645 The Honorable Strike that Shot Through History

    Battle! Battle! Battle!

    Before the human wave tactic, individual combat strength seemed weak.

    Although the undead creatures were weaker compared to Qian Jin and others individually, there were too many of them.

    Also, there wasn't just one undead mage formation; there were more than a dozen. They stood on different magic arrays and cast various supportive and offensive magic spells.

    Even though Cech Flet used a saint item, he felt heavy pressure. In the last while, Cech Flet already studied and figured out the ability of this saint item; it was hiding and moving in stealth.

    It was most suitable for assassins. Assassins could hold this saint item and hide at a place, waiting for the prey to appear and not move before that. The ability of this saint item could help the assassin achieve perfect stealth, and the sudden attack would be lethal.

    This ability wasn't useful in a group battle. The only advantage that it had was that it was a saint item, and it could help Cech Flet unleash a ton of power. Right now, Cech Flet was comparable to a saint warrior who just advanced. If it weren't for the large groups of mages casting spells and disturbing the formation, Qian Jin and his team might have charged out already.

    The undead creatures rushed over like waves in an ocean and attacked fearlessly.

    Qian Jin could clearly tell that if the entity who was observing this battle didn't issue the command of capturing them alive, they would have died already. Those mages weren't powerful on their own, but the situation was different when they came together. Each mage offered a tiny bit of magic energy, and the magic arrays amplified the volume of magic energy. After the transformation, their combined damage could threaten saint warriors.

    If these mages concentrated their energy and risked their lives, even someone like Qian Zhanxuan would have to move out of their way instead of taking them head-on.

    These were the abilities of mages! They weren't strong on their own, but they could unleash terrifying power when gathered together. This was why top-tier bloodline warriors were rarely able to dash into enemy troops on their own, kill many ordinary soldiers, and get out. In most cases, when they ran into a large group of soldiers, mage legions would be able to keep them there.

    While blood spilled in all directions, several wounds appeared on everyone's body. These undead creatures were still fierce. Although they weren't going to kill these young men, they could always chop off their arms and legs.

    In the beginning, the six young men were battling fiercely and pushing outward. However, now, the space that they had to operate in decreased in size repeatedly, and they weren't as fierce and violent.

    "Cech! Give me the sword!" Fanta Kunge took several punches, and more than a dozen cuts would be seen on his body. "Let me advance into the Saint Warrior Realm!"

    Becoming a saint warrior with the saint item!

    At this critical moment, Fanta Kunge stopped dreaming. He couldn't give himself more time to accumulate strength; only he could quickly become a saint warrior.

    Qian Jin's warrior souls hadn't reached the peak, so he couldn't become a saint warrior. On the other hand, the two bloodline warriors couldn't instantly become saint warriors; they required a length of time to fully awaken their bloodline powers.

    "Saint?" At this moment, Qian Jin instantly understood Fanta Kunge's mind. This man wanted to unleash the most powerful strike after becoming a saint warrior, creating a path for everyone at the expense of his own life.

    "Cech, don't give it to him." Qian Jin took a deep breath. After using the Destruction Soul Realm repeatedly, his spirit damped. He looked up at the cold-looking girl in the sky and sighed in his mind, "Luna... don't you remember me? Brother Jin?"

    "The warrior souls resting in my body! Ignite! Boil!"

    Fei lightly chanted these words, and the three healthy and complete warrior souls that were getting stronger at every moment shivered. Indescribable soul flames burned inside the three warrior souls. As if rumbling volcanoes finally woke up, they started to erupt and gush out lava in the most brilliant way.

    Igniting warrior soul! This was a highly dangerous move. Qian Jin used the suicidal battle method that harmed himself.

    Igniting a warrior soul would damage the warrior soul, and the person who used this method might not be able to become a saint warrior in his lifetime. In fact, the warrior soul might disappear altogether."

    "Hydra warrior soul! It is time for our noble bloodline to shine! Ignite!"

    A giant black hydra flew into the sky, and the nine heads opened their eyes and let out a series of unwilling roars that seemed to have traveled through the river of time as if they came from ancient times.

    "Fallen angel! Ignite!"

    "Big Brother, I can't participate in the New Generation Competition, but I won't bring shame to your warrior soul! Ignite! Roar!"

    All these young men's warrior souls flew into the sky, and burning flames engulfed them. Their auras that seemed to be suppressed instantly skyrocketed, stunning the entire battleground. The undead creatures that were the closest to these young men paused, and the entity with six eyes in the sky seemed to have been impacted by the power of these warrior souls, and this entity screamed and disappeared.

    Buzz... buzz... buzz... buzz...

    Qian Jin's arms buzzed as if they were two sabers that were empowered by warrior power. Many undead warriors blocked Qian Jin's way. They were jumping, roaring, and crying, and they waved their weapons and unleashed many lethal attacks.

    The scene where iron-arm mantis bloodline warriors charged into the giant military of the demons in the past seemed to be almost identical to this scene. The aura, honor, and will which empowered the iron-arm mantis bloodline warriors and made them charge into the enemies as if they were committing suicide perfectly merged with Qian Jin at this moment.

