520 Big Be

    As descendants of the Qian Family, every member of Qian Family would learn some of the [Kun] Fighting Technique, even the ones who had no bloodline power.

    However, the weak power in their blood can only use [Kun] to a small degree. The Qian members who had no bloodline power can't learn the entire thing.

    "What do you want? You want me to fill it in for you?" Enlak placed his hands on his knees as he looked at Qian Jin with interest. "Right?"

    "Of course." Qian Jin nodded. It would be best if he could learn the entire [Kun] Fighting Technique. Even if he didn't use it in battle, it would be beneficial for him to learn how the technique functioned. That way, he would have an easier time fighting Elf King Bloodline Warriors in the future.

    "No problem. But..." Enlak shrugged his shoulder and said, "You have to go and kill [Vicious King]."

    [Evil-Eyed Vicious King]? Qian Jin's lips twitched. That demon beast was only a little weaker than a Flame Demon. There were actually a few of them in the West Mountains.

    [Kun], [Evil-Eyed Vicious King], [Kun]...

    These two words flashed in Qian Jin's head as he slowly frowned. "So what? Only an [Evil-Eyed Vicious King]? I'm not scared of it! Worst case scenario, I will just be greatly injured by it!"

    "Ok. When I'm back with the head of [Evil-Eyed Vicious King], please give me the complete [Kun] Fighting Technique."

    "No problem!"

    Enlak's simple attitude made Qian Jin a little speechless. "That is [Kun] Fighting Technique. How can Enlak say that he will complete it by just taking a glance at it?"

    "You don't believe me?" Enlak opened his palm, and a huge pressure enveloped Qian Jin's entire body.

    Crack... A series of bone-cracking noises sounded and Qian Jin's vision started to blur.


    Qian Jin suddenly sat up on his bed. As his widely opened eyes glanced the walls around him, he really felt like his bones were all cracked. It was really painful!

    Although only his spirit was rejected out by Endless World, his body still sensed the pain. That suddenly gravity change... Was it 100 times, 200 times, 500 times, or 1,000 times?

    Qian Jin wasn't sure how much gravity that was, but that gravity was terrifying. A simple grasping movement from Enlak resulted in extraordinary power.

    "This..." Qian Jin shook his head and smiled bitterly. "Why can't I remember? The teachers in Endless World are all beasts! They are all top masters in their relative fields. They are better than the best of the best in the Zence and Lucifer Empires. Why did I doubt them?"

    After placing the hat on his head again, Qian Jin re-entered Endless World. Enlak was smiling as he saw Qian Jin return. "Kid, that was just a light lesson. If you doubt the great Enlak again, I will use 1,000 times gravity on your dong. It will be crushed and you can't sleep with a woman for the rest of your life."

    Qian Jin can only laugh bitterly. These teachers in Endless World were all pranksters. If 1,000 times gravity hit that place...

    "What am I thinking?" Qian Jin patted his head to make it clear. "I have other needs."

    Enlak seemed a little surprised. "This kid's aura seems to be a lot powerful. It seems like there is nothing in the world that can stop him from moving forward." He thought.

    "I need to combine these two techniques together." Qian Jin took a deep breath and used [Level 2 Avatar]. The three egg-shaped shadows that looked like they had devils inside of them appeared in the air and went back into Qian Jin's body.

    Excitement appeared in Enlak's blade-like eyes. He zapped his mouth and said, "Interesting. Which idiot was it? That idiot got stuck and couldn't condense Soul-Power? So he created a technique to get close to Soul-Power Warriors?"

    Idiots? Qian Jin smiled bitterly again. "You are really powerful so you don't need it. However, there are a lot of warriors who can't even condense a Warrior Heart let alone a Golden Warrior Heart. They have to come up with ways to improve their strength." Qian Jin thought.

    Qian Jin took back [Level 2 Avatar] as he took back the Warrior Seal in his Warrior Heart. The Warrior Seal for the Fake Soul wasn't completed yet, so it took a lot longer to be executed. The three egg-shaped shadows appeared again.

    But this time... this time... the three egg-shaped shadows seemed to have turned into the hearts of the devils. They were expanding and contracting repeatedly... It also felt like the devils could jump out of them at any time.

    "So there is more than one idiot around." Enlak's smile got even brighter. "If these idiots have time to create these techniques, they should have spent the time trying to become Soul-Power Warriors. If they did that, they might have succeeded."

