648 Fake, Real

    Dividing Metal Multi-Chop, Break Water Rip Tides, Crack Land, Tear Ocean, Land Tearing Chop, and Bloody Combat Eight Strikes combined, forming a chain of strikes as if something new was about to be born.

    Qian Jin quietly watched all the changes that were happening in his body as all the warrior seals connected.

    "The universe is in me, and I'm the Heavens." Qian Jin started to better understand himself. In his body, he was God! As long as he could find the pattern, he could plan and arrange everything as he wanted.

    The warrior seals combined and were connected with streaks of warrior power. Qian Jin's body seemed more and more like an independent universe, and all the warrior seals that looked like stars were filled with vitality.

    The universe was complete as a whole, and the stars were interconnected yet could be independent.

    Right now, Qian Jin had a vague feeling about what he should do. His next step was to connect all his warrior seals and create a real universe. If he could control the power of the universe, how powerful would he be?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Top-tier warrior soul! Top-tier warrior soul! Top-tier warrior soul!

    Qian Jin smiled when he sensed his three warrior souls! They were all at the top-level. If he only relied on the essence from the Heart of Lucifer, he wouldn't be able to reach this level. This experience on the verge of death stimulated his potential! Without this experience, his warrior souls wouldn't have transformed.

    Potential! Qian Jin clearly sensed his potential for the first time! Right now, he could tell that his potential wasn't depleted yet!

    Qian Jin's strength was still increasing, but he couldn't break through the so-called peak and become a saint warrior. At the same time, he had a strange feeling that even if he didn't have a soul weapon or a saint item, he could still become a saint warrior after putting in enough hard work.

    It wasn't blind confidence; it was an indescribable feeling. However, Qian Jin didn't know how much accumulation of strength he would need to breakthrough.

    "He is waking up... he is up... Qian Jin is finally awake!"

    The distant and vague voices became apparent, and Qian Jin instantly realized that it was from Fanta Kunge. The person who was breathing heavily on the side was Duren Burg, the person who was breathing normally but had a fast heart rate was Cech Flet, and the person who had rapid spiritual energy fluctuations was Zence Matten.

    Qian Jin suddenly opened his eyes, and he saw everyone around him. These young men all had delicate complexions and didn't look like they were injured.

    A smile appeared on Qian Jin's face, and he asked, "You guys... The Heart of Lucifer?"

    "What else?" Duren Burg stretched and lay on a couch. Then, he lit a cigarette and sucked the smoke into his lungs before exhaling them through his nose. He said after doing that, "I thought my life was done. But I'm surprised that this tragedy became something good."

    Everyone looked at each other and smiled. On that day, they all risked their lives and were ready to die together. When recalling that moment, their blood boiled. People could say whatever they wanted, but it was very different from directly experiencing it.

    "Did anyone become a saint warrior?" Qian Jin looked around and asked. Since everyone was a talented figure, it wouldn't be surprising if one of them became a saint warrior with the help of the essence from the Heart of Lucifer and the stimulation of potential in that battle.

    "No..." Fanta Kunge shook his head.

    Qian Jin's eyes landed on Cech Flet's face. Although this handsome young man still had a pair of eyes, one of them looked grey and lifeless, losing all its luster.

    The Demon Eye of Destruction was destroyed.

    "It was me who caused this eye of yours to go blind," Qian Jin said, "If I didn't change your eyes that day..."

    Cech Flet interrupted Qian Jin and said, "It was my choice; it has nothing to do with you. If I didn't agree to it, there is no way that you could put it on me."

    Qian Jin looked at Cech Flet's blind eye and was silent for a moment. "I will make this eye see again."

    "I believe you." Cech Flet showed a rare smile and said, "I'll wait."

    "That is right! Even if we take out the eye of the Demon King, we have to make our Little Cech recover... Hey! I'm trying to nice to you! Why are you taking out your sword and chopping at my genital? My female demon will kill you!"

    Duren Burg covered his private with his hands while holding the cigarette between his lips; he looked like a real hooligan.

    "Let's go!" Qian Jin jumped off his bed and walked out the door. "Let's go again!"

    "Go where?" Duren Burg looked at Qian Jin in confusion.

    "The Ancient Desert Sea." Qian Jin stretched and said while his bones made a series of noises that sounded like firecrackers, "We can't end here. There must be important saint items hidden in there. The undead creatures should think that we have left..."

    "They won't take it with them?" Zence Matten asked the question on everyone's mind.

    "I don't know, but I want to go again."

    "I will go again too." Duren Burg smiled as he walked toward the door, "I can't just receive a beating without getting anything back."

