347 Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

    One glowing magic scroll after another was taken out from Qian Wutian's waist, from which streams of enchantments flew away and hovered around Qian Wutian.

    [Arcane - Heart of Fire] could lift the bearer's acuteness by ten percent.

    [Arcane - Earthy Shield] was used to increase the performer's defending capabilities by twenty percent.

    [Arcane - Global Storm] was capable of speeding up the rotation of the cultivator's warrior power by twenty percent.

    Furious warrior power was swirling in Qian Wutian's warrior reservoirs as if there was a big bellow inside him being pulled in and out at the speed of ten thousand cycles...twenty thousand cycles...thirty thousand cycles...forty thousand cycles...

    Generally, the warrior power rotation speed of a Level 1 Demon Slayer could only reach twenty thousand cycles. A small number of bloodline warriors were capable of lifting the speed to twenty-five thousand cycles, but only true geniuses could accelerate it to thirty thousand cycles.

    Every time a Demon Slayer improved by one level, the rotation speed of his warrior power would increase by ten thousand cycles. Being a Level 2 Demon Slayer, Qian Wutian had a speed of forty thousand cycles, indicating that when he was a Level 1 Demon Slayer, he possessed a rotation speed of thirty thousand cycles. Now, as he had turned into a Level 2 Demon Slayer, the speed of his warrior power rotation instantly rose up to forty thousand cycles.

    Forty-one thousand cycles...forty-two thousand cycles...forty-four thousand cycles...

    Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah...

    Strips of veins in blue and black emerged from Qian Wutian's delicate face, as he was growling ferociously like a demon beast from his red lips and white teeth. The rising up of the rotation speed of the warrior power didn't only bring insurmountable explosive force for a warrior, but also appalling tearing strength which might ruin his warrior reservoirs and warrior connections. While the agonizing pain was only a tip of the iceberg of the injuries brought about by the ascending of the rotation speed.

    Forty-five thousand cycles...forty-eight thousand cycles...forty-nine thousand cycles...

    Ceiling. Qian Wutian felt that his warrior power, spiritual endurance, stamina and mental state had all touched the ceiling. For the moment being, his entire life seemed to have culminated in the overwhelming mingled emotions of shame, humiliation, and a desire to kill.

    The bystanders saw clusters of dust rising from the place Qian Wutian was standing on but they didn't even catch the bending of his knees. Shortly after this, a seeming beat of the cowhide war drum rang amongst the battlefield. While rotating his one hundred and eight warrior reservoirs fiercely, Qian Wutian shrugged his shoulder, taking on the shape of a condor spreading its wings. Then a heartrending wolf-like howl pierced through the air, making a number of bystanders cover their ears.

    Qian Wutian uttered a long howl and immediately moved in front of Qian Jin like a fast running chariot. He then rotated his wrist, clenched his fist, and performed another strike of the [Chariot Strike] to officially begin the fight. Qian Jin's clothes fluttered under the impact of the airflow before Qian Wutian's fists touched him. The airflow itself was compelling enough to blow Qian Jin into the sky.

    Qian Wuqing's face suddenly turned sullen. Why had the impact force of the Chariot Strik accelerated nearly twice, when the move itself was the same? If Qian Wutian dealt with him this way just now, he wouldn't be able to hold out for even one move. Was this Qian Wutian's true power?

    As a fighting technique of the Qian Family, Chariot Strik was as desperately atrocious as it could be. Released by the somewhat handsome Qian Wutian, it added strokes of a macho feeling to his appearance. He seemed to have infused murderous intent to his fists and feet, which made him look like a chariot rushing to attack the enemy.

    From the surface, Chariot Strike was simple, yet in fact, the sequencing of its warrior power was rather complicated. Besides, it had a high requirement for the utilization of force. Once performed, this fighting technique could impose a feeling on people that a colossal chariot made from thick logs had rushed by with an ongoing booming sound.

    With his body swinging like a chariot and fists performing like logs, Qian Wutian produced a pressure that made people step back uncontrollably, losing all guts of fighting against it.

    What shocked Qian Wushan most was the atrocious intent Qian Wutian wore. The sloughing off of his loftiness with ferociousness brought people an illusion as if they were on the battlefield.

    That was it. The ambiance dispersed in the troops.

    An ambiance exclusive to warriors and veterans.

    With this single attack, Qian Wutian produced strong visual impact which combined the sound effects, the environment, and the smell. Such a move was definitely beyond his age.

    Defeat. Qian Wuqing bit his teeth fiercely and said to himself that Qian Jin had no way to fend off this attack.

    The atrocious attack descended in a smashing way. Due to the dual reaction of airflow and light reflection, the sturdy arms of Qian Wutian seemed extremely brawny in its motion moving forward.

    Faced with this fist attack which was full of killing intent, Qian Jin trod forward, while keeping his upper body straight and arms unchanged. He behaved as calm and composed as a deity in the face of an ant.

    While stepping forward, Qian Jin kept his upper body straight and unmoved. He embraced the strike boldly and composedly as if it wasn't the legendary Chariot Strike possessing destructive force.

    The minute his Wind and Cloud Golden Body reached the summit, Qian Jin looked like a statue made of iron and steel infused in his muscles and warrior power.

    Wind and Cloud Golden Body. The summit of warrior power rotation. Qian Jin had displayed the entirety of his strength honed in the Ancient Desert Sea.

