Chapter 1228: Grieving The Fragility Of Life

    Chapter 1228: Grieving The Fragility Of Life

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    In everyone's eyes, Mo Wuji would definitely be shattered by the Great Art of Thunderclap's lightning-type laws. Even Lei Hongji, who was about to escape, stopped.

    Mo Wuji seemed to have used a lightning-type skill back in the cultivation world. However, that low-levelled lightning skill was completely different from his Great Art of Thunderclap powered by the primordial Lightning Law.

    There was no need to talk about how Mo Wuji didn't have lightning-type spiritual roots. Even if he did, he would get shattered into pieces if he was struck by the lightning of the Great Art of Thunderclap.

    But now, Mo Wuji actually wasn't running away? Was he courting his own death?

    A thought flashed across Lei Hongji's mind. It didn't matter whether Mo Wuji was courting his own death. It was best if he ran away for now. If Mo Wuji was really courting his own death, then he would rush back.

    At the very next instant, Lei Hongji knew who was the one that was courting death. It wasn't Mo Wuji, but him. The immense force of the Mortal Dao Laws wrapped around him. He was momentarily unable to escape and the breath of death instantly enveloped him.

    The boundless lightning landed on Mo Wuji's body. However, besides causing some blood to splash out of Mo Wuji's body, it did not do anything to stop Mo Wuji from his actions. His halberd did not falter as it continued to slash out with deathly might.

    Lei Hongji frantically tried to struggle out of the restraints of the Mortal Dao Laws. Unfortunately, he had expended too much of his energy with that Great Art of Thunderclap. Against these Dao Laws, he was barely able to tear a tiny gap in the domain wrapping around him. However, by the time he did that, the beautiful, white halberd light had descended.

    Lei Hongji stared at that halberd light in despair. He seemed to see a sad setting sun. It was beautiful, but it was short-lived.

    At this instant, the image of a girl flashed across his eyes. She wasn't the most beautiful girl but she seemed delicate and bright. He only knew that she was called Su Rou'Er...

    No matter what he had done, and no matter how many people he had killed in order to reach the peak, there was still a clean and pure spot in the depths of his heart. This spot was reserved for Su Rou'Er. Unfortunately, he never got to that day.

    "Pff!" Blinding red light filled his eyes as a flower of blood exploded in front of him. Lei Hongji could hear his sea of consciousness collapsing and his spirit channels and dantian shattering. At the same time, his primordial spirit was extinguished by that beautiful setting sun.

    Mo Wuji didn't show any courtesy as he tore open Lei Hongji's world. No matter what their enmity was, it would end today and turn into dust.

    When Mo Wuji managed to deal against the Great Art of Thunderclap, Luo Xu knew that they had lost the advantage. He did not hesitate to turn and escape. Although Tian Hen could fight against Luo Xu, he was still slightly weaker than Luo Xu. If Luo Xu wanted to escape, Tian Hen had no means of preventing it.

    Mo Wuji had just killed Lei Hongji. Even if he desperately wanted to kill Luo Xu, he couldn't be at two places at the same time.

    A chilly killing intent which seemed capable of piercing into your bones shot out from the other side of the universe. This killing intent had directly blocked Luo Xu's path of escape. As Luo Xu anxiously tried to change his direction, this killing intent had already sliced through Luo Xu's head.

    Like that killing intent, a female stepped out from what seemed like the other side of the universe. With another sweep of her hand, an icy cold energy had wrapped around Luo Xu's primordial spirit, rapidly weakening it.

    "It's you? Sage Bing Ying?" Luo Xu's soul gradually scattered. If there was another person that he feared, it would definitely be Sage Bing Ying.

    In this universe, the strongest Sage among the eight Sages wasn't him. Instead, it was Bing Ying. The remaining seven were Luo Xu, Tian Hen, Qing Yuan, Huan Ti, Fo Ti, Tai Luan and the Sage Nun.

    Sage Bing Ying had disappeared before the previous Cataclysm. He didn't think that she would appear again during the World-Ending Cataclysm. Not only that, he had lost his life under Sage Bing Ying.

    When Lei Hongji was killed and when Luo Xu tried to escape, Tai Luan also tried to run away. It was just that Tai Luan didn't even manage to get as far as Luo Xu before he was smacked back into the battlefield by a tree root. After which, Yuan Zhenyi's fist arrived. On that very spot, Tai Luan was smashed into a fog of blood and his soul was destroyed.

    He didn't think that he would have died so soon after Tai Shixiao. If Heng Zuo hadn't turned against them, he might actually have been able to escape.

