271 Origin of Demon

    As Qian Jin went deeper, he felt the layout here was designed by a man of vision, but it wasn't perfect. Herbs were planted in a scientific way! But with some mutated insects, the medicinal effects would definitely be increased. Didn't the designer know this?

    "Is he an expert or not?" Qian Jin scratched his head. "Why didn't he keep any insects here? I misjudged him! He is a man without any knowledge! He is even less professional than an apprentice! And the soil here! He should have mixed some sand with it if he wanted some good cucurbit."

    After two turns, the narrow tunnel was gone and came an open hall, of which the radius was about ten meters. On the ground, there was a variety of mutated plants.

    "Haha! I have always planned to collect herbs and do some mutated plants cultivation. Now I have a rough herbal garden!"

    Looking at the dazzling fittings of his garden, Qian Jin was instantly attracted by a stone throne in the farthest and most obscure corner.

    It was the only corner that had no plants at all. The quaint decorative patterns on the throne created an atmosphere of solemnness, and Qian Jin could tell that was from the Demons. A Demon skeleton was sitting there with a stringy sword in his hand. Two black holes in the eyes were fixed on Qian Jin!

    "Wow! Was he a Fallen Angel Bloodline Warrior with at least Level 6 Awakening before he died?" Qian Jin stared at the wing bones behind its back of which feathers and flesh had long been gone! "With a Level 3 Awakening this species can obtain a perfect wing, and only with a Level 6 can the Demon have a pair of it!"

    Fallen Angels were not the only Bloodline that had wings, but theirs were particularly different! Once they had the Level 6 Awakening, the second wing would form! Besides that, a diamond-shaped gem would appear on the warrior's forehead! For different Demons, the color was different; black was the most common type.

    The exceptional wing bones and the black magic gem shining with smart light proved this must belong to a Fallen Angel.

    Qian Jin approached the skeleton with great caution and fixed his eyes on the diamond. "Is this the gem called Origin of Demon?"

    A warrior and mage dual trainer was different from a Supreme Mage. No matter which bloodline he or she was born into, instantaneously casting spells wasn't something he or she could do even under Bloodline Battle Form. A certain magic scroll or a Magic Conductor was required.

    But to the Fallen Angels, there was something that could be done! That was, the gem between their eyebrows! With this piece, they could still win themselves the ability to cast spells instantly.

    The black magic gem could help one instantly cast dark magic of a certain level. It could also boost one's advanced magic!

    The blue gems, however, could instantly cast water magic. But other assistance were required for other types of magics

    This gem was honored as Origin of Demon by the Lucifer Family.

    "In general, the gems of the Lucifer members will break into nothing after they die." Standing in front of the cold bones, Qian Jin could not help but reach out to the brilliant stone. "Why is it still here?"


    The skeleton suddenly sent out a harsh roar and some grand Warrior Power! A black Six-Star Array appeared on the gray skull!

    Aiming at Qian Jin's throat, the stingy sword struck out like lightning! A dazzling but bleak red light burst out from the two black holes!

    Without warning, the sword zigzagged like a flashing snake! A "hiss" sound was heard as it pierced the air like a python flicking out its tongue. All at once, the hall was cooled down as if it was in a cold night! Qian Jin felt as if his blood had been frozen.

    Qian Jin felt his flesh stiffen and he shivered. The skeleton seemed to have locked onto him since he walked in here. His body was so cold it was as if he had already been stabbed in the throat! His heart was beating too fast that it also reached ten beats per second!

    How terrifying the strike was! How dreadful the Warrior Power was! But what frightened him most was the fact that the Demon had already been dead for an unknown number of years and now he was moving!

    Was he an Undead? Holy **! Qian Jin had only heard of them in rumors and stories told by bards! A dead man was now waving his weapon!

    Even in the Endless World, a place specializing in freaking people out with strange phenomena, there had never been such an occult incident!

