168 There Isnt Gender Difference but a Life-or-death Dilemma in the Battlefron

    Abela's facial expression changed from shameful to angry with the Fire Arrow being put out. She glared at Duren Burg, who was rolling about on the ground in laughter. Just at this time the other mercenaries couldn't hold on anymore but burst into laughter too, making the whole caravan immersed in a frolicking ambiance.

    Qian Jin smiled faintly from the corner of his lips. Mages and warriors were to team up with each other, but Abela, a mage, mocked the warriors around her, how dare she? Even if Duren Burg didn't fight back tit for tat, he himself, Qian Jin, would give her a lesson, or else, it would be such a huge pain in the ass to hear her, a lofty noisy parrot endlessly twittering before they could reach the Demons' territory.

    "You!" Abela was so exasperated that she lifted her arm to conjure a strong beam of flame from her broad robe sleeve-Fire Magic Scroll!

    Neither Qian nor the other mercenaries had imagined that Abela would fight against her partners with magic! Admittedly, Duren Burg had said something malicious to her, but that was only a way to get back at her insult at the mercenaries.

    Magic Scroll, a kind of magic that could be conjured in an instant! It generally took several seconds to activate it fully via one's spiritual power. Obviously, the Magic Scroll used by Abela was not some type of mediocre scroll that could be easily conjured by a Level 3 Mage.

    For the split second when the others were shocked, Duren Burg suddenly put on a murderous look, since Abela's move of chanting magic spell had posed a challenge to the warriors.

    The internal strife had started? Qian Jin frowned, moved his ankles on the soft ground which was wet by the rain several days ago, and swiftly kicked a piece of black and yellow mud onto Abela's face and numerous mud patches at her mage robe.


    Attacked by dirty mud patting on her face, Abela's sensation for beauty was immediately stimulated along with the fear given rise by an attack of unknown objects. She unconsciously lifted her fingers to the sky, and the five burning flame balls were also thrown into the blue.

    Abela was in a hurry wipe away the mud on her face, screaming incessantly, "What...what is this? Who did this? Mud...mud...who is that? Stand out! Do you know who I am? Do you know who my parents are? Ah! My clothes..."

    Screeching in horror and anger, Abela tried hard to open her eyes to search for the "enemy". At this sight, Duren Burg's face went blank and once again he blossomed a gloating laugh, "Funny, so funny! You are really a prodigy to have thought about putting mud on her! It's one hundred times more vicious than to give her a beating! Since a girl would fight for her beauty at the risk of her life, Qian Jin, you are really a genius."

    The other mercenaries still tried to hold in their laughter, while wearing a face full of admiration for what Duren Burg had said and looked in different directions, pretending that they hadn't heard Abela's screaming.

    The coachman sitting on the third cart flashed a look of surprise from the brim of his hat, as Qian Jin's kick was performed fast and precise, through which the mud had accumulated enough force equivalent to a stone, if not less, yet it didn't crash onto Abela's face to give her a nosebleed. It was a shocking amount of control for someone as young as him.

    Qian Jin noticed the eccentric look of the driver, and he started to glance around like the other mercenaries did, paying no attention to Abela at all. As for who she was? Who her parents were? It had nothing to do with him.

    "You! You people..." Abela's pretty yet angry apricot-like eyes fell on the middle-aged man sitting on the third cart, "Zachery! My parents sent you here to safeguard me! But you just stand by when I am bullied by others! It was your Torrent Battle Fort that pleaded with my parents to be my bodyguard."

    "This person is in service to the girl's parents?" Qian Jin increased his alertness, thinking to himself that if this person endeavored to avenge his female master, he and his two fellows would have to fight with him! He had made up his mind to never surrender to this arrogant girl, even if that meant they couldn't go on with their mission of sneaking into the Demons' territory.

    Quite a lot of mercenaries' attention was drawn to the third coachman, Zachery, someone who scarcely talked in the caravan. How could he be able to protect a Level 3 Mage? If so, how strong was his warrior power?

    Zachery once more lowered the brim of his hat, and slightly shook the horsewhip in his hand several times, saying to himself: if Abela was his daughter, he would have long whipped her to death! Her parents, vice presidents of the Crystal Magic Tower had urged him to discreetly protect their spoiled girl several times. But she exposed herself at such an inappropriate time! Didn't she know that warriors who are Demon Fighters and above had a higher chance of being attacked by the Demons once they entered their territory? "Did she want me killed? "

    "Abela, just let it go." Boss Leong dashed forward with his short and fat legs moving hurriedly and his two plump hands tossing in front, "Both sides have done something wrong..."

    "Wrong? How could I be wrong?" Abela took out her silk handkerchief, wiped clean half of her face, trod on the cart board and glared at Boss Leong, "Mr. Leong! You gross fat man, my father used to help you a lot. And this time, I was forced to assist you in attending the caravan at the continuous pleading of my father...we Crystal Magic Tower isn't a place that could be trampled by anyone at their wish like the Torrent Battle Fort..."