    Heng Zuo clasped his fists towards Yuan Zhenyi, "I was forced to come here by Luo. I am an acquaintance of Dao Friend Mo, so I didn't use my full powers previously."

    Yuan Zhenyi also knew that Heng Zuo didn't use his full powers previously. Thus, he didn't care about Heng Zuo, but charged towards Fo Ti who was tangling with the Sage Nun. Seeing that Yuan Zhenyi had not acted against him, Heng Zuo then turned to fight Yuan Jie with his full might. Since he had rebelled, he needed to express it. After all, he wasn't the one that killed Tai Luan.

    "Yingxian..." Mo Wuji saw the female who killed Luo Xu and cried out in pleasant surprise.

    The person who came was actually Lian Yingxian. He knew that Lian Yingxian wasn't simple but he hadn't thought that she would be this strong.

    "Wuji, we'll talk after I kill this evil dog Qing Yuan." Lian Yingxian knew that Sage Qing Yuan was crafty. Although Huan Ti and Tian Hen had joined forces to deal with Qing Yuan, Qing Yuan could still escape if any of the two of them were distracted.

    Mo Wuji didn't even have the time to answer her. His spiritual will landed on Yan'Er who was still struggling in the collapsing universe.

    Even though Yan'Er was furiously rushing over here, the boundless waves of cultivators rushing towards this area caused Yan'Er to seem further and further away.

    Because there was a primordial array here, the area could still hold life before the universe fully collapsed. This was the reason why this space didn't fully collapse even though there were so many experts battling here.

    Seeing Yan'Er's struggle, Mo Wuji felt a tugging sensation in his heart.

    Because of the collapse of the universe, the increasingly small space got squeezier and squeezier. Countless cultivators were constantly being squeezed out. As they landed in the collapsed universe, they were instantly turned into nothingness.

    Even Mo Wuji did not dare to rush to Yan'Er's side. The erosion and collapse of the universe could also break down his body and his Dao, turning him into nothingness.

    The anxious Mo Wuji soon cast his spiritual will on the God World plane. A good half of God World had already disintegrated. Innumerable cultivators disappeared and mountains, seas and deserts all vanished without a trace.

    He didn't notice it previously when he was engaged in deathly battles. But now, he could feel his skull turning numb. He felt a sense of grief in his heart. This was the grief over the fragility of life. After this World-Ending Cataclysm, would there still be life in the universe?

    It wasn't just the God World. The Immortal had also disintegrated and vanished.

    When Mo Wuji saw the disciples of his Mortal Sect getting surrounded by the aura of collapse and disappearing, the grief in his heart got deeper. What was the point in cultivating to reach the peak? Against this Heavenly Dao, he was still an ant. His life was still fragile.

    Mo Wuji knew that he needed to find a way. Otherwise, would it even matter if Yan'Er reached his side? They would still die.

    He had always known that the World-Ending Cataclysm was terrifying. However, he had never thought that it would be such a degree.

    "Young Master..." Yan'Er cried out mournfully as she was squeezed out by a late-stage Unity God into the eroded universe.

    She did not fear death. But she was truly unwilling to die before she reached her young master.

    "Wait for me!" Mo Wuji could no longer hold it in as he charged over.

    "Wuji, are you trying to kill yourself? That is the eroded universe. Even if you are a Sage, you would be reduced into nothingness if you enter it." Lian Yingxian had eliminated Sage Qing Yuan and she hurriedly went to block Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji exhaled and said calmly, "I need to go. Otherwise, I would never be happy even if I leave. Luo was able to run away into this eroded and collapsed space. I believe that I can do the same."

    Lian Yingxian said angrily, "Luo has the Dao Law of the Universe and he used it to escape. Do you?"

    Dao Law of the Universe? A flash of lightning seemed to have gone through Mo Wuji's head. He directly brought out two Dao Laws of the Universe.

    When these two Dao Laws were brought out, they each transformed into an endless, gold path which extended out.

    When he saw that these two gold paths were not affected by the collapsed universe, Mo Wuji felt elated.

    These two gold paths were like a life buoy in an ocean. The moment it appeared, the surviving cultivators all frantically rushed to get onto them. Because Mo Wuji's path extended right below Yan'Er's feet, Yan'Er was the first to land on these paths. She hurriedly rushed towards Mo Wuji,

    When Lian Yingxian saw these two grand paths, she muttered, "Wuji, you are actually able to obtain two Dao Laws of the Universe..."

    Mo Wuji did not seem to hear Lian Yingxian's words. He emotionally stepped forward and he wanted to bring Yan'Er over. However, Lian Yingxian grabbed his hand, "Wuji, you have brought so many people here. Now what?"

    Mo Wuji was stunned. Now what?
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