Chapter 1224: If There Was Something Eternal

    Chapter 1224: If There Was Something Eternal

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    "Then what happened?" Qu You was enthralled with Cen Shuyin's story. When she saw that Cen Shuyin had gone silent, she could not help but asked that question.

    Cen Shuyin seemed to be in a daze as she stared at what was behind Qu You. At this instant, it seemed as though the thing behind Qu You was the most important thing in the world.


    The moment Mo Wuji entered, his heart sank. He was actually unable to communicate with his Mortal World. Not only that, his dao will seemed to be severely suppressed here.

    However, Mo Wuji had immediately cast these thoughts aside. This was because he had seen a beautiful face which was full of tears.

    Her eyebrows were the same as when he first saw her; they were still long and shapely. Although tears were streaming out of them, her eyes were deep and seemed to be able to look into the depths of one's heart. Her jade-like, sharp nose seemed to be the most beautiful painting in the world; it was flawless...

    "Wuji..." Cen Shuyin muttered. She simply wanted to jump on Mo Wuji and tell him that her wait had been very difficult and that her search had been very tiring. She wanted to ask him why he had gone into the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond to search for her soul, causing her to be unable to see him for so many years.

    If she could do things all over, she would rather close her eyes and stay with Mo Wuji idly than be separated for tens of thousands of years.

    Even if she didn't have a soul, she could still sense Mo Wuji was near her.

    However, her entire body seemed to have gone soft. Although she was already in Unity God Level 7, she didn't have the strength to stand up.

    Qu You turned her head and she saw Mo Wuji walking towards them. It seemed like a dream. The person that the two of them were talking about had appeared in front of them.

    A sense of sourness and dejection entered her heart. Qu You didn't greet Mo Wuji. Instead, she lowered her head and silently retreated. If she could leave this place, she would have left as far as she could.

    She knew that this moment didn't belong to her. She was merely an extra.

    "Wuji..." Cen Shuyin finally stood up. Before she could take a step forward, Mo Wuji was already standing in front of her.

    Mo Wuji really wanted to reach out and pull Cen Shuyin into his embrace. However, his hands stilled.

    Before he found Cen Shuyin, he didn't think much about it. Now that he finally did, he remembered that he was a person with a wife.

    Han Qingru was still cultivating in his Mortal World while Cen Shuyin was in front of him. Originally, he thought that he could handle the matters between Han Qingru and Cen Shuyin. Now, he realised that he didn't handle things well.

    "Wuji..." Cen Shuyin didn't think twice as she jumped into Mo Wuji's embrace. Her tears instantly dampened Mo Wuji's shoulders. In her heart, she had been waiting for this day for a long, long time.

    "Sorry, Shuyin." Mo Wuji could feel his throat turning dry.

    Besides feeling sorry for taking so long to find Cen Shuyin, he also felt guilt towards her. He didn't know how he could explain things to Cen Shuyin. Could he say that Han Qingru wouldn't have been able to live on if he had rejected her at that time?

    Also, could he say that he didn't even have a single bit of affection towards Han Qingru?

    Cen Shuyin didn't hear Mo Wuji's words. Her heart was so excited that it was about to jump out of her chest. At the same time, her body started to heat up like a flame.

    Her mind was thinking about all the things that she had narrated to Qu You. Every single sentence that she said caused her to remember countless memories.

    Previously, she gave up on everything else so that she could cultivate. In her eyes, love between man and woman was equivalent to snow in the sun; it only existed for an ephemeral moment before it disappeared.

    She was the most beautiful girl in the entire Heaven Seeking Palace, perhaps even the entire Zhen Xing. However, she had never accepted anyone's pursuits, nor did she ever think about finding a dao companion.

    This was until the day she met Mo Wuji, until the day she interacted with Mo Wuji, and until the day that she fell in love with Mo Wuji...

    Because of gratitude and guilt, she blocked that deadly needle for Mo Wuji. Because of love, she burned her own life force to carry Mo Wuji through space and searched the vast universe for Mo Wuji...

    Her love was ultimately reciprocated. Only Mo Wuji entered the Thorny Wind Gate for her; only Mo Wuji searched for the Underworld Heart Flower and entered the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond for her; and only Mo Wuji would enter this land of danger for her!

    She finally understood that there was something eternal in this universe. No, it wasn't the Dao. It was love. The Dao had scars but love didn't. Love was eternal.


