591 Beaten into Meat Paste

    If it weren't for the fact that there were too few mystic snake bloodline warriors, the mystic snake bloodline would be ranked as one of the top-ten bloodlines in the Demon Empire! After all, the mystic snake bloodline warriors could battle with chimera bloodline warriors, and the chimera bloodline was ranked high on the top-ten list.

    Mystic Snake Bloodline, Half-Saint Realm...

    Everyone's expression turned serious. Although Serage didn't place many guards in the underground palace, Chatu was enough to protect everything.

    "Should we just give up?" Zence Matten asked in a reluctant tone as he looked around, "According to Qian Jin, the Heart of Lucifer is beneficial to all of us."

    "Sneak-attack!" Fanta Kunge who had been silent suddenly voiced his opinion, "We can't win using direct battle; we can only win by using sneak-attack."

    Duren Burg nodded and agreed. Since they were already at this stage, he wasn't willing to give up. In fact, everyone was unwilling to give up. After listening to Qian Jin's description, they all sensed the benefit that they could gain from it.

    "Let's plan out the details." Fanta Kunge started to use his skill as a qualified soldier and strategist. While he drew on the wooden table with a dagger, he said, "If the Sixth Prince goes to the location that stores the Heart of Lucifer, it will attract Chatu's attention easily."

    Qian Jin's eyes lit up. He thought, "That is right! The Heart of Lucifer can affect one's mind! All kinds of illusions appeared in my head when I looked at it for a few seconds, and I wasn't able to touch it. However, Zence Matten is different. As a unique mage who mastered spiritual energy, he can resist the unique power of the Heart of Lucifer. If he can move forward after looking at the Heart of Lucifer, he will definitely attract Chatu's attention. In fact, Chatu will be surprised by it! It doesn't matter if it is a human or a demon. They will lose concentration when they are surprised, and that is when their weakness will be exposed."

    Fanta Kunge continued while looking at Qian Jin, "Once that happens, you need to attack without holding back. In the same time, Cech and the Princess' Demon Eyes of Destruction need to be initiated as well. It would be better if you can predict his retreating path and aim at this place beforehand."

    As Fanta Kunge carved on the table, he added, "Then, Sixth Prince, you need to instantly turn around. It doesn't matter if he is injured or how he reacts. You need to turn around just in case that Chatu attacks you. At the same time, you need to attack him using your spiritual energy. By forcing that demon to make an error in judgment, it will help Cech, the Princess, and Qian Jin succeed."

    "Hey, hey, hey..." Duren Burg stared at Fanta Kunge and asked, "What about me? Huh?"

    "You..." Fanta Kunge looked at his drawings on the table and scratched his head, saying, "You can find the opportunity to attack. After all, you are a hydra bloodline warrior, and you know what your advantages are in battle."

    Duren Burg was stunned for a moment, and he instantly understood the situation. Hydras were known as the emperors of snakes. Even though the mystic snake bloodline was powerful, it would be suppressed in front of the hydra bloodline.

    "Just make sure that you are alive. As long as you are alive... you can suppress Chatu," Fanta Kunge said to Duren Burg.

    Duren Burg nodded. When he just awakened his hydra bloodline, he battled someone who had the python bloodline. As soon as he activated his bloodline power, his opponent's strength instantly dropped.

    It was a suppression that came from the souls. It was something that couldn't be trained for.

    Although the mystic snake bloodline was on the king-level, it was still weaker in front of the real emperor-level hydra bloodline. As long as Duren Burg activated his bloodline power, Chatu would be suppressed a little even though he was rumored to be in the Half-Saint Realm.

    "How powerful is a half-saint?" Qian Jin thought to himself. He knew that if they fought Chatu directly, they wouldn't be able to win even if they grouped.

    "Perhaps I can match him after I become a soul-power warrior. But now... I can't condense my warrior soul! According to what happened in the past, I should be the first one to get my warrior soul in the group." Qian Jin felt a little depressed after just thinking about this.

    Right now, the volume and quality of his warrior power in his golden warrior heart had surpassed the level, but he still wasn't able to get his warrior soul.

    Qian Jin had always been the front-runner in levels, but he was now almost last. Although his combat abilities didn't drop, he still felt bad.

    "Uncle Blake said that I need to merge four fire into one. What is the fourth kind of fire?" he thought.

    Fanta Kunge continued to draw on the table, creating the second plan. If the first plan failed, there needed to be another plan to increase the chance of killing Chatu.

