Chapter 1225: Seventh Finger: Returning Mortal

    Chapter 1225: Seventh Finger: Returning Mortal

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    "Then what do we do?" The paleness on Qu You had faded by a bit.

    "No matter whether we can leave or not, we have to try now." Just as Mo Wuji finished those words, this primordial trap array started to release rumbling sounds. A foreign dao aura started to seep in. This time, there was no need to talk about Qu You; even Cen Shuyin could sense the threat of death and danger.

    Mo Wuji lifted his hand and punched towards the location of his Mortal Halberd. Space started to reverberate but it ultimately didn't move.

    Mo Wuji's heart sank. His idea didn't work.

    He had placed the Mortal Halberd at the entrance of the primordial trap array. When he communicates with the Mortal Halberd, he would use its power to tear open the array. However, he couldn't even punch a hole through this array. How could he communicate with his Mortal Halberd?

    When he opened his spiritual eye, Mo Wuji could clearly see the dao runes of this primordial array changing. With his knowledge, how could he not know that this meant that the dao runes were gradually being refined by someone? If all the dao runes were refined, then he would no longer have a chance to escape.

    Cen Shuyin and Qu You's abilities were too weak. There was no need to talk about helping. Even if they went all out, they would not even cause a tremor within this space.

    "Shuyin, Qu You, the moment you see a tear, you need to let go of all inhibitions towards me allow me to take you away." Mo Wuji was prepared to use his Seven World Finger to continuously attack this primordial array. As long as he could cause a tiny tear to form on this array, he could communicate with his Mortal World and send Cen Shuyin and Qu You away.

    After which, he could go all-out and deal with Luo.

    "En, we understand." At this moment, Cen Shuyin's thoughts were all on Mo Wuji. She hated herself for having such a low cultivation. If she was in the Quasi-Sage Stage, she might at least be of help to Mo Wuji.

    What she did not know was that she wouldn't be able to help Mo Wuji even if she was in the Quasi-Sage Stage.

    After instructing Cen Shuyin and Qu You, Mo Wuji furiously used his Seven World Finger.

    Besides the Seventh Finger, Returning Mortal, which he had yet to understand, the remaining six fingers were used multiple times. However, no matter what finger he used, and even if he used the six fingers consecutively, it still wasn't enough to do anything to this primordial array.

    Months passed. Besides using various kinds of sacred arts, he even made use of self-exploding attacks. Even so, this primordial space was only shaken by his attacks; there were no signs of tearing.

    Sensing Mo Wuji's anxiety, Cen Shuyin walked to Mo Wuji's side, hugged his arm and said, "Wuji, if fate doesn't allow us to leave, then let's stay here at husband and wife. Even if it's just for one day, it would beat being separated for tens of thousands of years."

    Mo Wuji's heart shook. He stopped forging array runes. He suddenly remembered a distant time. He and Xia Ruoyin were cuddling on the footpaths beside paddy fields, quietly listening to sound of the summer cicadas.

    At that time, everything else wasn't important. He only wanted the quiet and warmth in front of him. He suddenly thought of Wen Xiaoqi. While he was cuddling with Xia Ruoyin, was that girl who loved him to her bones watching him from afar? Was she thinking that she would be contented if she could spend even a single day like this with him?

    He once thought that if he were to spend his time with Cen Shuyin, a short time definitely wasn't enough. Thus, he wanted to continuously cultivate and continuously increase his longevity. It was best if they could spend eternity together.

    His spiritual eye opened. This space was clearly going to be completely refined soon. At the very most, it would take one to two days. At the very least, it could be refined by the very next instant.

    With such a short time, he wouldn't be able to break out this array even if he tried his very best.

    Since that's the case, why was he wasting his time? Why not give the remaining time to Shuyin?

    It was as Shuyin had said. Since they could not be together forever, then enjoying a single breath together would also be enough.

    Everything went clear in Mo Wuji's mind. He stopped forming array runes and held Shuyin's hands. His heart had completely calmed down.

    "Wuji, I have some regrets." Cen Shuyin tightly held Shuyin as they sat on the ground. Her voice seemed to come from a distance; it sounded like a whisper.

    "What regrets?"

    "Back in Lost Continent, I regretted separating from you. Back then, I should have left with you, I should have been a rogue cultivator..."

    "We didn't know each other well then."

    "If we were already together at that time, perhaps our children would have already grown up..."

