71 Demon Fighter

    Qian Jin went back and pulled Rollin up from the ground. He nodded, lowered down his voice, and spoke in a mysterious way, "Let me tell you a secret! In fact, I am already a Level 9 Warrior! And don't you look at me that way! It's true. You know that I will never lie to you."


    "F**k off!"

    "Do you have any sister? How about this? If you do not want to be my brother-in-law, I can be your brother-in-law."


    "Well, I can stop calling you that before you meet my sister. But as to the Family Guardian matter..."

    "There shall not be any problem as long as I don't have to marry your sister..."

    "Oh yes! I'm gonna rise in the world!" Rollin moved his tubby legs and trotted around the playground! The surrounding people were all amazed by how fast he moved while bearing such a heavy body!

    A Level 9 Warrior! What did that mean? Rollin was so excited that his fat face shivered up and down! Except the aloof and lofty Mayor and the City Guardian who always refused to show up, a Level 9 Warrior shall count as the strongest!

    The General of Oakland was a Level 9 Warrior himself! There had not been a Family Guardian in Oakland who was that qualified before! Having Qian JIn to protect his family, Rollin had acquired a General!

    The business that Rollin's family had been conducting were not restricted only in the city of Oakland. The caravan might encounter robbery along the trade way to other cities, and sometimes, there would be inevitable confrontations with other businessmen. A strong guardian was able to extinguish those who had improper thoughts or desires!

    "Qian Jin," Rodriguez waved in the distance at Qian Jin and also to Gabriella, who was in the process of meditation. "And Gabriella, come over here please." he said.

    Many people curiously stared at the two in front of Rodriguez! It could be said that they were the polarized representative figures of Oakland Mage and Warrior Novice Academy. One was the best, while the other broke the record all the time in an opposite way!

    Hiding in a large black mage cloak and a huge wizard hat, Gabriella stood in front of Rodriguez like a frightened bunny with her head sunk upon her chest!

    "You two..." Rodriguez looked at Gabriella, sighed, and helplessly waved. "You two will go for the test in a few days, and I suggest you spend some time together these days. After all, neither of you want to be flunked!"

    "Yes, sir..." The girl heavily nodded and her black wizard hat moved unsteadily back and forth. She was so tiny that as if a burst of wind would blow her away at any time!

    The test in Sunset Mountains? Qian Jin scratched his head. Developed by humans and defined as a safe area, the place was not correlated with any kind of danger! As long as there would not be another hat falling down from the sky, the test would be a piece of cake!

    "Instructor Rodriguez, the test district shall be determined this time, right? Do you know which district would it be?" Qian Jin asked with expectation in his eyes!

    "Yes." Rodriguez took two maps out of his arms. "Here is the test map. It is located in the direction of the Four Season Valley. Don't get close to the entrance!"

    "Four Seasons Valley?" Qian Jin's hands trembled when holding the map. It turned out to be near the Four Seasons Valley!

    "What is it?" Rodriguez discovered that there was something wrong with the young man's expression, so he hastily asked, "Is there any problem? I can help you with it and see if there is anything that could be done? Do you need to change location?"

    "No, no, no, no, no..." Qian Jin swayed his hands again and again! Putting away the map, Qian Jin answered, "It's alright, Instructor Rodriguez. I'm good! The place is good!"

    "Really?" Rodriguez worriedly asked once again.

    "Yes!" Qian Jin hastily nodded and said in his heart, "It's not just good! It's perfect! It can't get any better!" According the ancient map of his family book, the Supreme Wind and Cloud Power Training Scroll happened to be hidden in the Four Seasons Valley!

    Unfortunately, the ancient map did not specify the exact location, and it shall only be found out by Qian Jin within a certain range. When Qian Jin first came to Oakland, he didn't go to the valley immediately because he had read something about the place! The location was not included in the safe areas Zence Empire had marked out! What's more, the mountains would not be influenced by the outer environment, and the seasons there changed only once every two years or so!

    Originally, Qian Jin had already planned to go on an adventure when everything was ready, and then he would know what to do in full preparation! After that, he planned to go to the valley to search for the scroll! Who should have known the test position was so close! Maybe he could complete the groundwork while finishing his test in the same time!

    "How about you?" Rodriguez turned to Gabriella. "Do you have any problem?"

    The black hat slightly moved from right to left, which met Rodriguez's expectation. As the most untalented and the most timid magic student ever, it seemed normal that Gabriella would act in this way.

    "Well then, you two keep in touch to know each other better." Rodriguez patted Qian Jin on the shoulder, looked at Michaels who was doing the running exercise in the crowd like a wooden robot and whispered, "Had he challenged you to a duel after he came back?"

    "Yes, he asked for a fight! I stomped the ground and then he admitted defeat."

    "Just a stomp? Then he threw in the towel?" Doubts piled on Rodriguez's face! Michaels was a surly man in school! A stomp from instructors would count nothing, so how did that from a junior defeat him?

    "Oh, yes." Qian Jin casually nodded. "That stomp, I used Level 8 Warrior Energy..."

    "What?" Rodriguez was shocked; his mouth was wide opened as his eyes stared at Qian Jin! Eight!? God, you must be kidding! How come Qian Jin had become a Level 8 Warrior already? He was just in his first year in this academy!

    Rodriguez sensed some doubtful points. "The kid was just a Level 3 some days ago, 4 at most! How did his Warrior Level rise so fast? He isn't even a Bloodline Warrior who has awakened the blood power! How can this be? Four levels in such a short time! Is it because of Fabreidis?"

    "That's right! It must have been for Fabreidis!" Rodriguez clenched his fists and kept thinking with full excitement. "It must have been the Guardian who instructed this young man, and maybe the Guardian even secretly gave him a high-level energy stone so he could extract energy when he practices. That's why he improved so fast!"

    A Demon Fighter! Rodriguez looked at Qian JIn with some eagerness, as if a father who was appreciating a desirable son-in-law! His hands clenched again before he knew it! A Demon Fighter!
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