    Cold terror penetrated his whole being. He was surprised and flustered! No matter how courageous he had been in bygone days, it was natural that he be flurried seeing a feigned corpse like this.

    All of a sudden, Qian Jin pushed his Warrior Power from the 108 Energy Reservoirs to the vertex, and the whole body vibrated at top speed. [Innumerable Shadows]! He flashed to the Undead's side and that thin sword only picked off his shadow.

    Buzz! The red light in the Undead's eye sockets blinked and an ankle suddenly moved, sending out a creepy hoarse noise. It turned around and looked at Qian Jin face to face as the sword sallied forth to Qian Jin's jaw!

    Unlike ordinary warriors, the skeleton didn't need any drastic movement to turn! A slight shift in an ankle that a living been can't; and bang! Problem solved!

    What an unbelievable turn-back! Not until Qian Jin came to a stop had he taken the half shield that had blocked the flame from Demon Eye of Destruction out from the Warrior Dimension! It clashed with the sword!

    Clang! The sticky sword thrust right on the shield! Sparks splashed! By the impact, the weapon was momentarily bent into a crescent moon shape. The Warrior Power of both sides collided, tearing apart the sleeves of Qian Jin's new warrior suit.

    Fortunately, he had Warrior Heart Awareness; otherwise, he might have been torn into pieces already! Qian Jin raised his eyebrows as his eyes suddenly lightened! Squatting down, he initiated [Innumerable Shadows] for the second time.

    Finding out the opponent was gone, the Undead completely reversed the direction of his head as well as the upper part of his body! Before Qian Jin had steadied himself, the sword started its journey again!

    Chirp! As the sword stabbed in the virtual shadow, the sweaty Qian Jin appeared behind the Fallen Angel skeleton! Left no time to care for his aching upper limbs, he reached out his hands and tightly grasped the skeleton's arms! Then Qian Jin jumped and coiled his limbs onto the skeleton. In the meantime, his muscles bulged at top speed, causing the Undead to be unable to move.

    There was a weakness which had been exposed by the Undead itself just now! Qian Jin pulled and pulled! This skeleton here possessed too strong of a Warrior Power! But he was not that formidable as a living Fallen Angel who had gone through the Level 6 Awakening.

    If Qian Jin had come in here yesterday, he would by no means be able to stand against this weirdo! But now, Qian Jin knew how to handle it. This skeleton, due to the absence of muscle, could turn to any angle without difficulties. But also for the same reason, it didn't have much strength! He was so powerful only because of the explosive and destructive force brought along by the Warrior Power.

    Without muscle, skin, and tendons, the bones were not that....


    Little by little, the bones of the Fallen Angel's arms were pulled out!

    Squeak! In a hilarious scream, the body of Lucifer Nihan launched the final counterattack! He once again swirled his head to the opposite direction and bead-butted towards Qian Jin!

    Qian Jin raised his eyebrows! Did this skeleton think its head was the hardest? Qian Jin extended his neck backward and head-butted forward as well against the black magic array on the head of the Demon.

    Bang! Crack...

    A black rift crept onto the white and old skull and it quickly spread! In a breath, there were thousands of them! The skull was smashed into numerous pieces and finally fell to the ground.

    The active and lively skeleton that had waved its sword was now only a pile of white bones!


    The thin sword fell to the ground. The crisp metal sound seemed to be telling Qian Jin that this was not a dream! He had just fought against a skeleton that God knew had died for how many years!


    Looking at the mess, Qian Jin gasped. So many fights in a day under such circumstance had consumed the last bit of his strength! He hadn't fully recovered and one more fight would absolutely destroy his whole career!

    What happened after all? Qian Jin studied the complicated Six-Star Array made up by dozens of chips for some minutes only to find he couldn't understand it using what he had learned.

    "I shall memorize it!" Qian Jin finished the jigsaw and drew it with his fingers on the ground! He must record their sizes.

    Runes were intriguing but truly strange.

    The same exact two symbols but of different sizes, positions and materials would result in three completely different outcomes!
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