569 Undead Again

    Qian Jin was stunned by what he saw. He knew that there were going to be coffins since the Heart of Lucifer had to extract the essence of Lucifer from the corpses of the powerful Fallen Angel Bloodline Warriors after they die, but he didn't expect the coffins to be this big. On top of that, these coffins themselves formed a magic array, and this magic array combined together with the complex magic array on the ground.

    "What do you think?"

    Lucifer Serage asked with a proud smile on his face. He anticipated this reaction; no one could stay calm after seeing this. In his mind, if gods existed, they would be shocked as well.

    "This..." Qian Jin asked seriously, "Were they here before? And the magic array on the ground... it was partially broken before, right?"

    The smile froze on Lucifer Serage's face, he didn't think Jiliu Feijing was able to wake up from the shock that quickly and immediately identify one of the key secrets.

    That's right! The Lucifer Clan didn't create the underground palace! The Lucifer Demons only discovered it! And when they made this discovery, there were already corpses inside the coffins.

    The only thing was that the corpses inside the coffins were really strange; Lucifer Serage had gone through numerous books had never found one that documented such creatures! It felt like someone had sewn many different Demon Beast's corpses together.

    After the Lucifer Clan studied these coffins for a long time, they realized that the corpses of these creatures didn't rot or break down; they were all well-kept by the coffins. The only thing was that the essence of these creatures was being slowly pulled into that metal sphere.

    Therefore, dying Fallen Angel Bloodline Warriors would come to this underground palace and choose a coffin to end their lives in. As a result, the essences in their bodies would be pulled into the metal sphere in the standing coffin as well.

    Huge coffins, strange metal sphere, mysterious magic arrays...

    Qian Jin looked around curiously and thought, "This place must be a ruin! And this ruin looks a bit familiar... although I can't tell why, but..."

    Suddenly, a chill ran up his spine and into his brain. Undead! The smell of Undead!

    "That is right! From the magic arrays and everything in here. If I look at it from the perspective of Undead Creation... all I can see are the symbols of Undead now!"

    Qian Jin walked forward a few steps subconsciously as he wanted to get a better look, but he suddenly heard a loud roar, "You! How did you get here? Back off! Back off! Back off! Why do you think you get this close?"

    Qian Jin looked in the direction of the voice and saw a demon who was less than 1.7 meters tall. Although this demon was short, his head was twice the size of ordinary demons. On his forehead, there was a small snake tattoo.

    Fasthink Demon! All that Qian Jin could focus on was that small snake tattoo. Almost every Fasthink Demon had a small snake tattoo on their forehead, but the tattoo on this demon's head was different!

    That is right! Although the thing on this Fasthink Demon's head looked like a tattoo, it was actually a rune! A special rune made from metal! It won't be spotted unless someone had extensive knowledge of runes.

    Undead! This rune was a small section of the Undead Queen Heraldry, and just a small section of it was enough to give this demon special powers.

    "Undead? What is going on?" Qian Jin looked at this raging demon and didn't know what was happening. "Why is an Undead here?"

    "What do you think?" The demon was so close to Qian Jin that when he pointed at Qian Jin, his finger almost touched Qian Jin's forehead. "Back off! Do you hear me?" he shouted.

    "Master Fasthink Mingxiang..." Lucifer Serage walked up and explained, "This is Master Jiliu Feijing. He is here to help me finish this project faster."

    The green eyebrows and green mustache on this demon twitched, and he questioned Lucifer Serage in displeasure, "What do you mean? Your Highness? You don't trust my skills?"

    Before he could finish talking, he saw the ring on Qian Jin's finger that was helping Qian Jin to hide his identity. His eyes lit up as a vicious smile appeared on his face, and he suddenly said, "Your Highness..."

    Lucifer Serage was a little troubled. Fasthink Mingxiang had been helping him all these years, and this demon made influence over these craftsmen in this palace...


    Qian Jin suddenly unleashed his Ultra-Fake Soul and struck at Fasthink Mingxiang's head without notice.

    It was fast!

    Lucifer Serage was thinking about how he could alleviate the situation, and he didn't expect Qian Jin to do this. The shadow of the huge palm of Qian Jin immediately enveloped Fasthink Mingxiang, and Lucifer Serage didn't have enough time to stop Qian Jin even if he used his Bloodline Battle Form.


