Chapter 1223: Entering The Trap Voluntarily

    Chapter 1223: Entering The Trap Voluntarily

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    Qu You stared at Cen Shuyin blankly. Wuji?

    When Cen Shuyin saw this, her expression turned slightly awkward as she said, "Sister Qu You, I didn't mean to hide it but I am actually Mo Wuji's wife. It's just that, just that..."

    Cen Shuyin didn't know how she should explain to Qu You. Qu You had told her that the person she liked was Wuji. If she had exposed that matter, then things would have gotten awkward between the two of them.

    Qu You's face flushed red. If there was a hole that she could enter, she would have definitely dived in. She had expressed her infatuation for Mo Wuji multiple times, and she had actually expressed it to Mo Wuji's wife, Cen Shuyin.

    If it was her, she also wouldn't have liked it if some other woman continuously talked about her husband.

    However, she had been together with Cen Shuyin for god knows how many years. Whatever they could talk about had already been talked about. The two of them have also been depending on one another and constantly facing the threats of death together. What was there that they could not talk about?

    "Sorry, Shuyin, I..." Qu You didn't know how she should explain herself.

    Cen Shuyin took the initiative to hold Qu You's hand, "Sister Qu You, you have helped me so many times. Without your help, I couldn't have improved so quickly. I am cultivating without a master, and you have been the one that guided me..."

    Cen Shuyin wasn't wrong about this. Qu You had come from a huge sect in God World. Naturally, her understanding towards cultivation would be much higher than a rogue cultivator from the cultivation world like Cen Shuyin.

    "Shuyin, please don't misunderstand. Wuji and I... No, Brother Mo and I... there's really nothing going on between the two of us. He gave me the Primal God Lattice entirely because he didn't like to owe anyone favours..."

    Cen Shuyin spoke in an even gentler tone, "Sister Qu You, I naturally understand Wuji's personality. He is exactly such a person. Moreover, we have depended on each other all these years. Is there a need for such words? Now, I can only hope that you're overthinking things, and that we have landed in this place by chance and not by schemes."

    Hearing Cen Shuyin's words, Qu You momentarily forgot her awkwardness and she shook her head, "That shouldn't be the case. Back then, we could go to that primordial space because of the Paramita Flower. Otherwise, we wouldn't have entered that primordial space and even see that terrifying violet Dao Law..."

    "Why?" The anxious Cen Shuyin hurriedly asked when Qu You suddenly stopped speaking.

    At this moment, Qu You's expression had already reverted to normal. Compared to the fact that Mo Wuji was going to throw himself into a trap for them, what was that bit of awkwardness? She sighed and said, "I am sure that person did this to lure Big Brother Mo here."

    "Why?" Cen Shuyin asked subconsciously.

    Qu You said, "That expert was able to throw us into this space casually. How could he not notice my Primal God Lattice and your Book of Luo? If I'm not wrong, your Book of Luo was given to you by Big Brother Mo."

    If it was anyone else, Qu You wouldn't have guessed such a thing. Even the best of dao companions wouldn't gift a thing like the Book of Luo to one another. However, this definitely wasn't the case for Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji even gave her the Primal God Lattice. What was a meagre page of the Book of Luo?

    Cen Shuyin's expression changed drastically, "Sister Qu You, my Book of Luo was really given to me by Wuji. What do we do now?"

    She had also come to an understanding. An item from Mo Wuji would definitely have Mo Wuji's dao aura. An average person would not be able to sense it, but what about an expert that could casually sweep them in here?

    Qu You's expression was also filled with worry. She also didn't know what they should do. Because of the Primal God Lattice, she could sense that this place was very dangerous. She felt that this place seemed to be a natural prison and she had no means of breaking out of it.

    Seeing Qu You's expression, Cen Shuyin also knew that Qu You was helpless.

    She exhaled deeply and calmed down, "Sister Qu You, if anything happens to Wuji, then I will go with him."

    Qu You didn't say anything. She had also firmed her heart. If anything happened to Wuji because he came to save them, then she would go with him. It didn't matter whether she could survive or not.

    As she thought of this, the awkwardness in her heart decreased significantly. She directly let down her worries and asked, "Shuyin, can you tell me how you met Wuji?"

    "Of course I can." Cen Shuyin seemed to know what Qu You was thinking. Since they were helpless, then they could only leave things to fate.


    Mo Wuji stopped. The jade letter from that monk was extremely accurate. Right in front of him, there was a reddish-brown spatial whirlpool.

    By the time they reached the Quasi-Sage Stage, cultivators basically have a keen sense of danger. The moment Mo Wuji stood here, he could already feel the deathly threat from within the whirlpool.

    If he entered this turbulent whirlpool, then he definitely wouldn't be able to leave.