    "It's indeed a primordial trap array!" Luo Xu said emotionally as he stood outside the reddish-brown spatial whirlpool. Although he didn't have the spiritual eye to look at the primordial dao runes like Mo Wuji, his ability of discernment was astute. Only a primordial array born during the moment of creation could have such an aura.

    This meant that if Mo Wuji had actually entered this trap array, he would never be able to leave. Perhaps only Luo could find such a place. After all, Luo seemed to be the most ancient existence in this universe.

    "Dao Friend Luo, we will have to depend on you now.' Tai Luan clasped his fists towards Luo and spoke with great courtesy.

    It was true that this primordial trap array could trap anyone. At the same time, it was also served as a supreme defensive array. You could enter the trap array and kill Mo Wuji. But would you be able to leave afterwards? Well, Tai Luan didn't know the answer to that.

    Luo laughed faintly, "Today, we have more than a hundred people here. Almost all the peak experts of the universe have gathered here. I need to borrow everyone's help to refine this primordial array. After I refine this primordial array, that Mo Wuji would merely be a dish ready to be served."

    Fo Ti frowned and clasped his fists, "Dao Friend Luo, we know that you are strong and you might even be the most powerful person in the entire universe. However, you wouldn't be able to refine such an array without millions of years, right?"

    Luo said calmly, "Dao Friend Fo Ti, if you discovered this place, what would be the first thing that you do?"

    Fo Ti chuckled and said, "I would refine it, however..."

    Before Fo Ti could finish speaking, Luo raised his hand and stopped him, "I discovered this place 5 million years ago. However, to refine this place, time isn't enough. I would still need everyone's help. I have already refined 99% of this place. Later, I will install a grand refinement array and completely refine it. At that moment, that Mo fella would be in my hands and everyone can attack together..."

    "That Mo fella might be strong but he doesn't deserve all of us to attack him at the same time, right?" God Emperor Ming Yue said indifferently. Back then, his nail almost killed Mo Wuji. Thus, he didn't really place Mo Wuji in his eyes.

    There was no need to talk about all hundred of them. Just two Sages, Grand Desert and him would be enough to easily eliminate Mo Wuji.

    Luo did not seem to mind this. He laughed and said, "Dao Friend Ming Yue is correct. However, this person has an escape art called Earth Shrinking. We are not afraid of that Mo fella; we are only afraid that he would escape."

    If he didn't need all of their help, Luo would have already slapped Ming Yue and scolded him, "Who do you think you are? One slap from Mo Wuji is already enough to kill you."


    Mo Wuji and Cen Shuyin were immersed in the elation of their reunion. Qu You, on the other hand, felt that something was amiss.

    Her heart felt jittery. Initially, she thought that it was due to Mo Wuji. Two hours passed and she knew that this wasn't related to Mo Wuji. Instead, this was a feeling of danger.

    This feeling was very strange. It felt as though this place was going to explode or become someone's personal cage.

    "Big Brother Mo..." Qu You finally could not hold back as she interrupted Mo Wuji and Cen Shuyin who seemed completely oblivious of everything around them.

    Mo Wuji woke up and he immediately let go of Cen Shuyin. He said awkwardly, "Qu You, thanks for accompanying Shuyin for all these years."

    Qu You's face turned pale. She finally understood one thing: Mo Wuji really didn't feel any sort of like or love towards her.

    "Ah... Sister Qu You..." Cen Shuyin finally woke up. She was still tightly holding onto Mo Wuji's hand but she knew that it wasn't good to behave like this in front of Qu You.

    "Big Brother Mo, I seem to feel that this place is rather strange. It seems as though it is about to explode. At the same time, it also feels as though it is about to become someone's personal cage. No, it seems like it is being refined..." Qu You finally came to a realisation. Becoming someone's personal cage. Didn't that mean that someone is refining it?

    Mo Wuji also calmed down. Before Qu You could finish speaking, Mo Wuji's face turned ugly as he said, "You are right. That person is here. This trap was set up by him. He was waiting for me to enter, then he would eliminate me."

    When he first entered, Mo Wuji didn't feel that someone was refining this space. Now, he could feel it clearly. Someone was refining this primordial trap array and the refinement was almost completed.

    There was no need for any explanation for him to know that the person refining this place was Luo. The moment Luo completely refines this place, he wouldn't be able to escape from Luo's palms no matter how powerful he was.
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