346 Win for You!

    The crowd became deathly silent as everyone was looking towards Qian Cheng, the old groom who showed up by the gate of the Qian Family daily and bending his back for the noble Qian members to stamp on. They couldn't believe he could behave as gallant as this.

    A slightly shocked look appeared on Qian Zhanxuan's face. How could this groom, whose name meant nothing to him several months ago, behave like this today...how?

    Pam Honzi's eyes blinked with appreciation and apology. The greatness of a father didn't lie in his strength or power, but his love that could move the stars. Such love might be blurred by the struggles of life in usual times, but it would give out an ongoing dazzling light as long as the one decided to sacrifice for his son,

    "My son. I can go on with all these tortures for the sake of survival and you can deliberately lose in this fight in order to protect me. But will the Qian Family treat me well if you lose to them?" Qian Cheng stepped forward, back held as upright as a war flag, and uttered his first roar after suffering in silence for the past several decades. "Win for me. Win for me this time! You won't be able to take me away if you lose. How long could I live on if that happens?"

    Qian Jin's body couldn't help but quiver. As a pharmacist, he was clear that his father's health was going from bad to worse. How long could he live on for?

    "Win. Win for me." Qian Cheng opened his eyes wide as his shallow face turned rosy. "Win for me. If you lose, I may survive today, but I may be unable to see you defeat the Qian Family for the rest of my life. Do you want me to leave this world with unfinished dreams? My son, your honor is my honor!"

    Qian Zhanxuan narrowed his eyes and glanced at the crowd. The bystanders who used to stand by the Qian Family had now subtly joined in alliance with Qian Cheng.

    "If you still acknowledge yourself as my son, just defeat Qian Wutian in front of my eyes..."

    Puff. Qian Cheng spat a mouthful of blood into the sky before he could finish his words, after which he uncontrollably slumped backward. Lucifer Lucy hurriedly reached out to prop Qian Cheng back up and looked at Qian Zhanxuan who was standing tall on the stairs. He unexpectedly released this fatal attack at Qian Cheng in an attempt to kill.

    Puff. Another mouthful of crimson blood was jetted into the sky from Fanta Kunge who just moved in front of Qian Cheng within the blink of the eye.

    With a pale face, Fanta Kunge made a desperately cold smile at Qian Zhanxuan. As a descendant of a military family, Fanta Kunge had studied a lot about this leader of Qian and thus knew that he was someone who didn't give a sh*t about others' opinions on him.

    Well, as a man who reached an unparalleled level, there was no need for him to care about what others said about him. In his point of view, killing a commoner was no different from killing a demon.

    No warriors on the demon-human battlefront would hold back their strength out of sympathy for their enemies who were weaker than them, nor would they let go of such enemies who possessed immense potential, allowing time for the enemies to strengthen themselves.

    If the soldiers did so, it would be a disservice to themselves, to their family, and to their countries.

    Qian Zhanxuan had been so accustomed to the law of survival on the human-demon battlefronts that whenever he unleashed an attack, he would clear all sympathetic ideas from his mind and only focus on defeating the enemies.

    The strip of warrior power he released just now was enough to kill Qian Cheng tens or even hundreds of times over. Qian Zhanxuan looked at Fanta Kunge spitting blood and wondered how this young man could have become much stronger than last time.

    According to his calculation, this young man should lose his life in an attempt to rescue Qian Cheng as all the warrior power he released would be imposed on him, and the warrior power would then get through his body and kill Qian Cheng.

    However, the reality subverted his cognition. Neither Qian Cheng nor Fanta Kunge died. The warrior power injected to Fanta Kunge seemed to be hitting upon a soft leather armor first, which then fell on his flesh and eventually vanished into the void. As the might of the warrior power had decreased heavily, even Qian Cheng's life had been saved.

    Qian Zhanxuan suddenly found that he had developed a deep resentment toward this young man called Fanta Kunge, particularly for his smile. Though he had been injured gravely enough to have his complexion pale, his eyes were filled with sheer scorn, loftiness, and pride.

    How could the Fanta Family develop such great warrior power? This new warrior power obtained outstanding abilities not only in active defending but also in substantive attacking; it seemed to be beyond the Fanta Family's old warrior power. "Had they developed new types of warrior power?" He thought.

    Pam Honzi had secretly clenched his fists out of excitement. The achievements Qian Jin made today were largely attributed to Qian Cheng, even though the latter didn't possess any warrior qualities. Without Qian Cheng, Qian Jin couldn't have become what he was today.

    Of course, Qian Zhanxuan also played a part in stimulating Qian Jin; the leader of Qian Family poured a cup of oil onto a blazing fire again.

    Qian Jin gradually straightened up his slightly bent back and turned to Qian Wutian. He could lose in the fight and take any sufferings from the Qian Family to protect his father. But would his father be set free and live a happy life if he lost the duel?

    No. It was the Qian Family, which he couldn't have been more familiar with.

    "The Qian Family."

    Anger. Seldom would Qian Jin be enraged, but this time, he was filled with sheer anger. It was mingled with his regret for being selfish, sorry for his father, and hatred for the ruthlessness of the Qian Family.

