws.

    This time, after he was injured by Mo Wuji's Mortal Dao, he actually understood a principle that existed in this Heaven and Earth.

    Regardless whether you were an immortal or a mortal, as long as you existed within the Heaven and Earth, then you would be able to cultivate the Dao.

    Thus, after he was heavily injured, he merged with another Dao Law of the Universe. Now that he had merged with two Dao Laws, his capabilities had risen exponentially. Compared to before, he was stronger by multiple times?

    After merging with two Dao Laws, Luo gained an enlightenment in his Dao. If he could fully fuse with all nine Dao Laws of the Universe, he would be fully released from the restraints of the Sword of Fortune, step out of the Sage Stage and enter a whole new realm.

    If his deduction is correct, then there would only one person in that realm in the entire universe. That one person would be the one that fused with all nine Dao Laws of the Universe.

    Luo said indifferently, "These nine Dao Laws originally belonged to me. It's true that the Dao Laws no longer have any use to me, but they will be rewarded under my hands. Also, don't simply think that the most valuable things on Mo Wuji are the Dao Laws. The Kun Wu Sword is on him, and if my guess is right, he already has an entire set of the Book of Luo and a revived Darkwood..."

    When they heard Luo's words, everyone, including Luo Xu, inhaled a breath of cold air.

    This was because they knew that Mo Wuji also had the Tao Tie Pot and Great Art of Destruction. Wasn't this fella too rich?

    Seeing a hint of desire flash across the eyes of all the Throned Gods including the four Sages, Luo continued, "These aren't all that he has. According to the aura that I felt, this person should also have the Time Plate. With so many things, are they not enough to distribute among all of you? Must you fight with me for my Dao Laws? Taking a step back, besides me, who else can open Mo Wuji's world?"

    This was because Mo Wuji rarely used the Sage Dao Talisman. If he did, Luo might also have detected it.

    Luo Xu and the other Sages glanced towards one another again. They spoke at the same time, "Since that's the case, we will work together with Dao Friend Luo."

    It was true that there were many treasures on Mo Wuji. But to the Sages, the most important treasure was still the Dao Law of the Universe. To discuss with Luo about the distribution of the Dao Laws now wasn't practical. Thus, they would have to wait until they got rid of Mo Wuji before they could ask Luo about how he was going to distribute the Dao Laws.

    Luo was very satisfied. He didn't expect that the two women that he casually confined would become key factors to eliminating Mo Wuji. Indeed, an unintentional poke in the mud might grow into a tree.

    How could he not sense Mo Wuji's aura on Cen Shuyin's Book of Luo? It wasn't because he looked down on the Book of Luo that he didn't steal it from her. Instead, it was because he wanted to retain Cen Shuyin to lure Mo Wuji.

    Back then, he didn't know that Mo Wuji was already strong enough to heavily injure him. He confined Cen Shuyin merely because he didn't like Mo Wuji. There was no need to talk about how Mo Wuji took his Kun Wu Sword; Mo Wuji also killed one of his sword spirits that was in Sword Prison. Although that sword spirit had already grown a rebellious heart, it didn't mean that Mo Wuji had the rights to kill it.


    "Shuyin, do you feel that this place is strange?" Qu You suddenly stopped cultivating, stood up and interrupted Cen Shuyin's cultivation.

    Cen Shuyin nodded and said, "The space here feels like that primordial space we had been in, and there's completely no way out unless someone comes in from the outside. Ai, if we had known, we should have stayed in that primordial space. Our luck is really too bad. We always end up in some inescapable place."

    Qu You shook her head, "Shuyin, we probably didn't land here out of chance."

    Cen Shuyin looked at Qu You in confusion, "That expert looked at us with disdain. We were only thrown in here due to a mere sweep of his hand. How could this not be by chance?"

    Qu You said, "I have the Primal God Lattice, allowing me to have a natural sense of danger. I seem to feel that the expert didn't casually send us here. Instead, he intentionally threw us here, seemingly waiting for a person. Moreover, I sense that one can only enter, but not leave, this place. The moment you enter, you would have no hopes of leaving."

    Cen Shuyin was stunned, then she immediately said, "Sister Qu You, you are saying that the expert is plotting against the person that is coming to save us?"

    "That should be the case," Qu You said seriously.

    Cen Shuyin was still doubtful, "Sister Qu You, who would come and save us? Our abilities have risen so quickly. Among the friends we know, none would have the capability of saving us, right?"

    "One person can. If he knows that you are here, he might even come here at the risk of his life."

    "Wuji..." Before Qu You even finished, Cen Shuyin cried out a name in fear. Suddenly, she stood up, seemingly very flustered.
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