    Other cultivators would also feel the same and run away. Perhaps this was also the case for that monk. However, Mo Wuji knew that he couldn't run away. Cen Shuyin was inside there. If he ran away, then no one would be able to bring Shuyin out.

    Spiritual will couldn't penetrate through such turbulent spatial whirlpools. However, Mo Wuji didn't only have spiritual will. He also had the spiritual eye.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji had already entered the Sage Stage. His spiritual eye directly penetrated the whirlpool which spiritual will couldn't penetrate through. Immediately he saw dense runic seals. Even though Mo Wuji was already at the level of Sages, he was still dizzied by the complex runic seals.

    In less than two hours, Mo Wuji retracted his spiritual eye. He tightly closed eyes and clenched his fists.

    At this moment, he was surer than ever that someone was trying to lure him into this place. These dense clusters of runes formed a primordial trap array. It was here when the primordial chaos first split apart. It could be said that this was the highest-level trap array in the entire universe. If he entered, he would basically lose all possibilities of leaving.

    Even if his enemies didn't do anything to him, he wouldn't be able to escape from such an array if he entered it. After all, this trap array was the highest existence among all arrays in this universe. Although Mo Wuji was sure that Cen Shuyin was inside this primordial array, he didn't rush in.

    He whipped out his Time Plate and sat down outside of this spatial whirlpool. He continuously tried to decipher the dense runes of this primordial array.

    Even if he couldn't fully understand these runes, he must find a way to get out.

    The Time Plate circulated. Less than one year passed in the outside world but hundred years had already passed for Mo Wuji.

    Just as he reached the 100th year, Mo Wuji suddenly stood up. He kept the Time Plate, lifted his hands and started to form array runes. With his knowledge of the Array Dao, it would take him at least 100,000 years for him to fully understand these natural runes and break open the primordial array.

    Even with his Time Plate, he would need 1000 years.

    However, Mo Wuji could not wait that long. He could faintly feel that he needed to take Cen Shuyin away as soon as possible. Otherwise, the World-Ending Cataclysm would arrive and he would never have the opportunity to see Cen Shuyin again.


    "You were actually saved by Big Brother Mo from the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond?" Qu You exclaimed in shock when she heard that Mo Wuji had entered the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond to save Cen Shuyin.

    She even started to admire Mo Wuji's luck. The Soul Condensing Immortal Pond was right beside the Underworld. It was a miracle that Mo Wuji could actually enter it and survive.

    If an expert from the Underworld expert were to discover him, then Mo Wuji would have definitely faced soul extinguishment.

    Currently, Cen Shuyin and Qu You didn't cultivate. They knew that even if they got any stronger, they wouldn't be able to break out of this place. They would rather wait till Mo Wuji entered and they would leave together.

    Days later, Mo Wuji finished his last runes, and without hesitation, he entered the spatial whirlpool. The instant that he was surrounded by the dense clusters of runes, Mo Wuji whipped out his Mortal Halberd.

    The Mortal Halberd transformed into a gargantuan halberd, extending outside the runic seals. At the same time, Mo Wuji entered the seals.


    Limitless Domain.

    The instant that Mo Wuji stepped through the runic seals, Luo suddenly stood up. Delight could be seen on his face.

    Before the others could ask anything, Luo started chuckling, "I was just thinking of how we could relay the information of that place to Mo Wuji. I didn't think that he would know about it so quickly and entered it in his own accord. From the looks of it, his relationship with those two ants isn't simple."

    Luo was counting on that. If their relationship was simple, would Mo Wuji have given the Book of Luo away?

    "Ah..." The four Sages stood up at the same time in glee. Even Heng Zuo stood up. Although he didn't wish to offend Mo Wuji, he was already together with Luo and co. Thus, it would naturally be a good thing that Mo Wuji had fallen for the trap that Luo had prepared.

    Luo eagerly said, "Dao Friend Luo, then let's hurry over and block him. We have to make sure that he doesn't escape."

    "Hahaha!" Luo chuckled. His eyes swept across Luo Xu and co. with a sense of loftiness and pride, "Escape? If you enter that place, then you wouldn't be able to escape. This is because that place is a primordial trap array filled with natural dao runes. It could be said that it is the number one trap array in this entire array. How could he escape? We only need to go there and catch the fish in the net."

    "Then does this mean that we wouldn't be unable to enter and obtain Mo Wuji's items?" God Emperor Gui Gu asked anxiously.

    He only wanted one thing, that was Mo Wuji's Earth Shrinking sacred art. When he heard that Mo Wuji's Earth Shrinking was more impressive than his, his heart started to burn with fervour.

    Luo said proudly, "If it was you lot, you would naturally be unable to obtain the stuff on him. However, it is different for me. As long as you listen to my arrangements, I promise that you wouldn't even miss out on a single god crystal."
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