    "And you!" Abela opened wide her apricot-shaped eyes to glance at the mercenaries, and then uttered a sneer, "How dare you laugh? You mean and disgusting warriors, who are not only too low to be my parents' servants, but also unqualified to serve as a gatekeeper of our Crystal Magic Tower! My father could quench all of you to death with only one finger! "

    Zachery could sense the darkened face of the mercenaries. He took a deep breath and said lightly, "Abela..."

    "You don't have the right to call me like that!" Abela screeched in an even louder voice and turned to Zachery in great anger. As a bodyguard sent by the Torrent Battle Fort to protect her, he blatantly disobeyed her, "You decadent of Torrent Battle Fort, how dare you classify yourself into one of the eight powers in Yulee State? Other people might not know about your actual situation, but we are clearly aware how poor you are! Even your president has to thoroughly listen to me when he stands in front me, let alone you? Who on earth are you? You are nothing but a dog dispatched by the Torrent Battle Fort to safeguard me! How dare you call out my name?"

    Zachery stood there motionlessly. His chest was bouncing up and down so fiercely with his arms trembling so incessantly that everyone could feel his roaring anger as if a big ball of flame was burning in him.

    After a while, Zachery uttered a long exhale, with which his entire body seemed to have been swabbed off, and his boiling anger seemed to have died down too. He silently turned back to the cart, leaving a shadow which was resoundingly inflammatory and desolate.

    Crystal Magic Tower? Torrent Battle Fort? It was not until this moment did Qian Jin know that Abela came from the Mage Union of Yulee State.

    In the vast land of Zence Empire, there stood bulks of symbolic magic towers owned by the different mage unions, which were constructed and named differently according to regions. For example, the magic union of the Holy Capital named their tower as Gold Magic Tower, while other places referred to their mage union headquarters as Jadeite Magic Tower, Mithril Magic Tower, etc...such names were exclusive to each other.

    The magic tower of Yulee Mage Union was the Crystal Magic Tower! While that of the Torrent Battle Fort bore the name of Yulee Warrior Union. As has always been the case, the symbolic building of all warrior unions was a battle fort, and in the same way, the mage union was named differently, the warrior union of Yulee State was called the Torrent Battle Fort.

    Having been admitted to a mage union at such a young age? Qian Jin nodded his head, thinking that this female mage's power was enough to guarantee her a seat in a primary mage union, however, she insinuated that her parents possessed compelling influences. Is this to say that her parents were also members of the mage union?

    "Yes yes yes...Miss Abela, you are definitely right. It's my great honor to have you assume the post of a makeshift safeguard of the trade caravan..."

    Nodding his head repeatedly, Boss Leong cursed that if not for your parents who were vice presidents of the Crystal Magic Tower, how come would I come into any contact with you? Your father asked you to safeguard my trade caravan? Are you kidding me? I was told that in order to grapple for this opportunity of serving as a transient guardian, you caused a lot of drama including smashing dishes and trays and even threatening to hang yourself?

    "Hum! It's good for you to bear this in mind~~~" Abela drawled in an arrogant way, and then lifted her lofty head to look into Boss Leong, "Then Fatty Leong, tell me who threw the mud at me just now? I will cast a dozen of fireballs at him, to have him know that getting on the wrong side of a proud mage entails a huge cost."

    Hearing her say that, all mercenaries happened to look up to the sky, and Boss Leong appeared embarrassed, as all his mercenaries stood by Qian Jin's side since Abela had done them wrong. If he confessed to Abela, all the mercenaries safeguarding his trade caravan would be exasperated.

    Yet Qian Jin had fully prepared himself: it would be good if Boss Leong could succeed in making things even, or else dare Abela to throw fireballs at him, he would immediately fight back! Who cares who were her parents were? Just giving her, a gravely spoiled girl a beat was far beyond enough! If she longed for killing others, she should get prepared to be killed by them too! As there is no gender difference but life-or-death dilemma on the battlefield.

    The premise of having a man treat a woman gently was that the woman was graceful. But to Abela, a desperately imperious girl who mocked others every now and then and dared attack her partner, treating her in the gentleman's way would be deemed as despicable.

    "Are you finished creating a fuss?!"

    Having kept silent for long, Fanta Kunge suddenly uttered a harsh roar, with which his warrior power of Level 3 Demon Fighter was directly activated. Holding the battle blade in his hand, Fanta Kunge smashed Abela's imperious tendency.

    "You..." Abela's delicate body quivered slightly, with eyes filled with anxiousness, surprise, and somewhat timidity.

    A Demon Fighter was not an ordinary warrior, toward whom the mages held a respectful attitude. Even a supreme mage would keep courteous in front of a Demon Fighter Warrior.

    These Demon Fighter Warriors were swift in marching, had a strong figure and had condensed their warrior energy into warrior power, all of which spoke of their confidence and pride.
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