    "Shuyin, it was due to my insistence. Actually, even if we were mortals and we only have short decades with one another, we could still be happy. I cultivate the Mortal Dao but I actually didn't see that. Now, I wasted months trying to attack this primordial trap array..."

    "En..." Cen Shuyin didn't want to say another word. At this moment, lying in Mo Wuji's embrace was the happiest thing in the world.

    "Kacha!" Just as Mo Wuji said those words, something seemed to have broken within his Dao Laws. He had suddenly arrived at an enlightenment.

    At this moment, his spiritual will was actually able to penetrate through this primordial array and reach the vast universe outside.

    "I understand!" Mo Wuji suddenly stood up. With one hand, he held Cen Shuyin's hand. With his other hand, he pointed out with a finger.

    Seven World Finger's Seventh Finger: Returning Mortal!

    Waves of dao ripples shot out of this finger. This finger seemed to be the most majestic force in the entire universe, but at the time, it seemed to be the most ordinary finger in the entire universe.

    The universe was separated by different planes; there were higher planes and there were lower planes. This was all because he had not fully understood that realm. The moment he understood that realm, then in his eyes, everything was no different from the mortal.

    A primordial trap array was simply a primordial array used against cultivator. Once he exceeded this level, this primordial trap array could no longer be called a primordial array.

    "Ka!" Under this finger, a tear finally in the primordial trap array which did not budge after months of attacking.

    Mo Wuji saw his Mortal Halberd.


    "Haha! It's completely refined. Everyone, attack together... Not good..." Just as Luo rallied for everyone to attack, he discovered a tear in his refined primordial array.

    A sky-shattering halberd light came descending down. It seemed as though it wanted to cleave this entire universe in half.

    "Boom! Kakaka!" The entire universe did really seem to have been cleaved. A terrifying fracture had actually formed.

    "Everyone, attack together!" Luo roared angrily. His Sword of Fortune transformed into a cosmic sword light which swept towards Mo Wuji's Mortal Halberd Light.

    "Big Brother Mo, I feel as though the entire universe is shaking. It seems like everything is going to be destroyed." Behind Mo Wuji, Qu You's face had turned pale.

    "Hurry and enter..." With these few words, Mo Wuji lifted his hand and sent Qu You and Cen Shuyin into his Mortal World. In a battle of such a level, the two of them wouldn't be able to offer any help. There were more than a hundred experts here and the weakest among them was already at the Quasi-Sage Stage.

    He could also sense what Qu You was saying. It was true that this was space, but he could actually feel that space was crumbling. It seemed as though everything had become unstable.

    A world-shaking tremor reverberated. The Sword of Fortune had clashed with the Mortal Halberd. Their light split apart in all directions.

    When the light shot out in all directions, tiny tears would form. Mo Wuji's heart sank. He finally knew what the World-Ending Cataclysm was and he knew that it had come.

    Including the space of this universe, all planes would no longer exist. Indeed, when he sent his spiritual will out, he could clearly see cultivator planets collapsing. Countless cultivators were thrown out into space. However, space was also crumbling. Once space had completely collapsed, these cultivators would also be gone.

    Mo Wuji's heart turned cold. This was the World-Ending Cataclysm? This was complete destruction. Even the universe itself was collapsing. What would exist after this?

    "The World-Ending Cataclysm is coming. Everyone, make use of this time to eliminate him. Every supreme treasure of fortune on him could allow you to survive this World-Ending Cataclysm. We only need to wait for a few billion years before a new primordial world forms..." Luo roared wildly. His Sword of Fortune conjured millions of sword qi which started to tear through Mo Wuji's domain.

    Mo Wuji's heart was shaking. Wasn't Luo multiple times stronger than Tai Luan and the other Sages? Could Luo have gone above the Sage Stage?

    However, at this instant, he didn't have time to think much about it. Including Luo Xu, Tai Luan, Qing Yuan, Fo Ti, Heng Zuo and Yuan Jie, there were six Sage-level experts surrounding him. At the same time, there was a leader that had already surpassed the Sage Stage, Luo. And this still wasn't all. There were more than a hundred Quasi-Sages and Great Circle Unity Gods surrounding him.

    At this moment, countless sacred arts and innumerable magic treasures were shooting towards Mo Wuji. Countless domains had overlapped, causing this space to be sturdier than even the sturdiest of spatial planes.
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