    As he fueled his one hundred and eight warrior reservoirs with his Warrior Heart, the warrior power streamed throughout his body and pushed his Wind and Cloud Golden Body into higher levels from the Stone Body to Iron Body and Steel Body.

    "Beat you, Qian Zhanxuan. Didn't you declare that the bloodline warriors of the Qian Family were impregnable? Didn't you deem the ordinary warriors as good-for-nothing scrap? Beat you. Even at the price of my own life, I will knock down a bulk of the bloodline warriors of the Qian Family!" He thought.

    "You may kill me, but you cannot kill the Snake Emperor Pam Honzi. You may force the civilians of Qian City to keep silent about what happened today, but you cannot stop the Snake Emperor from telling the truth.

    "You may turn a deaf ear to what the others say about you. But if they know that the so-called mighty bloodline warriors of the Qian Family lost to an ordinary warrior, will you still be unbothered?"

    "Warrior Heart!" Qian Chenyu suddenly opened his eyes twice as big as before and looked at Qian Jin. "How could this non-Awakened warrior acquire such a formidable Warrior Heart over the past two months? How did he do it?" He thought. Being a Level 3 Awakened Elf-king Bloodline Warrior, Qian Wuqing invested a long time of deadly efforts to possess the Warrior Heart. How could this young boy manage it so easily?

    Qian Zhanxuan's eyebrows met with a sudden harsh cramp. He then turned to look at the Snake Emperor Pam Honzi with a severely surprised and inquisitive look.

    It was an unimaginably difficult task for ordinary warriors to possess a Warrior Heart. Just forget about the Warrior Heart thing, another question had come to his mind. "How did Qian Jin remove the Warrior Heart Lock?"

    The Warrior Heart Lock he placed on Qian Jin wasn't that easy to remove even though he hadn't used his full strength. Even a strong warrior with a Warrior Heart wouldn't be able to open up the Warrior Heart Lock.

    "The Snake Emperor must have removed the warrior power lock..." Qian Zhanxuan gazed at the person standing by his side. Though wearing a calm look, Qian Zhanxuan was sure that the Snake Emperor Pam Honzi was the only one who could open up the lock.

    "Brother Zhanxuan, you don't need to look at me like this." Pam Honzi smiled at Qian Jin who stood on inside the ring.  "To open up someone else's Warrior Heart Lock meant challenging the other side. Admittedly, I long for having a friendly battle with you. But I will wait until the demonstration match in the Zence New Generation Warrior and Mage Competition. I won't open your Warrior Heart Lock ahead of that."

    Qian Zhanxuan looked at Pam Honzi's smiling cheeks with sheer doubt and thought to himself: "You more or less knew what had happened to the Warrior Heart Lock, even if you weren't the one who opened it. Or else, why don't you feel surprised at Qian Jin's performance?

    "Brother Zhanxuan, why are you still questioning me?" A faint look of dissatisfaction showed on Pam Honzi's smiling face as he raised his voice all of a sudden. For the moment being, his grandeur of being the Snake Emperor was exuding. "Do I need to tell a lie? Do you think I am afraid of you that I have to tell a lie to cover myself up? Who do you think you are? The Demon King?"

    Qian Zhanxuan uttered a cold and hard snort and turned to the battlefield. But still, messy doubts curled his mind. He had clearly sensed Pam Honzi's battle intent just now.

    The Heavenly Awakening of the Hydra Bloodline Warriors was undoubtedly striking, which allowed them to be one of the top ten bloodline warrior families. But when compared with the bloodline warriors who reached the ultimate awakening, they wouldn't remain advantageous anymore.

    "For what? What is the reason for all these occurrences?" Qian Zhanxuan twisted his eyebrows even harder. "Why has Pam Honzi become so excited and confident now? After being in silence over the past few years? Does he have a trump card? The Heavenly Awakening should have been the ceiling for the Hydra Bloodline Warriors. And if he has advanced through Heavenly Awakening, he would be on the human-demon battlefront leading the Pam Family in wiping out the demons and reaching the glorious peak." He thought.

    "Warrior Heart?" The wolf-like eyes of Qian Wutian suddenly gave out a more dazzling light, which made him look like a starved wolf at the sight of a piece of fresh meat. "Great. It's surprising that you also have a Warrior Heart because I can have the chance to destroy it...Hum? Your strength...Level 8 Demon Capturer? How could that be true?"

    Qian Chenfeng lifted his right eyebrow. "How could a Level 8 Demon Capturer possess a Warrior Heart? It is something bestowed with the Level 1 Demon Slayers exclusively. What is this?" He thought.

    The Warrior Heart was activated in Qian Wutian in an instant, by which the torrential warrior power lifted Qian Wutian into a Level 1 Demon Slayer all at once. The explosion of the warrior power didn't cease. Instead, it continued to rise and turned Qian Wutian into a Level 2 Demon Slayer.

    In fact, Qian Wutian hadn't used his full power in his victory against Qian Wuqing just now.

    Endless spiritual power exploded out of Qian Wutian's body rapidly for the moment being. Actually, every Elf-king Bloodline Warrior with awakened bloodline power in the Qian Family wasn't a sole warrior, but both a warrior and a mage.
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