541 Arrogance

    All the demons around the battle were even more shocked. The two elders of the Mamen Clan looked at each other, and they saw the surprise in each other's eyes. "What happened?" they thought, "A kick from a level 3 Third Tier Demon Warrior didn't injure the level 1 Third Tier Demon Warrior. Instead, the level 3 Third Tier Demon Warrior was defeated by a level 1 Third Tier Demon Warrior?"

    "What was that technique? Why did I feel like his arm turned into a metal lance at the moment of the strike?" Box Lee and Saber Sage both couldn't comprehend the situation. "How can there be such a powerful Wasteland Demon? Is this Lucifer Lucy's ability? Did she train a Wasteland Demon to be this powerful? Terrifying!" they thought.

    The terrifying thing about this wasn't the combat ability of this Wasteland Demon but rather his ability to hide. No demon would pay attention to a Wasteland Demon and they didn't need to under normal circumstances. However, if this Wasteland Demon had combat ability and was there to assassinate, the target would be killed if the difference in strength wasn't that big.

    Qian Jin nodded after he witnessed the battle. "Looks like Golden Essence Warrior Power is the perfect fit with Land Tearing Chop that is a divine-level fighting technique," he thought.

    Land Tearing Chop was a technique that mimicked the thrust of a blade and Golden Essence Warrior Power was a special warrior power that was only made of metal essence. When Fanta Kunge struck, it really felt like he was using a metal sword.

    "And that protective ability!" Duren Burg thought as he stared at Fanta Kunge with envy. "The protection offered by the Golden Essence Warrior Power is just too strong! The muscles are like metal, the bones are like metal, and even the organs are like metals. Three layers of metal as protection?"

    "Terrifying," Duren Burg curled his lips and thought, "If I wasn't a Bloodline Warrior, I would want to learn this training scroll as well. Although he is only a level 1 Demon Slayer, his special Warrior Power and Divine Fighting Technique allow him to battle with warriors above his level!"

    What happened to the Domon Warrior was the best proof for that.

    "I won!" Fanta Kunge was excited. He couldn't believe that he won so easily.

    Bam! Bam! Bam!

    Domon Satu who was standing up suddenly experienced something horrifying. Multiple locations on his body exploded and blood spurted out of the wounds. In just a second, he was covered in blood.

    "This?" all the demons were shocked by what happened. "What is going on? Why are other areas... his chest is injured, but why are other..." they thought.

    Bam! One of Domon Satu's eyeball exploded and what came alongside it was his painful screams.

    "Latent Thunder!"

    Box Lee gasped as he stared at Domon Satu who was screaming and rolling around on the ground. This Demon Demon was approaching his death at a fast pace.

    Saber Sage suddenly realized what was going on as well. "This is the legendary fighting technique that was used by a human warrior. It is Latent Thunder, the Divine Technique that allowed a human warrior to kill a far more powerful demon warrior.

    Like the flower named "The Queen of the Night", this technique and its creator only appeared for a brief period of time. Afterward, no one knew where this technique and its creator went.

    It was a lost technique that only existed in the legends!

    "Wait! No! That Qian Jin in Zence Empire used this technique before!" Box Lee thought. He clearly remembered this technique as the demon warriors who was killed by it a long time ago was a Thunder Eagle Bloodline Demon Warrior. The Box Family could never forget this technique and the shame it brought them. Box Lee only reacted slowly as the appearance of the technique was too sudden.

    "That is right. This is Latent Thunder!" Qian Jin stepped forward and said proudly. "Qian Jin can learn this technique from our master, why can't I?"

    He instantly attracted the demons' attention.

    "So this is the origin of the technique? This Wasteland Demon is really close with Jiliu Feijing? Otherwise, why would Jiliu Feijing teach him a Divine Fighting Technique?" they thought.

    For the last while, all the demons here subconsciously ignored Fanta Kunge. In their minds, it wasn't appropriate for honorable demons like them to talk to the ugly demon from the lowest of the lowest demon clan.

    Now, these demons were regretting their decisions. "Sh*t! I should have talked and networked with him beforehand! Although he is a dirty Wasteland Demon, he is someone who is favored by Master Feijing! Otherwise, he wouldn't get Latent Thunder!"

    The elders from the Mamen Clan felt like they missed a huge opportunity. "This dirty demon might be touched by my actions if I voluntarily talked to him, and he might teach me Latent Thunder as a return gift!" they thought.

    "You dirty Wasteland Demon! How dare you do this to one of our Domon Demons?" Domon Lec shouted angrily, "Save Domon Satu now, or..."


    Domon Satu who was on the ground screamed again. Latent Thunder inside his body was extra powerful when it was cast with Gold Essence Warrior Power. It was hard to detect and it was hard to disarm. As soon as other warrior energy touched it improperly, it would immediately explode.