    At that critical moment, Fasthink Mingxiang lowered his center of gravity and raised his arms above his head to block this strike. The force coming from Qian Jin smashed his feet into the ground, and the endless power shredded his clothes.

    This bought enough time for Lucifer Serage. He summoned his Bloodline Battle Form and struck at Qian Jin immediately. Qian Jin, on the other hand, didn't want to fight this Crown Prince at all. He easily dodged the strike.

    Lucifer Serage was a little surprised, "I felt like I got him covered in my strike, but how did he escape? As if he is not restricted by my Warrior Power?"

    [Freedom]! The Warrior Seal for this technique rotated inside Qian Jin's Warrior Heart.

    After he got away from Lucifer Serage's strike, he pointed at Fasthink Mingxiang and said, "Your Highness, Fasthink Demons aren't known for their combat abilities; don't you find it strange? Did you know about his power?"

    Lucifer Serage was about to strike at Qian Jin again, but he suddenly looked at Fasthink Mingxiang who was getting out of the ground after hearing what Qian Jin said. "I thought he wasn't capable of combat abilities, but he is strong enough to take a strike from Jiliu Feijing?" he thought.

    When the Crown Prince paused a little, Qian Jin used Freedom again, and Ultra-Fake Soul's power also reached a pinnacle after it was powered by the Two Golden Warrior Hearts and one Warrior Heart. When Qian Jin punched out again, it felt like even huge mountains would be crushed by his fist.

    Lucifer Serage was stunned. "This Jiliu Feijing didn't use his full strength when fighting Asmodeus Spike? Damn, it looks like the rumor about him killing a Five-Dragon Guard is true," he thought.

    As he was thinking that, Qian Jin already got in front of Fasthink Mingxiang.

    "You..." the snake tattoo on Fasthink Mingxiang's forehead that was supposed be only a tattoo suddenly lit up, and a chilling and lifeless power filled with resentment appeared in his body.

    After that, Fasthink Mingxiang's body transformed rapidly. His skin turned into a lifeless grey, but he was more powerful as a huge grey shadow appeared behind him.

    Warrior Soul! Fasthink Mingxiang had a Warrior Soul.

    Lucifer Serage's heart raced, he didn't know that this subordinate who was weak in his eyes had Soul-Power.

    At that moment, the magic array on the ground also reacted to this. One metal coffin in the underground palace lit up, and the grey light turned into energy and dashed into Fasthink Mingxiang's Warrior Soul.

    As if it ate something nutritious, Fasthink Mingxiang's explosive Warrior Soul started to increase in power level again.

    Level 10 Warrior Soul! Lucifer Serage was seriously concerned. "This Fasthink Mingxiang is this powerful? If he sneak-attacks me, I might actually die! More importantly, he is able to extract the essence from a coffin using the magic array?" he thought.

    The level 10 Warrior Soul looked like a devil. It had six arms; there were human arms and claws of the beasts. What was disturbing was that there was a tiger head at one end of an arm. This Warrior Soul looked like a monster that was pieced together by a mad scientist and its power was dominating.

    On the other hand, thunder noises came out of Qian Jin's Ultra-Fake Soul. It felt like bolts of lightning were flashing inside its body and a god of lightning was being born.

    When the thunder-noises reached its maximum, Qian Jin stomped on the ground and thrust his body forward. The impact of that stomp immediately destroyed all the tiles on the ground and the noises made by it sounded like ancient war drums. When all the demons in the area were still shocked by Fasthink Mingxiang's power, Qian Jin appeared in front of him and struck down using his right arm.

    Fourth Hammering Technique!

    The huge Ultra-Fake Soul behind Qian Jin also copied his move and struck down with the Fourth Hammering Technique.

    If Qian Jin's strike was like the sound of a war drum, the Ultra-Fake Soul's strike was like a shocking thunder. Lightning coiled around its arms and it felt like space was about to be torn open.

    Fasthink Mingxiang sensed the power of the strike and the change of his surroundings; he felt like he wasn't in an underground palace but in a thunderstorm. He could tell that Qian Jin's strike didn't just contain power, it also contained a spirit. It was the spirit of a ceaseless charge and it kept moving forward, just like the spirit of a general who was leading the charge in a war.

    After more than a month and a half of battling with Uncle Enlak and accumulating experience, Qian Jin made a lot of progress. As soon as this battle started, he was able to reach his peak state and use all of his power.
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