    Fanta Kunge was silent, but he smiled and walked out of the door as well. Although they all obtained many benefits after getting beat, these young men were able to gather and become friends since they were similar in the sense that they were all persistent.

    On the last trip, these young men didn't get what they wanted, and they were beaten senseless. Were they going to drop it? It wasn't in their genes.

    If these young men were more docile, Duren Burg would have changed his family name back to Pam and joined the Hydra Bloodline Family, Cech Flet would have become a 'concubine' of Eunala in the Lucifer Empire, Fanta Kunge would have given up the idea of surpassing bloodline warriors, and Zence Matten wouldn't have risked his life to save Qian Jin.

    In terms of Qian Jin? He wasn't willing to yield and bend his back toward Qian Family, a significant force in the human empire.

    These young men were all persistent, and that was why they bonded.

    "Then, let's quickly sneak away." Zence Matten opened his folding fan and said, "Before my second brother gets here and while Iron is recovering from the injury, we can..."

    Everyone nodded.

    Qian Jin and others couldn't ditch Zence Matten and go back to the Ancient Desert Sea alone. But if the Second Prince found out about their plan, he wouldn't let Zence Matten leave.

    If Zence Matten couldn't go, he would drag everyone and try to find another time to go.


    The Ancient Desert Sea wouldn't change its appearance in hundreds of thousands of years.

    Qian Jin didn't even know how many times he had come to the Ancient Desert Sea, and he also didn't know how many times he sighed and praised this magnificent place under the sky.

    Regardless of what level of battles took place here, the traces of fighting would be quickly wiped out by this desert.

    It seemed like nothing could leave a permanent mark in this desert, just like how no one could alter the stars in the universe.

    There had been people who tried to conquer this desert. Many people tried to plan trees and slowly change the terrain of this place, but no trees could survive on the edge of the Ancient Desert Sea.

    While stepping back onto the location where that tragic battle took place not long ago, Qian Jin even suspected that the battle was only an illusion.

    All the flying sand, many corpses and flowing blood, ground-shaking roars, and bottomless craters...

    After the Ancient Desert Sea slightly moved, all those traces disappeared. If a fighting technique could achieve this...

    The sand ground suddenly moved a little. A giant sandworm appeared before everyone with a large group of small sandworms.

    Qian Jin smiled as he couldn't spot any traces. If such a tragic battle took place in another location, the area would be desolate, and no demon beasts would dare to live there.

    But now, these sandworms that weren't here a few days ago already resided.

    Fanta Kunge leaped high into the air and struck the head of the sandworm with his giant hand. The powerful energy rushed into the sandworm's body, shattering it into many pieces.

    This big sandworm's unique ability to divide itself and survive as many smaller sandworms disappeared, and a beautiful magic core flew into the air.

    After the biggest sandworm died, Duren Burg directly unleashed his bloodline power. The shadow of a hydra appeared, and those wriggling sandworms instantly squeezed into the ground and disappeared.

    After experiencing that battle that took everyone to the verge of death, Duren Burg's hydra bloodline power became even more powerful. The shadow of a hydra seemed like it was going to become real at any moment, and it emitted the wild and violent presence of a powerful demon beast.

    The sandworms' instinct told them that they weren't facing prey but a real powerful demon beast that could quickly devour them.

    Duren Burg put away his bloodline battle form and smiled at Fanta Kunge, who just returned. "What do you think? My method is more effective, right?"

    Fanta Kune causally threw the magic core to Qian Jin. Although a magic core would be sold for a lot of money, it was more valuable in the hands of a runemaster. These young men weren't sure when, but they developed the habit of giving all excellent materials to Qian Jin regardless of what they were for.

    On the way, the team killed many demon beasts, and Qian Jin got hundreds of different magic cores. This shocking number of magic cores was something that he had never even dreamed about. Only in the Ancient Desert Sea where many demon beasts lived could they get so many magic cores.

    If the team were in a less dangerous adventure spot, there would be hundreds of times more warriors and mercenaries than demon beasts. It would be rare to encounter a demon beast. And when facing a demon beast, several mercenary groups would fight over it.

    The Ancient Desert Sea was different. There were many demon beasts, yet not many people or demons could enter. There were plentiful magic cores in here.

    Of course, compared to what Qian Jin had in Endless World, the number of magic cores that the team harvested was still too little. Unfortunately, the magic cores in Endless World could only be used to practice blacksmithing and rune-engraving. They couldn't be taken into the real world.

    After putting the magic cores away, Qian Jin shook his head and thought, "After going into Endless World for so long, I'm gradually lost. Is this world fake? Or is Endless World fake?"

    "What is fake, and what is real?"
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