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    The sand grains that were ten meters deep all flew into the sky, blocking the sun and the sky.

    The thunder eagle let out a pitiful cry, and many feathers flew out.

    Luna flew out before the sand grains could engulf her, and her cold eyes looked surprised as her long black hair fluttered in the wind.

    Saint warriors could absolutely dominate those who weren't on that level.

    But now, this crazy warrior who wasn't a saint yet blocked a saint warrior who used a saint item. Although this strike was mainly to capture him and didn't focus on damage, it was still a saint warrior who used a saint item.

    In the eyes of saint warriors, anyone who below this realm was a weakling. However, this weakling's explosive strike blocked Luna and sent her flying.

    The impact force waves expanded and shot in all directions, and they were visible to the eyes.

    While the undead warrior legions were knocked away, Luna's second strike fell from the sky.

    Dodge? It was impossible.

    Qian Jin used all the warrior seals in his body, and he couldn't use Innumerable Shadow since his body was too damaged. He was only able to barely move instinctively, and he took out the half shield that he got from Fanta Kunsa and held it in his hands.


    Qian Jin spat out another mouthful of blood. Under enormous pressure, blood jetted out of his pores, turning him into a terrifying blood man. It seemed like he was just pulled out of a blood pool.

    This half shield was shattered again. This half shield's defense and firmness were less than one percent of its prime.

    As soon as this half shield exploded, a significant amount of suction force appeared in Qian Jin's hands and sucked all these specks of metal dust into his body.

    Without saying anything, Duren Burg grabbed onto Qian Jin and opened his Teleportation Soul Realm.

    Luna's third strike landed on the spot where Qian Jin was standing on, and it created a crater that was more than 100 meters deep. If Qian Jin were standing still, he would have been turned into meat paste.

    "Eternal stars... please listen to our summons..."

    Further away from the undead troops, uniform and heavy clip-clopping noises sounded, and a massive amount of magic elements concentrated in the high sky. Then, a thick beam of lightning suddenly struck down, striking onto Luna.

    Lightning? Before a lightning bolt hit, people could predict where it would land. However, once the lightning appeared and struck down from the sky, they wouldn't be able to dodge.

    As fast as light, unless this person had a Teleportation Soul Realm or Lightspeed Soul Realm, they couldn't dodge this.

    Even those bloodline warriors who achieved Heavenly Awakening couldn't even dodge lightning bolts, and that was why the Thunder Lion King was favored by many people.

    The powerful lightning bolts all landed on Luna, striking her into the sand.

    For a moment, all undead creatures that were attacking Qian Jin and others stopped and rushed to the location where Luna was struck down.


    Sand grains flew into the air again. The thunder eagle under Luna's feet was burned in many places, but it wasn't killed. Also, Luna wasn't severely damaged, either.

    Saint warriors were mighty, to begin with, and Luna had a saint item and the unique Undead Queen Heraldry.

    When the lightning bolt struck her, it was already considerably weakened.

    In this short pause, the legion that suddenly appeared behind the undead creatures attacked again. Without needing time to chant, many magic spells flew out of different metal magic conductors.

    Streaks of lightning, flames, and ice created a path in between the undead creatures.

    "Use more magic crystals! Don't try to save them! Kill these disgusting monsters!" A heroic and bloody voice sounded, and Zence Matten's face lit up.

    "It is my second brother! Zence Zhenglu! He is in that direction! Go there!"

    While holding Qian Jin, who still hadn't recovered after stopping Luna from capturing them all on his own, Duren Burg confirmed the direction and attacked.

    "Star Ice Seal!"

    Zence Zhenglu roared, and Luna, who just got out of the ground, was sealed in a giant piece of ice. However, this piece of ice quickly cracked.

    "This is unfortunate..." Zence Zhenglu sighed and thought, "If there were enough time, that streak of lightning would have destroyed this monstrous woman who is already a saint warrior."

    "We are out!" Duren Burg killed the last undead creature that was blocking his way and deeply exhaled. If such a troop didn't suddenly appear to help, Qian Jin and others wouldn't be able to get away from the undead creatures.

    "How come you are all this injured? You got out so fast?" Zence Zhenglu looked at this group of young men who got away from the undead creatures. From the information that he got, these young men shouldn't have come out already.

    "Whatever! The people whom I need to save are out!" Zence Zhenglu fanned himself with a folding fan and said, "Monster over there, if you want to battle with us to the end, then come on!"

