201 A Majestic Arrow, and the Twins

    The arrow was sudden and fast, producing a scream in the air! Holding a sword above his head, the leading bandit couldn't even stop to react! The arrow shot through his head, leaving a long red blood line behind his back! The body didn't fall off the horse until it had run a few meters.

    Puff! The arrow kept flying until it reached the forehead of the following bandit! It pierced the whole sphere as if it were an apple! Blood dripped along the arrow onto the horseback like an opening tap! The "T" man rolled his eyes as the body turned over and flipped under the horse! The overwhelming might kept it rolling a few laps before it stopped.

    One shot, two lives! The noisy frontier suddenly quieted down since all the thieves halted the horses and looked at those four young warriors in shock!

    Death was always the most powerful deterrent!

    The bandits met each other directly and the fleeing group also forgot to run! The refugees were also stunned but clearly, there was a light of hope jumping in their eyes!

    A gentle breeze passed the death scene, swinging the raindrops on the green grass! As the raindrops to fall, the bandits woke up from their shock and the surprise became a rage.

    "How dare you kill members of Big Sword Bandit Group!"

    The raging roar echoed in the sky and the bandits changed their targets! They waved their weapons, riding together at Qian Jin! The horses' iron hoofs trod on the earth so hard that the ground seemed to be trembling!

    "Big Sword? The sixth of the Top Ten Bandit Groups in the Frontier? No wonder almost not a single warrior is worse than Level 6 warrior!" Duren Burg shook the spear in hand and rushed out slapping the horse's ass.

    Cech Flet stared at the Zhanmadao without speaking but a clear intention was delivered through the silence; he wanted to borrow it!

    The chopper fell into the hands of Cech Flet in a blink! He crouched down on the horseback and shot out like a flying arrow!

    "Lend me your bow!" Fanta Kunge almost robbed the [Shoot Moon] Bow away and incidentally took the arrow pot hanging on the stirrup!

    Qian Jin clutched the reins while staring at the two who 'borrowed' his weapons. He suddenly found that they would definitely make promising bandits.

    What happened? The six fugitive personnel were shocked seeing the three crazy men rush out! How dare they were to pick up this fight against the famous sixth strongest bandit group in the Frontier?

    The bandits were also confused. It seemed there was only one of the four was a normal man since he stayed where he was without pushing and courting death.

    Bang! The buzzing bowstring sounded in the air as Fanta Kunge shot right into the middle of a bandit's chest! A thick slice of wood was attached to the soft armor, which developed a strong defensive ability against normal arrows! With the appropriate protection, the strength would be reduced and the weapon could hurt the flesh only!


    With a cry, the target fell off from the running horse onto the ground! After rolling ten times in a row, he stayed motionless lying on the ground.


    Several bandits turned to the companion in shock! How could the highly defensive wooden board not stop the arrow? Was it so lethal?


    Fanta Kunge gasped in admiration! Qian Jin smiled in pride! Both the bow and the arrows were forged according to the standard of Warrior Weapons. As the Level 4 Demon Fighter Fanta Kunge was, he could easily wipe out not only a soft armor with wooden boards but an iron one!

    Both sides were running so fast that they crashed into each other in the blink of an eye! The shock of the bandits had long turned into ferocious seriousness as they initiated strikes from different positions!

    "Let me!"

    Duren Burg roared out of excitement as he started the Hydra bloodline with peculiar scales and a flesh armor covering all over the body! He conducted his Level 7 Warrior Power into the spear and the blade, forged out of Level 10 Refined Iron and Purified Iron, shook in a buzzing sound with its perfect flexibility! An explosive boom was heard as the tip seemed to race across the sky! It swayed in a highly irregular pattern shaking out a group of sparks! The opponents were confused and disoriented by the movement.

    To them, the Burg Spear came alive at that moment. The body moved like a real sacred Hydra!

    A coming bandit held a shield in front of his chest, blocking the way of the Burg Spear. The thick shield crashed and exploded instantly as it collided with the spear, turning into a sky of timbering residue!

    A Level 7 Demon Fighter ran on a horse with a Warrior Weapon? It could not only smash a wooden shield but iron armor!

    Under such impact, even if the opponent was a heavy cavalry, he would definitely be severely wounded by Duren Burg!

    Faced with this ferocious assault, the best way was to dodge! First, you need to avoid this provoking fatal shot, and then to fashion a counterattack.

    The bandit, though a Level 6 warrior, would not have the slightest ability or intention! What he had was so far behind what a Level 7 Demon Fighter had!

    Thrust in! Blood spurted out from the spear tip!

    Draw out! Blood spurted out again form the piercing throat and the bandit toppled over with no signs of life!

    Bloodline Warrior? Demon Fighter?

    In a flash, the fierce pupils that had once bloomed with desire for blood now were all replaced by panic and the bloodthirsty and excited red cheeks had turned into pieces of white paper.