    At this moment, Qian Jin finally truly understood the bloody history and the honor of the Iron-Arm Mantis Bloodline Family. For their comrades and for their loved ones, they couldn't be defeated, and they couldn't retreat. This reason simply spanned through history.

    Streaks of warrior power quickly formed the warrior seals for the bloodline fighting techniques of the Iron-Arm Mantis Bloodline Family. As soon as the warrior seals for [Crack Land] and [Tear Ocean] were completed, they instantly exploded. The Dividing Metal Multi-Chops mixed with [Break Water Rip Tides], [Crack Land], and [Tear Ocean].

    The four warrior seals exploded at the same time, and Qian Jin turned into a bloody beam of light. Like a fast tank that rushed forward and crushed everything in its way, Qian Jin destroyed all the soul-power undead warriors before him. All those enemies seemed as weak as pieces of tofu, and Qian Jin felt like he could tear the sky.

    Qian Jin's three warrior souls started to ignite, and these four soul warrior seals exploded. The level of power unleashed at this moment could instantly obliterate a half-saint warrior.

    Saint warrior? Even a saint warrior who just advanced would have a hard time blocking this strike. Qian Jin put everything he had into this strike, and his enemies could only retreat and dodge.

    The straightforwardness, violence, and advancement all merged into Qian Jin's body, his fighting techniques, and his soul.

    Every single one of Qian Jin's attacks came from his soul, and the enemies who were blocking his way were shattered into pieces.

    Without the command from that entity who had six eyes, the undead creatures didn't know if they should instantly kill Qian Jin with powerful magic attacks, or they should continue trying to capture Qian Jin.

    "Surround them."

    Luna said calmly, ordering the undead creatures to continue the plan of capturing these young men alive.

    All kinds of trapping magic spells were activated.

    "Magic? Devour!"

    Duren Burg raised his hand, and those streaks of powerful magical energies that were falling from the sky were sucked into his palm, and blood mist was instantly jetted out under his scales.

    This hydra bloodline warrior forcefully absorbed this power, and he didn't know how to release it. This was the result of not being able to quickly digest this power! Blood would jet out under the scales.

    The sudden alleviation of pressure made this small team advance forward even faster.

    "Seal them with ice..."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    As soon as Luna said that, all mages cast ice-elemental magic spells.

    "Ignition Soul Realm!"

    The air, the light beams, and the sand grains instantly started to burn. Even those undead warriors who were closer to Qian Jin began to burn in flames. The sea of fire on the ground immediately blocked the chilling energy that was trying to descend.

    Cech Flet's third pair of wings opened wide, and high heat that was similar to the attack of Demon Eyes of Destruction shot out of his wings! In waves, this high heat joined Qian Jin's Ignition Soul Realm, increasing the power of the flames and blocking the invasion of the ice energy.

    Forward! Forward! Forward!

    There was no chance of breaking out, but under these young men's hard work, they finally saw a sliver of hope.

    A trace of faint-light flashed on the Undead Queen Heraldry on Luna's forehead, and the thunder eagle suddenly descended.

    Then, Luna raised her hand, and a streak of destructive aura rolled and tumbled in his palm. This energy was grey, and it was filled with desperation. It was a deadly power, yet it was on the level of a saint!

    Saint Warrior!

    One of the bracelets on Luna's white-jade-like wrist quickly disintegrated and turned into a metal glove before attaching to Luna's hand. This glove emitted the aura of a saint item, and it corresponded with the saint power in Luna's body.

    This combination unleashed even greater power, instantly shattering the protective sphere around the Ignition Soul Realm.


    Qian Jin suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood while he was charging outward. His soul realm was shattered, his igniting hammer-shaped warrior soul cracked a little, and even the gem-like infancy soul realm broke slightly.

    A saint warrior with a suitable and compatible saint item was much stronger than warriors who hadn't even reached the Saint Warrior Realm.

    Although Luna didn't use her most powerful strike, she was still much stronger than Qian Jin and his comrades combined.

    "If I can survive this... I must become a saint warrior! A saint warrior is too powerful!" Qian Jin thought to himself, and he didn't even have the time to wipe the blood off his lips.


    "In your dreams!"

    All the warrior seals in Qian Jin's body exploded, and red blood jetted out of his pores, turning into blood mist. While the blood mist engulfed Qian Jin, the warrior power rushed through the sturdy energy channels.

    Exploding all warrior seals! What level of power was that? Qian Jin didn't know the answer, but he knew that his body couldn't bear it.

    "Destruction Soul Realm! Unleash the most destructive strike you can!"

    Qian Jin let himself loose at this moment and crushed all warrior seals. His bones cracked under the insane pressure, and then a series of breaking and grinding noises sounded in his body. It seemed like his internal organs were twisting and entangling together.

    Qian Jin had never let out this level of power using his fighting techniques before. His legs turned soft and sour, and he almost kneeled on the ground. The ground beneath him couldn't bear the impact force that was created after Qian Jin and Luna's strikes collided, and all the golden sand grains within 300 meters flew into the air, and the ground instantly dropped by ten meters.
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