225 I Don’t Need That Shit!

    "Troublesome?" Marc Gavin curiously got up from the ground. "How so?"

    "For example..." Fabreidis thought for a moment and continued. "Qian Jin just taught Rayen a harsh lesson, the third son of the Ray Family!"

    "What?" Marc Gavin turned to Qian Jin in surprise. "I thought this young man has just arrived this morning! How come he involved himself in a fight in such a short time?"

    "Well, that young kid wasn't hurt that bad," said Fabreidis. "There were at best three or four broken rib bones and some bleeding internal organs."

    "Seven." Qian Jin corrected the mistake in a confident voice! He was quite sure when it came to broken ribs. As long as he said it was seven, it would not be six!

    Wow...What a troublemaker... Marc Gavin secretly marveled at what this kid had done the first day he arrived here! As one of the Eight Forces, the Ray Family would absolutely go after Qian Jin once they got the chance for revenge! They were used to justifying their own faults and were good at availing themselves every opportunity to take advantage of others!


    Besides? Why would there be a "besides"? Marc Gavin's eyes twitched at the word! Usually, a sentence after that word would be much more important than the sentence he just said! Hitting Rayen could be counted as a serious trouble! What else had this kid done?

    "Just now, Xander was here." Fabreidis pointed to Rosella. "Out of courtesy, he intended to hug the lady, who happened to be the fiancé of Qian Jin..."

    Marc Gavin looked at Rosella, and his eyes suddenly brightened! Like what he had said, he had seen a lot as President of Torrent Battle Fort, but he had to admit Rosella was a beauty of beauties! Xander was a sort of sugar daddy who would sometimes get himself a hooker! No wonder he would want to lay his dirty hands on such a beautiful girl!

    "So..." Fabreidis patted Qian Jin on the shoulder, "Xander got nothing but some insulting words from this kid! He had to leave in anger..."

    Marc Gavin had to see Qian Jin in another way! It was hard enough getting skills of a Level 1 Demon Capturer and Forge Grandmaster! But he shall dare to declare himself in opposition to the vice president of the Mage Union! He did have some balls!

    One day, offending two forces! Well done!

    "Well, anything done is done." Marc Gavin waved his hand heartlessly. "We warriors are a group of simple and direct men who have the courage to act and dare to take the responsibility! Not to mention you are a Forge Grandmaster, even if you are not, you are still under my protection once you joined us! They could squeeze our wages, but not our courage nor life! Ask my swords first before they lay a finger on any of you! "

    It suddenly occurred to Qian Jin that the big boss here cherished the same ideals and followed the same path with him.

    "Is that so?" Outside the lively yard drifted over a faint angry voice.

    Hearing the familiar provocative voice, Marc Gavin raised his thick eyebrows and cast a same provocative look at the door. "It's the master of the Ray Family, Ray Gurish."

    "Yes! That's who I am!"

    A slightly thin man wearing a green warrior suit walked in as the sentence was finished! There was only a long sword hanging around his waist and nothing else. The moment he slowly stepped across the door, Qian Jin had felt the pressing atmosphere coming along and it kept expanding!

    "So, you are Qian Jin, the first guardian of the Roll Family?" Ray Gurish looked up and down at Qian Jin with his dark brown eyes as he slightly nodded in greeting to show his etiquette being a family head! But next second, the expression suddenly changed with a murder sense frequently flashed in the eyes. "Young man, you are free to come to me if my son offended you! I'd never take sides and would definitely give you an explanation! But how could you do that to my son since I'm not dead yet! I don't need anyone to discipline my own son!"

    As the man spoke, his surging Warrior Power broke out, rose and twisted into a huge blurred shadow! It was Soul Power! Something was pressuring up! But it was hard to tell what that was! Qian Jin's eyebrows slightly twisted together but he took on the huge pressure without using any of his Warrior Power!

    The Soul Power of Ray Gurish kept climbing like a collapsing mountain while some amazement and doubt flashed through his eyes! How old was the kid? He was not a bloodline warrior but just an ordinary one who had just become a Demon Fighter! How could he be so fearless without even backing off a little bit?

    "I'm not dead yet, either." Qian Jin bravely looked at the old daunting man! He had long developed a stable mentality even stronger than steel out of perennial fights! This man was nothing! "He should be thankful enough I didn't kill him! He should not have cursed my parents!"