    Demon Fighter was a far too intimidating title! The Big Sword Group would never lay a hand upon a Demon Fighter unless forced by circumstances!

    Let alone, Bloodline Warriors! They were a group of elites that occupied the strongest title no matter in the Zence Empire, Demons or the Barbarians! They were even stronger than Demon Fighters! [Bayan], the top Bandit Groups in the Frontier, would elude a Bloodline Warrior, even one with only a Level 1 Awakening!

    The bandits had never expected the hunt-down this time would involve four tough warriors, of whom there was even a Bloodline Warrior! The four shot fiercely with the knowledge of the bandits' identity! It was clear that they hadn't the slightest fear toward the sixth of the Top Ten Bandit Groups in the Frontier!

    "We are the Big Sword..."

    Puff! A hole came into being before the words were finished as the throat was penetrated, followed by spilled blood. The eyes filled with incredibility as the victim fall over.

    In such remote area like the Frontiers, nor the bandit groups or bloodline warriors might encroach upon the precincts of each other to avoid a real fight! But this young bloodline warrior had obviously heard their names and seen them put away the swords. Why did he...

    The bandit plumped himself down on the ground and the body smashed the grass. Water droplets mixed with blood flying in the air and the swords roller over on the wet lawn!

    "You..." Another horse thief was frightened with a wide open mouth. Seeing the Zhanmadao in the hand of Cech Flet, he quickly raised his arm over his head!

    The two sides approached at a high speed and in the blink of an eye, they were face to face! Cech Flet suddenly activated his Warrior Power as a Level 2 Demon Fighter! Although he had not started the bloodline power, he still had an abominable strength! This was a Bloodline Warrior! Once you had stimulated your bloodline power, your total strength could grow infinitely!

    Another Demon Fighter? Endless despair burst out at the same time the Warrior Power did! The bandit held a sword blocking the attack of Zhanmadao! He had no idea how great of a Warrior Weapon Zhanmadao was! With the Warrior Power, sparks came into being as the choppers collided! Without any doubt, Zhanmadao broke the weapon of the adversary and directly cut the body into two halves!  A blood column sprayed a height of ten feet like a small fire pit that would erupt at any time in a volcanic swamp!

    The Big Sword members died one after another in such a short moment! The three killers were all demon fighters and one of them was a bloodline warrior!

    Looking at the three dreadful killers, the rest bandits even forgot to take the whip as the clamor faded abruptly!

    Bang! The bandits only woke up from the shock when they heard the bow buzz and the arrow shoot. Some cried out a harsh screaming and steered the horse around to escape as they saw their other companions down on the ground.

    The group had known great things and great people. Those young soldiers who suddenly came out of nowhere did not blink when faced with the act of killing, even after they were told that the bandits were from the Big Sword. They had apparently prepared to kill the whole bandit group!

    Although there were only three of them, two of them were Demon Fighters and the left one was an archer with a strong bow with which he could easily wipe out an armored man! They were dominating!

    "Wanna run?" Duren Burg and Cech Flet had already raced their horses to hunt them down before Qian Jin raised his eyebrows. If the horse thieves successfully escaped, it was highly possible others were to figure out their identities since the Dark Group had issued a four-man wanted announcement.

    Kill them all! The four young warriors must get rid of the bandit witnesses if they were to leave the Frontier and head back to the Zence Empire safe and sound.

    Fanta Kunge sat on the horse as calm as he could be and quietly pulled the bowstring! Although he did not shoot right through a head as Qian Jin had done, the body in soft armor was penetrated by virtue of the sharp arrows and the strong bow!

    The bandits, who had just been hunters, suddenly became the prey!

    The fight ended fast and clean in front of the six fugitives!

    Qian Jin dismounted the horse and came to a dead body! The other three also followed the same and started to look for something on those copses.

    The six fugitives held each other as they walked toward their four saviors. They were confused and they stood for a moment, without knowing how to express their gratitude.

    "Well, one gold coin is also a coin!" Duren Burg flipped the gold coin in the air as he dumped the poor dead body. "Are the thieves outside the Frontier so poor? After all, they were Level 6 Warriors! Doesn't they have any good stuff?"

    The fugitives stared blankly at each other and they reached a consensus that the four young warriors were doing the daily job of the bandits, robbery! Only the victims had become the bandits!

    "Do not look down on any bandit who was likely to bear a huge treasure or secret!"

    During the twenty days living in the ruins, Qian Jin had heard Hayen Brianna and other horse thieves talking about this. He had also learned that the leader of the Fate Bandit Group had once been a mercenary! He only became who he was because he accidentally killed a bandit and found the secret training scroll of 66 Energy Reservoirs!

    The rescued timidly came forward as the middle-aged man held by the two young female warriors coughed a few times! The movement shocked the waist wound and a touch of blood leaked out! He looked at the four saviors with his pale face, "Thank you for your help..."