    Qian Jin paid no attention to Enlak's mockeries. He only had one Golden Warrior Heart, and it was far from being at its peak. Without enough "nutrients", he wasn't able to condense his Warrior Soul. He had to rely on such techniques to help him increase his combat ability.

    "You want to merge the two?" Enlak clapped his hands as he nodded. "Interesting! Really interesting. If the two techniques are merged, although weaker than Soul-Power, it would still be super powerful."

    "That is what I was thinking."

    Qian Jin nodded earnestly. Ever since he saw [Fake Soul], he had been wondering if he could merge the [Fake Soul] with [Avatar]. However, it would take a long time to successfully merge the two techniques.

    If the New Generation Competition would come later, Qian Jin might try to concentration and try to merge the two techniques together himself. If he was successful, he would get a new powerful technique and his understanding of techniques would increase by leaps and bounds as well.

    Too bad that there wasn't enough time. Qian Jin had very limited time and he had to come to Enlak to ask for help.

    "You want me to help?" Enlak walked around the dojo-like building as he said that. Every time he took a step forward, a person who looked just like him would stand at where he was. "Ok, old rules. If you win, I will help you out."

    Before Qian Jin could respond, the first person who was actually made from Enlak's warrior power dashed towards Qian Jin and struck down using the [Fury Lotus]. The powerful aura immediately enveloped Qian Jin.

    Qian Jin felt like Dicerdo for the first time. Uncle Enlak didn't hold back. This first warrior that jumped at Qian Jin had the strength that was equivalent to him after he used [Level 2 Avatar].

    "This?" Qian Jin didn't have time to think. He instantly used [Level 2 Avatar] as well as [Innumerable Shadows].

    "You can't use [Innumerable Shadows]."

    Enlak's cold voice suddenly sounded and stopped Qian Jin who already completed the first move with [Innumerable Shadow].


    Without [Innumerable Shadow], Qian Jin's movement speed advantage was gone. His arms hit the third warrior who jumped at him, and a powerful whirlwind formed inside the building as if it was a real tornado.

    "Try to win. I will help you if you win."

    Enlak stood against a wall and looked at Qian Jin who was fighting 50 to 60 warriors who had the same strength as himself.

    Dense, powerful, and murderous attacks were all thrown at Qian Jin, and Qian Jin felt like he had never experienced this level of pressure before. After every strike, the warrior power around his arms and would be torn open.

    "Don't use your second Warrior Heart to activate another fighting technique." Enlak's voice sounded, it was full of command. "You are now just an ordinary warrior. You have to treat yourself as an ordinary warrior who only has one Warrior Heart."

    Qian Jin felt really bitter. All of his advantages were constrained by Enlak one after another. "How can I win if this continues?" He thought.

    Strikes were hitting him from all directions and Qian Jin felt like he was a small boat that was right in a tsunami.

    [Level 2 Avatar]... [Fake Soul]... these were the techniques that were used by the warriors that were attacking him. Warrior power and fighting techniques enveloped him continuously.

    Heavy strikes ... one after another... After his warrior power collapsed, it reformed again.... Qian Jin's stamina and warrior power were declining fast.

    Slowly, Qian Jin's subconscious took over. In the beginning, he was still aware of what was happening around him. But now, it was his intuition that was fighting. There were so many fast strikes around that that he had to use his reflexes and intuition to help him.

    Enlak nodded as he saw this. This wasn't really battling with intuition. Qian Jin actually mixed his intuition in with his consciousness. Only this kind of battle style can...

    "Intuition? It is not!" Qian Jin wasn't sure what kind of condition he was in. He only knew that this condition was special. There were more than just attacks from others in his eyes. "What are these?"

    Qian Jin didn't know and he had no time to figure it out. The pressure he was experiencing and the attacks around him got more intense.

    Boom! Qian Jin's body shot out of the building like a cannonball. He smashed the door apart, flew across the street, and landed in another building.

    Qian Jin lied on the ground and looked up at the sky. Although clouds of dust were everywhere, he tried his best to spit out the dust that got into his mouth and thought back to the battle that just took place. He had never experienced that level of pressure before. If that happened in the real world, he would have died more than ten times already.

    The battle was being replayed in his head and Qian Jin frowned as a result of it. As he carefully recalled what had happened, he discovered something that wasn't there before. There were flows of energy... that battle...
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