    As the moves of Chariot Strike touched Qian Jin's Wind and Cloud Golden Body, his warrior power fueled by the entirety of forty-nine thousand cycles sprung out from his fists like torrential floods. The colliding of his warrior power, his fists, bones, and muscles produced a loud cracking sound, which resembled the beating of a large war drum. His warrior power splashed here and there, making a continuous sizzling sound as if millions of strips of cloth and silk was being torn apart.

    Crack... crack... crack...

    Amongst this drum-like wuthering drone, a stream of bone fracturing sounds attracted people's attention. Observing Qian Jin's chest, the audience found that there wasn't any dent in his chest bones, which should have been shattered. By contrast, Qian Wutian's brawny greasy arms had ceased its staunchness all of a sudden, from which glaring crimson blood was streaming.

    Blood haze. For the moment being, blood started to stream out of the forty-eight thousand pores on Qian Wutian's arms, chiming with the strings of bone fracturing sound from his plump muscles.

    How come? Everyone present on site seemed to have been hit by the petrification enchantment. Given Qian Wutian's infinite strength, and the atrocious and wild killing intent he infused in his moves of Chariot Strike, even a steel plate of one inch in width or thicker should have been pierced through.

    But why did such a fist move leave no impact on Qian Jin? Qian Chenfeng's pupils contracted fiercely, as he wondered how this could be true. Qian Wutian's overall strength was above Qian Jin. What was more, he had performed three auxiliary enchantments which lifted his combat power to new heights. However, as Chariot Strike touched Qian Jin, the rotation speed of Qian Jin's warrior power had reached fifty thousand cycles.

    Fifty thousand cycles? How come? Qian Chenfeng's face turned gravely dark. Normally. A level 8 Demon Capturer couldn't bear this rotated tearing force at all. He bet no one except Qian Wushan was able to withstand such torments, given his abnormally high stamina.

    Unless...unless...Qian Chenfeng kept changing his face, while glancing over Pam Honzi every now and then, wondering what special techniques the Snake Emperor had imposed on Qian Jin, which made him give up the chance of improving warrior power and turn to strengthen his warrior connections. It shall be the case. Nearly every top ten bloodline warrior families in Zence Empire had this kind of special techniques.

    Severe pains rushed into Qian Wutian's brain through his body at a speed as fast as current transmission. Then another strand of murderous intent exuded from Qian Jin by intuition.

    Flee. If he didn't flee. Qian Wutian felt like he would definitely meet his end if he didn't.

    Just within a blink, Qian Wutian infused his legs with all of his warrior power intuitively and performed a move of the Sky Stealing Steps, trying to step back rapidly.

    "You wish to flee?"

    Qian Jin opened his five fingers and pounced forward, with which his warrior power started to swirl incessantly inside the joints of his arms, producing strong momentum resembling the torrents flowing eastward. Though what he performed wasn't the Sky Stealing Palm, he successfully conjured a gesture as to grasp the heaven and earth within his palms.

    In an instant, Qian Wutian felt that he had lost all shelter in this immense universe, having nowhere to run or hide. Even if he was in possession of the fighting technique of Sky Stealing Steps, he wasn't able to balance the attacks from Qian Jin, as the latter had summoned the power from both the heaven and the earth.

    How could it have turned out this was? Qian Wutian couldn't stop his pupils from cramping with panic. The only one who once brought him with such a horrible feeling was his brother Qian Wuhen, of whom years of deadly fighting experience on the battlefield eventually culminated in the breakthrough of momentum.

    Having nowhere to run or hide, Qian Wutian felt so desperate that he even longed for closing his eyes to welcome the advent of death. The feeling of death approaching was true.

    Humph. A cold snort, coupled with a sneer and a look full of scorn came from Qian Wushan who was standing tall on the stairs. Reflected in Qian Wutian's pupils, the lights seemed to turn into numerous blades cutting off Qian Wutian's sense of pride.

    Suddenly he realized he couldn't wait for death, though he might eventually be killed by Qian Jin. Just within a blink, Qian Wutian lifted his spiritual power to the highest degree and conjured beams of colorful magic light from the magic scrolls hanged around his waist. Green vines. Tens of greenish vines the size of an infant's arm came out from the ground and crawled toward Qian Jin's ankles and calves.

    Ice Shield! A shield made of one-inch wide ice was formed rapidly in front of Qian Wutian.

    Wind Shield! Then, a visible gust of wind started to swirl in front of Qian Wutian at a striking speed. Though this gust of wind couldn't be used for direct defense, it could borrow the force of the rotating airflow to shake off most of the attacking power.

    Level 2 Stony Skin Technique. A puddle of dust rose from the ground and covered Qian Wutian's body, forming a layer of natural armor.

    Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang...

    The moment the thick green vines crawled onto Qian Jin, a string of moves of the Land Tearing Chops were released from Qian Jin, smashing the sturdy vines into pieces rapidly. The expected attempts at defense ended up being futile.

    When the thick ice shield touched Qian Jin's palms, a loud cracking sound was produced and millions of ice pieces were stirred to splash here and there.

    Then the Wind Shield was torn apart by Qian Jin's long protruding arms.

    Chop. Chop. Chop. In vain. In the face of a rotation speed of seventy thousand cycles of Qian Jin's warrior power, the crushing strikes of Level 5 Land Tearing Chops, and the activation of the Warrior-Heart of which the sequencing of Land Tearing Chop had finished by half, Qian Wutian's magic defense was as feeble as rice paper and failed to function.
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