307 Real and Fake Altars! Roar from Ten Thousand Snakes!

    The walls in this wide corridor in the mountain were smooth. The chilly metal sensation behind the wall told Qian Jin that everything was just a cover-up. There were automatic weapons made from special alloys behind them.

    Danger everywhere! As Qian Jin felt the killing sensation from every corner, he laughed as he shook his head. When he entered the Qian Family's altar years ago as a little kid, he didn't feel the danger. But now thinking back, it was probably just like this.

    The altar was one of the most important pillars of a Bloodline Family.

    After getting through the complex underground corridor system, Qian Jin realized that he was already hundreds of meters under sea level. There was a huge spacious field and a huge golden altar that was more than a hundred meters in diameter was quietly sitting there.

    Complex magic runes filled every spot on the altar like tadpoles. This was the altar that helped numerous members of the Pam Family activate their Hydra Bloodline.

    Altars were one of the most secretive items that belonged to a Bloodline Family. Most ordinary people won't get a chance to see it in their lifetime. From another perspective, one could say that these altars were the foundation of the Zence Empire.

    Fanta Kunge's body shook. "So this is a bloodline altar?" He thought. Everyone in the Fanta Family had never seen an altar first-hand.

    However, Qian Jin frowned. "It is Fake. What are these patterns and drawings on the altar?" He thought.

    Pam Honzi slowly got onto the altar as he activated his Bloodline Battle Form. Then, a faint magic power surged at his fingertip.

    Heavenly Awakening! All nine heads of the Hydra would be awakened and one head had a specialty, Magic Control.

    Qian Jin looked at Pam Honzi's body filled with power as he felt a tense pressure. He was having a hard time breathing. That was the power of the current leader of Hydra Bloodline Family.

    The magic power was soon sent into the walls surrounding the altar and the surrounding space started to wiggle and shift as if the entire space was being torn open.

    "This?" Qian Jin looked at Pam Honzi who was floating in the air and the space behind him that didn't belong to anywhere in the Zence Empire. It was a space made of pure black rocks.

    Under the grey sky, numerous black stones in all kinds were laid on the ground and Qian Jin couldn't even see the end of this space.

    Strange! The first glance made Qian Jin really uncomfortable. After some detailed observation, he was able to tell that this was a huge battleground that seemed to have been witness to an unimaginable fight numerous years ago.


    Qian Jin opened his eyes wide as he looked around in this strange space. He didn't expect the Pam Family to put the altar in a Ruin, a high-level Ruins that they discovered.

    Inside the territories of the Zence, Demons, and Barbarian empires, there were many discovered and undiscovered Ruins.

    Adventurers put them in three categories. The Ruins that Hayen Brianna found was a low-level Ruins since it could be accessed from the ground.

    High-Level Ruins didn't even have real physical entrances and no one knew what was in them.

    Pam Honzi floated at the entrance of the Ruins for a little bit then he waved at the rest of the crowd like a god as a more powerful sensation came out of his body.

    Qian Jin stepped into the space and his body shook lightly. "This is the real altar of Pam Family! How can this be remade?" he thought.

    Black Gold! Eternal Black Gold!

    This huge altar was made from entire pieces of Eternal Black Gold. The altar that was more than half a meter tall and a kilometer in diameter sat quietly in this mysterious Ruins.

    There were no complex magic runes and there weren't that as Magic Cores and Magic Gems as expected. There was only a huge black circular stage that looked like a circular battle ring.

    Nine snakeheads that were made from Black Gold coiled around the nine pillars made from Black Gold that a man couldn't wrap his arm around. Each snakehead had a different expression and displayed a different temperament as if they were an expression the limitless possible futures that a Hydra Bloodline Warrior could have.

    At the same time, these nine snakeheads made from Black Gold felt very real and lively as if they were going to initiate devastating attacks on anything that made a wrong move.

    Qian Jin looked at each of the snakeheads and felt an obvious powerful pressure. He felt like his soul was being suppressed by the sensation coming from them.


    Qian Jin looked at the Hydra Bloodline Altar. Although he had pictured how the altar might look like, he didn't expect to see this.

