Chapter 1226: The Fierce Battle During The Cataclysm

    Chapter 1226: The Fierce Battle During The Cataclysm

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    Even if Mo Wuji's Mortal Dao was any strong, and even if his domain was any firmer, he still fell into a predicament when surrounded by so many experts. Tears started to appear on his domain and attacks from sacred arts passed through those airs and landed on Mo Wuji's body, striking out trails of blood.

    This was even with Mo Wuji's Sage Physique. Otherwise, he might already have been shredded into pieces.

    "Haha! Mo Wuji, you deserve this day!" A wild laughter could be heard from the distance. Following which, a harrowing killing intent transformed into a monstrous lightning which came crashing down.

    "Lei Hongji!" Mo Wuji's heart sank. Lei Hongji's might was illustrious. He had definitely surpassed the Quasi-Sage Stage.

    Clearly, because of the World-Ending Cataclysm which caused all worlds and planes collapse, Lei Hongji's spiritual will easily located him.

    If not for Luo, the six Sage-level experts and the hundred Quasi-Sages, he really wouldn't need to place Lei Hongji in his eyes.

    "Boom!" A crimson-red lightning which was as thick as a millstone came crashing down. The breath of death directly wrapped around Mo Wuji.

    At this moment, how could Mo Wuji still care whether his actions would accelerate the collapse of the universe? His elemental energy was aroused and his rapid hand seals conjured countless dao ripples.

    A hand seal of destruction was slapped out - Great Art of Destruction. At the same time, the Mortal Halberd cleaved out a colossal chasm.

    The stacked-up domains shattered and the light from the magic treasures exploded.

    God Emperor Ming Yue, who had not placed Mo Wuji in his eyes, was currently filled with extreme fear.

    Now, he finally realised why Luo looked at him as though he was looking at an idiot. Wasn't Mo Wuji more than a thousand times stronger than he was before?

    The looming dao ripples of the Great Art of Destruction came pressing down. There was no need to talk about heavily injuring Mo Wuji. At this instant, he didn't even have a chance to retaliate. Before he could fully open his Needle-Head Book, the dao ripples from the Great Art of Destruction directly tore him into pieces.

    Before he died, he saw Luo's eyes landing on him. Clearly, Luo could save him. However, Luo didn't even have any intentions of doing so.

    "Boom!" The Mortal Halberd Light crashed against the crimson-red lightning, causing the might of this millstone-thick lightning to be reduced by 99%. However, the lightning, which was now only as thick as a thumb, still passed through the tears in Mo Wuji's domain and landed on Mo Wuji.

    "Bang!" Blood fogs exploded. These blood fogs weren't simply from when a good bit of Mo Wuji's shoulders was blown away. There were also blood fogs formed from tens of Quasi-Sages and Unity Gods were disintegrated.

    Although Mo Wuji's Great Art of Destruction had eliminated tens of Quasi-Sages and almost all Unity Gods, the remaining people didn't run away. The universe was collapsing, and at this time, fear was in everyone's heads.

    Everyone knew that escaping was a straight road to death. This oncoming Cataclysm was evidently the collapse of this universe. If they joined forces to kill Mo Wuji, they might earn the favour of a Sage and seek refuge inside the Sage's supreme treasure of fortune. If they were to run away, they would only collapse along with this universe.

    While Mo Wuji had killed tens of Quasi-Sages and all the Unity Gods, he knew that the combined strength of his opponents didn't decrease. On the contrary, it increased. This was because a wild Lei Hongji had appeared.

    Seven experts that were on the level of Sages and the far more powerful Luo had sealed this entire space. At this moment, Mo Wuji definitely couldn't escape.

    In reality, even if he could escape, he wouldn't.

    The World-Ending Cataclysm had arrived. With every instant, innumerable people died. Incalculable planets crumbled and huge galaxies broke down. In a world where space was collapsing, there was nowhere else he could escape to besides his Mortal World. As for his Mortal World, he didn't dare to enter it.

    "You're really not bad. You actually fused with a primordial Lightning Law." Luo's eyes landed on Lei Hongji. Lei Hongji was definitely much stronger than the other people here. With Lei Hongji's help, Mo Wuji basically didn't have any hope of escaping.

    Lei Hongji didn't recognise Luo but he could sense that Luo was much stronger than him. Although he knew that his goal was overlapping with Luo's, which was to steal the items on Mo Wuji, he knew that he had no other option but to cooperate with Luo in order to eliminate Mo Wuji.

    After Mo Wuji was eliminated, he would definitely be able to snatch the best items with his Great Art of Thunderclap.