    As someone from a military family, Fanta Kunge completely demonstrated his talent this time. He created four plans in one breath, and they could be used individually or together, increasing the chance of success. In fact, he even created retreating plans if the failure were inevitable.

    "Damn! Kunge, you can easily be a chief general in the future!" Duren Burg gave Fanta Kunge a thumbs up.

    Fanta Kunge smiled and didn't say anything. Becoming a chief general wasn't his goal; it wasn't something worthy of being proud of. As a member of the Fanta Family, becoming a chief general was their duty.

    The goal of the members of the Fanta Family was to challenge bloodline warriors and bring hope to all ordinary warriors. Becoming the most powerful ordinary warrior was the goal of every member of the Fanta Family.

    This burden was quite heavy. In fact, it had been on the shoulders of the members of the Fanta Family for thousands if not tens of thousands of years. Now, this burden was gradually shifting onto Fanta Kunge's body. It didn't matter if he wanted to; he had to take on this responsibility.

    His last name was Fanta... it was his duty and obligation.

    Without using warrior power, the group practiced the plans that were really detailed many times, trying to coordinate well.

    The more coordinated they were in executing the plans, the higher the chance of success.

    After they couldn't get more coordinated, Qian Jin organized all the items in his warrior dimension, put on his warrior suit, and grabbed the crutches. Under Lucifer Lucy and Zence Matten's help, he slowly got on the horse-drawn carriage that the Crown Prince sent over; he still looked really sick.

    Then, the carriage moved toward the underground palace.

    It was hard to tell that there was such a massive underground palace here just looking from the surface. As soon as the entrance to the underground palace appeared, a strange light appeared in Lucifer Lucy's eyes; she couldn't believe that there was such an entrance at this location.

    A demon was standing at the entrance; he was Chatu, a mystic snake bloodline warrior who was rumored to be a half-saint. With his hands clutched behind his back, he stared at Qian Jin with a gloomy expression, and it was clear that his guard was high.

    "Master Feijing, what is going on?"

    "What is going on? Are you blind?" Zence Matten suddenly raised his voice and said, "Don't you see that Master Feijing is injured? He can only come here with our help!"

    Chatu's face was gloomy and filled with arrogance. Although his skin was dark, it was still quite clear that his face got even darker. He, a mystic snake bloodline warrior, a half-saint, was cussed at by such a 'dirty demon'; the latter's spit even got on his face.

    Chatu breathed heavily, and his chest moved up and down. He stared at Zence Matten and thought, "Such a dirty demon like you dares to cuss at me? Does he want to rebel? Is he seeking death? If Jiliu Feijing is not useful, I would have killed you all with one slap."

    "We have demons here who can assist Master Feij..."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    "You are a leader, but your eyes are blind! I don't trust your subordinates." Zence Matten's tone was filled with provocation.

    The green veins bulged on Chatu's head, and he wanted to instantly choke this dirty demon to death.

    A powerful mystic snake bloodline warrior who was at the Half-Saint Realm was disrespected by a 'dirty demon', and this 'demon' dared to further interrupt him. If this incident happened in any other place, Chatu would have killed this 'demon' and his entire family.


    "Chatu, you don't believe us, and we don't have trust in your Crown Prince Branch as well." Lucifer Lucy interrupted Chatu's words coldly and said, "I'm worried that you will kill Master Feijing after he finishes helping you."

    Chatu was about to get angry after being interrupted, but his face got chiller when he heard Lucifer Lucy's words. He thought to himself, "This girl sure is a member of the Royal Family; she is quite clear in this field. However, even if you know, what can you do?"

    An arrogant light flashed in Chatu's eyes as he thought further, "With all your strength added together, you can't even take one punch from me. Trying to protect Jiliu Feijing will only get you one outcome, and that is death. Of course, the Tenth Princess can live. However, this beautiful princess probably can only leave here after sleeping with many demons."

    Chatu was still pondering and sneering.

    "You Dumb Demon! Are you going to let us enter or not?" Zence Matten's voice suddenly became high-pitched. "I'm telling you right now! If you, a dumb demon, won't let us in, we will turn around right now and won't help the Crown Prince ever again."

    The veins on Chatu's forehead bulged again, and he squeezed his fists so tight that the knuckles started to crack; he was determined to kill this dirty demon later.

    "Great!" Chatu took a deep breath and thought, "This damn low-level demon! He has to die today! As long as I get him into the underground palace... If he slightly crosses any rules, I will have a proper reason to kill him. Before the Tenth Princess can react and stop me, this dirty demon will be beaten into meat paste."
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