    Without considering the art value of the nine snakeheads and the special property of helping members of Hydra Bloodline to activate their bloodline, just the pure value of the Eternal Black Gold was inestimable.

    Every gram of this metal cost 10,000 gold coins.

    Qian Jin still remembered the records of the metals in Blake's book. Eternal Black Gold was the best metal for forging and item making. It was hard to buy it even at the price of 10,00 gold coins for a gram.

    This huge piece of External Black Gold. Qian Jin started to breathe heavily. "So this is the altar?" After having 10,000,000 gold coins, Qian Jin felt like he didn't need more money. However, he just realized that he felt that way because he didn't have enough money yet. When money reached another level, it was powerful just sitting there.

    "So this is Hydra Bloodline Family's real wealth? Using Eternal Black Gold as the base of the altar and there weren't even any magic arrays on it. There was only a Hydra coiling around it."

    "This level of altar..." Qian Jin gasped. Even if he had the material, he wasn't able to recreate it.

    Such a huge amount of Eternal Black Gold... Any blacksmith or Rune Master would faint when they saw this.

    Now, Qian Jin was thankful that Blake showed him enough in the Endless World. Without that experience, he'd probably be scared to death and couldn't even think.

    "So this is the real altar..." A lightbulb went off in Qian Jin's head. The altar that he stood on years back at the Qian Family was probably the fake that was similar to the one he just saw.

    "Don't move." Pam Honzi stopped Qian Jin from attempting to get onto the altar. The eyes that were called Innumerable Detection had a surprise to them. "Even if a warrior didn't know the value of the metal, he or she should be shocked by the scale and the atmosphere here."

    Pam Honzi still didn't forget how he reacted when he saw the real altar for the first time. His brain stopped functioning and he was deeply shocked by it. Even after recovering from the shock in a few minutes, the leader of that generation praised him for being mentally tough.

    "I was praised and called a genius after I recovered in a few minutes, then what about this kid?" Pam Honzi thought as he looked at Qian Jin.

    "Qian Jin, you can't step onto the altar." Pam Honzi slowly landed in front of Qian Jin as he explained. "This altar only recognize Hydra Bloodline Warriors. Anyone else would be injured by the forces of the altar. I couldn't even take a full blow from the altar."

    Qian Jin carefully observed the altar one more time. "I know too little about bloodline warriors and the altar. I should ask about them when I go to the Endless World Next." He thought.

    "You saw the other altar, right?" Pam Honzi continued to explain. "That wasn't there just to confuse Demons who try to sneak in here to destroy our altar. It also can help members of the Pam Family who didn't activate their bloodlines to achieve the Primary Awakening."

    "The power from the real altar is too strong." Pam Honzi looked back at the altar and said. "The bloodline power that is completely asleep would instantly emit devastating power after stimulation from the altar. It would make the warriors who activated their bloodlines through it explode. Only with the indirect conversion through space and the other altar, the members who didn't activate their bloodlines would be able to do so safely."

    Qian Jin nodded as he thought, "Only Bloodline Warriors with strengthened bodies can take the strike from the bloodline and use the real altar."

    "Oh." Duren Burg shook his head forcefully as he murmured. "What is going on? There is no sound here but why did I hear the roar of more than ten thousand snakes? And my blood almost started to boil."

    "Roar of ten thousand snakes?" All of Pam Honzi's attention was drawn towards Duren Burg. "You said that you heard the roar of ten thousand snakes?"

    Duren Burg exhaled as if he wanted to spit out all the emotion that was triggered by that. "Yeah, and not only that. I also saw some of it. This Hydra on the pillars seemed to come to life. I felt like a portion of it wanted to come into my body and the other portion wanted to coil around my arms, legs, and torso.

    Damn! Pam Honzi's chest moved up and down violently. The record on Duren Burg's natural awakening was following a similar pattern as other documentation from Pam Family. "Only people who woke up their bloodline with all nine shadows of the Hydra's head showing could experience such event... I experienced it myself years back..." Pam Honzi thought.

    Lucifer Lucy stared at the Hydra Bloodline Altar with her single eye as her chest moved up and down violently as well. Her hands were almost getting out of the control as a strong impulse of jumping onto the altar and destroying it appeared in her head.
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