    "Is that so?" Ray Gurish took a step forward and the intimidating force became stronger and stronger! Qian Jin activated his Warrior Power by instinct to protect his body!

    Pan! A roar of a war sword suddenly rang out in the yard! A huge red monster made up by Warrior Power arose from the yard that was already full of tensions! The hot spirit which had a wolf head but a human body instantly heated up the whole place and it hit the pride of Ray Gurish!

    "Ray Gurish, I assume you have forgotten about me?" The virtual Soul Power flying above Fabreidis roared toward the sky and the Skyreed also issued some whinny sounds as it was enveloped by the red surging Warrior Power!

    Qian Jin clearly felt that the pressure had disappeared as the Ray Gurish became pale.

    "Fabreidis..." Ray Gurish sniffed in consternation twice, like a shaggy brown hare. Anger and caution found themselves a spot in the murderous eyes! He still remembered this man, one of the Three Heroes of [Warrior Hall] who had lived a quite unscrupulous life back in those old days! Many warriors and mages had been beaten up by him, and even the older generation would not choose to mess with him!

    People always said that Fabreidis was just a failed spell that might explode any time without the proper arrangement of magic elements!

    Although over the years, people would no longer mention this old saying anymore, it did not mean that the leader of the Ray Family had forgotten all about it!

    Speaking of that, Ray Gurish would like to go home immediately and give his loser son a good beat! Why hadn't he mention Fabreidis was here too?

    "Fabreidis, this is none of your business. And excuse me for not greet you in time because I didn't know you were here! I will properly apologize after I take care of this!" Facing Fabreidis, Ray Gurish was clearly not that bossy as he had been with Qian Jin. "But early today my son was hit by this young man, and no matter what, I shall seek a justifiable answer for my son! Otherwise, people may think the Ray Family is soft! If so, how should we continue to exist in Yulee State in the future?"

    In fact, Marc Gavin could understand what this loving father was going through right now! If someone from Torrent Battle Fort had been bullied, he would also get outrageous and bring his war-axe with him for revenge!

    The bearing and forgiveness of a huge family or a strong warrior was just some fantasies depicted out by some romantic traveling poets!

    If the child had been hit by someone, and the father just sucked it up because of the so-called fu*king bearing and forgiveness and say that it was inappropriate to pick up a fight as an elder, then the son might be killed by some daring bastards the next day!

    The real fighting had always been cruel and bloody! You could do nothing but to intimidate others with fists and power that were strong enough! And how could you do that? With strength? No! Unless you had the tyrant disposition which was unique to the Emperor Zence, for who even the Ultimate Bloodline Warriors were willing to risk their lives for!

    Otherwise, there was only one way, to kill! So that any person would think twice about whom he was dealing with before laying a hand on you!

    This was the simplest but also the most realistic rule! If Ray Gurish had not come here today for an explanation, then someone might go to their house to start a revenge fight!

    Why did the Falker family fail? Because the family leader was not tough enough! Every time something happened, the spokesman was the only one to say: "The family objected to such treatment, the family strongly protested this kind of action, the family asked for a serious explanation, blah blah..."

    The family was doomed because no one would attach any importance to such a family that was only capable of talking.

    "Oh? What explanation exactly do you want from us, the Torrent Battle Fort?" Marc Gavin moved his huge body directly in front of Qian Jin, who now was the hope of the comeback of the union! But even if he had been just an ordinary warrior, Marc Gavin would still stand out as the President! It was his responsibility! If he did not take it, the group members would lose their faith, quit the union and join other forces.

    Most warriors had a straightforward character, and joining other forces would bring them nothing but losses! It happened too many times! Marc Gavin had stuck himself in this position all these years to prevent this from happening! It might be an ideal, and it could also be considered stupid persistence.

    "The Torrent Battle Fort?" Ray Gurish was slightly surprised! How did it have something to do with Torrent Battle Fort? Although the organization was not that influential as the old days when they still had Fabreidis, it was, after all, one of the Eight Forces! It might get really nasty!"

    "Exactly!" Marc Gavin overlooked Ray Gurish in an absolute advantageous position caused by his bulky figure. "This kid has just signed the application to join us! And it was approved by me, the President. Now he is an official member of the Torrent Battle Fort! You say the Ray Family could lose face in Yulee State because your son was beaten? So you mean that my warriors shall be some pussy cowards you could push around? Don't ever think about it unless someday I'm not the President anymore!"
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