    Taking his Zhanmadao over from Cech Flet, Qian Jin gently nodded. In fact, he had planned to kill them all this time even if the thieves hadn't knocked on the door! It was the safest thing to do since they four could not kill a whole bandit group! Those dead men had really rotten luck running into them.

    "Nah...Bad day! There is nothing!" Duren Burg complained shouldering his spear. "A whole day's fight is worth only a gold coin!"

    "Cough..." The middle-aged wanted to speak again but a burst of coughing caused a great pain in his abdominal wounds.

    "Sung Xeon, you'd better attend your wounds first." The young warrior holding a shield in hand fished a bottle of ointment out from the fine leather bag hanging on his waist. He walked to the front of the injured middle-aged man as two of his protectors walked with him. He said in a gloomy voice, "The wound doesn't look good. Ordinary drugs might not be able to do something! It is Level 4 Blade-incurred Wounds Ointment cooked up by a pharmacist which specializes in sword wounds."

    The wrinkles around Sung Xeon's corner spread out immediately and the two girls also looked at the bottle blankly. It was Level 4 Blade-incurred Wounds Ointment specially made for sword wounds by a pharmacist! Money alone could not buy it! Anything made by a pharmacist would not end up in ordinary people's hands!

    Hearing this, Qian Jin was also a little surprised! He had noticed the first-class shield, but he hadn't thought the man would possess something that could only be purchased by those with a high position. Qian Jin looked at the young man and he found that he not only had a handsome face but a tall figure. Most importantly, his eyes were slightly longer than ordinary ones as the corners went forward! The slime eyes shone with bright though they were not heroic enough...

    Level 4 Blade-incurred Wounds Ointment did have an excellent effect and offered exclusive treatment of stab wounds. Sung Xeon looked around the two female warriors and he looked at the ointment again, showing a trace of embarrassment.  "Never mind it, young master Rayen, I'm alright!"

    "Father..." The two girls who liked similar cried out with the same anxious look. They looked up at Rayen with begging eyes. The wound was too bad! If the man strained himself without the ointment, even though he had a strong body, the wound would remain an uncured illness in the future! His strength might even be reduced!

    Rayen flipped the porcelain between his fingers as he gently stroke the black hair hanging down on his nose. He watched the two daughters with a faint smile. The injury was so serious that it must be cured only by some good products. He had used up what he had to lure in these two gorgeous daughters of Sung Xeon.

    The father sighed heavily as he stared at the hand and the bottle! He had regretted taking this mission on a double payment! He could not use the ointment! Everyone knew this third son of the Ray Family was not a decent man! He knew clearly that his daughters were in danger!

    "Young master...master..." The daughter to the left timidly opened her mouth. "Can..."

    "Kelly!" Sung Xeon heaved as he interrupted her loudly, "I can hold on..."

    "Can you?" Hatred flashed in the eyes of the black haired young master rolled his palm over hiding the bottle in it. "Since that, then..."

    "Don't..." The other daughter shouted while staring at the white porcelain.

    "Yuna!" Sung Xeon stared at his daughter with anger!

    "Well," The young man held the bottle with two fingers and gently rolled it. "Your words have put me in a very awkward position..."

    "Awkward? I suggest you stop feeling sorry for yourself! I say, you two beautiful ladies should set your sights a little bit higher! A bottle of some **ty ointment isn't worth your tears! Am I right, comrades?"

    Rayen raised his eyebrows as a ruthless light shone in his pupils! He caressed the black hair lolling on his forehead and tutted at the coming Duren Burg. "Shitty ointment? I say, Bloodline Warrior, you shall watch your words in case it should be heard by the Pharmacist Union... hum!"

    Qian Jin looked at the two companying warriors with cold eyes! They were equipped with burly muscular bodies, bright eyes, and a reeking of blood! They were absolutely not ordinary soldiers who might even be Demon Fighters! If they had fought back against the attackers just now, the middle-aged man might not have ended up like this...

    "Pharmacist Union? I would still call your drug ** even if they were here!" Duren Burg walked towards Sung Xeon without paying any more attention to the hypocrite. "I say, your wound looks pretty bad. Even though his **ty ointment might do you some good, it is very likely you wouldn't be as strong as you were if there was no appropriate nursing care."

    Sung Xeon gently nodded but he was surprised by the lofty Bloodline Warrior! How could he stand up for such a nobody he didn't even know?

    "So, don't think of the **ty thing anymore! Try this, I will only ask for a coin!" Duren Burg groped out a coarse porcelain bottle out of the leather bag hanging on the waist while a disdainful sneer suddenly sounded behind.

    Sung Xeon slightly nodded his head in embarrassment! The cheap bottle was worth at best a copper coin on a street stall! What kind of good medicine could it contain? It just could not be bracketed together with the one of Rayen! The third son of the Ray Family, one of the Eight Forces in Yulee State, shall enjoy the best supplies!

    Duren Burg turned around and cast a sidelong glance to Rayen. "What the f**k are you laughing at, you sissy rat who's full of fine words which mean nothing?"
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