    Luna floated in the air and looked at Zence Zhenglu's troop. There weren't that many people; only about a few thousand soldiers. However, this troop felt different from others. The soldiers also looked surprised when they saw the moving skeletons, but this expression only lasted for a few seconds before disappearing.

    These soldiers didn't have any fear or confusion in their eyes. They only had the murderous spirit of great warriors.

    It wouldn't be easy to take on such a troop.

    Luna's eyes landed on Qian Jin, and she looked confused. Then, a sense of unwillingness appeared in her eyes, but it was quickly replaced by confusion as if she was wondering why she felt unwilling. It seemed like she didn't only want to capture Qian Jin to complete the mission; she simply didn't wish for Qian Jin to leave.

    While Luna looked confused, she stared at Qian Jin, who was bleeding and felt a little heartbroken. This emotional pain quickly traveled into her brain.

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    Luna put her arms around her head, and she kneeled on the thunder eagle and let out a series of high-pitch cries. All undead creatures in the troop kneeled and looked up at Luna in the sky.

    The Undead Queen Heraldry on Luna's forehead blinked and emitted a chilly light, and it quickly spread around. The confusion, sadness, and all other emotions wholly disappeared, and she looked ice-cold like before.

    Luna looked down at the human troop made of thousands of people on the ground and let out a sharp cry, leading the undead troop back into the depths of the desert.

    "What are these things?" Zence Zhenglu looked at the undead troop that disappeared and murmured, "They are like the undead creatures that only existed in legends. I'm surprised that such things exist in the Ancient Desert Sea."

    "Second Brother, you..."

    "Big Brother informed me..." Zence Zhenglu looked at Zence Matten, whose body was full of cuts, and said, "Kid, you've gotten sturdier."

    "Second Brother, I want to become the emperor." Zence Matten never looked so determined before, and he stared at Zence Zhenglu, who looked slightly surprised.

    "Emperor?" Zence Zhenglu smiled and said, "Alright, I support you. It is time to teach Third Brother a lesion."

    "Thank you, Second Brother..."

    Zence Matten's eyes rolled before he directly passed out.

    Being entangled by Qian Jin's iron string, overuse of his spiritual energy, and losing a ton of blood...

    Zence Matten should have fainted a long time ago, but he sustained so far all by his will.

    Bam! Bam! Bam!

    These young men who got away from the undead creatures all collapsed and fainted. Igniting their warrior souls, being injured repeatedly, and exploding their warrior seals... they were all severely injured.

    "They all collapsed pretty quickly." Zence Zhenglu looked at the injuries that these young men obtained and said, "If I didn't come right now, would they all die?"

    "Probably not... Second Prince, they all have strange presences around them, and they seemed to have this strange will..."

    Zence Zhenglu slightly nodded as he listened to what one of his subordinates said; he also got that feeling. He felt like even if he arrived later, these young men would last longer, and more of their potentials would be stimulated. In fact, he wondered if he appeared too early.



    Unprecedented exhaustion.

    Qian Jin felt like even breathing made him feel tired. Like overloaded machines, all the organs in his body seemed like they were going to stop working in the next moment.

    The three warrior souls that were ignited looked broken at this moment, and it seemed like they were going to collapse.

    The world before Qian Jin wasn't black but grey, the grey that brought people the feeling of desperation.

    The energy that Luna sent into Qian Jin's body by force formed a desperate atmosphere, and this atmosphere engulfed Qian Jin.

    Different from other types of warrior energies that were violent once they entered Qian Jin's body, this grey energy permeated Qian Jin's body.

    Like the slowly-spreading fog in the morning, it wasn't fast, but it was harder to block.

    "What is happening? I'm still alive?" Qian Jin sensed that the soul warrior seals already recovered in his body, but only these few soul warrior seals remained. Other warrior seals didn't come back together. The fragmented warrior seals were all over Qian Jin's body; they were either floating around or got corroded by the grey undead energy.

    Like the aftermath of a giant war, the internal state of Qian Jin's body was destroyed and broken.

    "Open my eyes... open my eyes... I need to grab the hat..."

    Qian Jin tried his best to open his eyes and wake up from the semi-conscious state, but he couldn't open his eyes.

    "People need to rely on themselves..."

    These familiar words suddenly sounded by Qian Jin's ears.

    "People need to rely on themselves..." Qian Jin's mind suddenly shook.

    For all this time, every time Qian Jin was injured, he entered Endless World and only recovered under the meticulous care of those seniors.

    Qian Jin wasn't sure when, but he was relying on this and felt like it was normal.

    "When will I stop relying on them?" Qian Jin asked him quietly and realized that he never thought of this question before.
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