    After the scream sounded, Domon Satu suddenly sat up and stared at the sky with a shocked expression. His heart exploded and his body fell back onto the ground like a punching bag. He never thought that he would die in the hands of a Wasteland Demon.

    "How dare you kill an honorable Domon Demon?"

    The two young Domon Demons standing behind Domon Lec shouted angrily as warrior power and magic energy quickly unleased from their bodies and targeted Fanta Kunge.

    "Kill the demon?" Fanta Kunge shivered, but he wasn't scared but rather excited. As a member of Fanta Family, he would never hesitate before killing a demon! He was just surprised that he was this strong and powerful now. If he was able to get the approval from Qian Jin and was able to bring this training scroll to Fanta Family, then Fanta Family would have some foundation to rival against the Bloodline Families.

    Tink... Tink...

    Two metal bowstring vibrating noises sounded and two sharp arrows suddenly appeared like flashes of lightning. Before the two young Domon Warriors could react, they sensed a pain in their throats. Then, their bodies were dragged off the ground and flew backward at the wall.

    Bam! Bam! Two arrows pierced into the wall and sent clouds of dust into the air. As the wind blew by, the bodies of the two Domon Demons swung in the air.

    It was too fast! Finally, the two Domon Warriors saw Qian Jin who had a strange bow with three bowstrings on it. Out of the three bowstrings, two of them were vibrating in excitement.

    Qian Jin stared at angrily Domon Lec coldly and thought, "If Fanta Kunge battles with these two demons, he would win, but he would definitely be injured. His human identity might even be exposed."

    There was only one ending for them if their human identities were exposed - Death! Fanta Kunge understood Qian Jin's intentions, but he sighed, he really wanted to battle with those two demons.

    In just a few seconds, the Domon Clan who numerous clans didn't want to offend lost three young warriors!

    Domon Lec couldn't believe his eyes! Ever since the Domon Clan was heavily favored by the Demon King, all other demons greeted them politely wherever they went.

    "How dare they? A mixed-blood and a Wasteland Demon?" he thought.

    "But this isn't about courage! They are just crazy!" Domon Lec stared at Qian Jin ferociously as he squeezed the Elder Scepter in his hand and thought, "This damn mixed-blood! This damn Wasteland Demon!"

    Domon Demons weren't great fighters to start with. Domon Lec who was an elder was only at the peak of the Third Tier which was equivalent to a peak Demon Slayer. The Domon Clan used a lot of resources and finally created three young and powerful demon warriors, but they were all killed after their 33rd birthday!

    "You.... you... you guys..." Domon Lec's arm that was pointing at Qian Jin shivered, yet he didn't dare to say much. He was scared that he would be killed by this crazy mixed-blood as well.

    "Elder Domon Lec. Your demons wanted to bully my retinue..." Lucifer Lucy spoke out as she called back Qian Jin and Fanta Kunge. "It is their fault that they were killed. If you are not happy with the situation, you can go and find the Demon King to sue me. Now, get lost!"

    Domon Lec was surprised by this. As hatred appeared in his eyes, he knocked the ground with his scepter and quickly left. Before he walked out of the shop, he turned around and stared at Qian Jin once more viciously.

    "Your Highness..." Zence Matten suddenly walked up and said, "If we let him go like this, in the future..."

    Lucifer Lucy stared at him and replied coldly, "His ears are great. I still need to rely on his to steal the secrets of the Zence Empire. If he is lucky, he might get some key information, and we would be able to kill important figures like the fifth prince or the sixth prince of Zence!"

    Zence Matten didn't have a counter. As he fanned himself and back off slowly, he thought, "One demon killed is one less threat for Zence. I didn't expect this princess to remember that her biggest enemy was still the Zence Empire when she is engaging in the battle for the throne."

    "Ok, this incident is over. Don't let this little interruption bother us." Lucifer Lucy said to everyone with a smile on her face. "I haven't even been to the territory of the Mamen Clan yet. Since we have this opportunity, how about show me around?"

    Saber Sage and Box Lee looked at each other in the eyes and saw some bitterness. By taking the Tenth Princess on a tour in the territory of the Mamen Clan, it was equivalent to a public announcement of their support for Lucifer Lucy.

    After that, the value of the Mamen Clan would drastically decrease in the eyes of other princes and princesses. Although they might be pressured by other forces, there was no way out for them. They already signed the agreement, and Jiliu Feijing's amazing forging ability alone was enough to bend their will.

    "It is our honor to have Your Highness there!" Saber Sage exaggerated and shouted, and all other elders followed along after seeing Qian Jin's presence.

    "Great!" Lucifer Lucy walked out of the shop in excitement and said, "Let's go now! I'm sure our Forge Grandmaster is itching to get his hands on the rare metals!"
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