    "This person is devoid of a conscience. As long as I am in this universe, I naturally need to lend a hand to get rid of this person." Lei Hongji spoke righteously. As he spoke, his lightning domain expanded explosively. Clearly, he hadn't used his full power previously.

    "Good. Everyone, combine your domains and crush him. We must crush him to death." Luo chuckled. His Sword of Fortune began to conjure boundless sword qi with greater intensity, tearing holes in Mo Wuji's domain.

    "How could you not include me, Tai Shixiao, in such good business!" Another voice came. In this collapsing world, nothing could be hidden.

    Before this green-robed man even arrived, ten Spiritual Will Arrows were shot.

    If not for eight supreme experts tying him down, Mo Wuji really wouldn't care about care about a puny Tai Shixiao. Unfortunately, he didn't have any strength to deal with any further attacks.

    Even though his sea of consciousness was huge and there was the violet lake, he could not help but cough out blood when these ten Spiritual Will Arrows struck him. Another ten fractures formed in his Mortal Domain.

    "Good. This man has no conscience and has offended far too many people. Now, as the World-Ending Cataclysm arrives, he will finally pay his debts. Hahahaha..." Luo Xu chuckled. However, he wasn't really laughing in his heart. He was simply waiting for Mo Wuji to crumble and he would fight for the best treasures.

    "Very good, Dao Friend Tai Shixiao, hurry over." Luo was chuckling, his face was filled with delight and sincerity. However, in his heart, he had already seen Tai Shixiao as a dead man. This man had actually fused with his Dao Law of the Universe to become a Sage. He simply didn't know the meaning of death.

    But now wasn't the time to fuss over this man. After eliminating Mo Wuji, he would slowly deconstruct this ant. A Sage that couldn't fully fuse with a Dao Law of the Universe was nothing more than an ant in his eyes.

    "Of course, this man dared to steal my Void Nirvana Root and technique manual. I have always been searching for this man. Today, this Sage finally found him..." As Tai Shixiao was speaking, his hands were moving rapidly. A sacred art was conjured and shot toward Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji was already crumbling. Now that another Tai Shixiao has entered, more tears formed in his domain and it started to break apart.

    As his domain broke apart, multiple sacred art lights landed on his body, forming more fogs of blood.

    Mo Wuji sighed. He knew that he could not endure much longer.

    If he must die, then he would pull some people along with him. Mo Wuji's spiritual will swept out through countless collapsing worlds. At this moment, he saw Yan'Er crazily charging towards him. His entire heart started to shake.

    He was sure that Yan'Er had recovered her memories. Otherwise, she wouldn't rush towards him without heed for her own life.

    "Don't come over." Mo Wuji roared. The universe was rapidly breaking apart. If Yan'Er was drawn into this, she would be eroded together with the universe.

    "Pff!" Mo Wuji's domain had already shattered, and now with that little bit of distraction, Luo's Sword of Fortune had pierced through his chest, exploding a flower of blood.

    Mo Wuji's anger reached the heavens. The Mortal Halberd conjured a halberd light which seemed to cover half the universe and it cleaved down towards Luo. He used the Dao Laws of his Mortal World to fuse with his domain.

    "Shameless. Bullying people with numbers? I, Tian Hen, have come. Attack!" Tian Hen's voice came. Following which, his sacred art was released. Under Tian Hen's attack, half of the Quasi-Sages and Unity Gods at the outer perimeters were killed.

    After which, a furnace the size of a mountain came crashing down!

    "Of course we need to attack!" Huan Ti's voice came. The Gods Tower also came crashing down with intense might.

    He had found the Gods Tower. After he returned to the Sage Stage, he immediately rushed over with Tian Hen.

    "And there's me, Tong Ming! You dare to attack my, Tong Ming's, brother, then you must face my sword!" Although Tong Ming wasn't a Throned Sage, his combat power was not weaker than Heng Zuo.

    "I, Gu Pingren..."

    "I, Gu Yongxiao..."

    "And I, Red Lotus!" The green-robed Sage Nun's clear voice rang and a gargantuan red lotus appeared.

    "Haha, Brother Mo, I have come!" Before Yuan Zhenyi even arrived, his huge fist had already came crashing down.

    His Martial Dao had achieved major completion. As the universe started to collapse, he immediately saw Mo Wuji battling his enemies. How could he, Yuan Zhenyi, not join in his brother's battle?

    The World-Ending Cataclysm had come and the entire universe was collapsing. There was no longer any obstacles or barriers in this universe. As long as one had the slightest cultivation, he could clearly see the experts surrounding and attacking Mo Wuji.

    The pressure on Mo Wuji lightened significantly. At this moment, his Mortal Halberd shone with greater lustre. In this collapsing world, his halberd was like a brilliant sun.
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