649 Entering the Ruin

    Whoosh! A demon beast with a golden horn dashed out of the sand, and its thin body looked like a long arrow.

    These demon beasts moved under the sand, and they could turn into the shape of arrows and jump out of the sand. Just their sharp horns were enough to easily penetrate human shields and pierce into their prey's body, taking away all their essence.

    Qian Jin didn't move and simply used his Wind and Cloud Golden Body. A full shield instantly appeared before him.

    This shield looked like a turtle's shell, and it wholly wrapped around Qian Jin.

    The warrior power paths in the shield were clear, and they expanded outward, forming a warrior power shield that took on the direct attack of this demon beast with the golden horn.

    Crack! The lengthy horn that could penetrate metal shields collided onto Qian Jin's body, but it quickly broke into several pieces. Then, this demon beast's hard, iron-like bones also cracked, and its body exploded in mid-air.

    This demon beast exploded when its strike landed on Qian Jin!

    Duren Burg stared at Qian Jin and thought, "The strike of this demon beast and its horn are exceptional. Qian Jin didn't even move and used his body and his warrior power to defend. His body... this bodily protective technique is much stronger than before!"

    "Eh." Qian Jin raised his arm and lightly clenched his fist. He said, "The shield is the shield, and Wind and Cloud Golden Body is also on its own. If I can combine the two, I will be able to take on Qian Zhanxuan's strike from that day and not be injured with my current strength."

    Fanta Kunge's brows twitched a little. They were together all the time, and they knew each other well. He thought, "When did Qian Jin's strength become so powerful? Take Qian Zhanxuan's attack head-on?"

    Fanta Kunge gasped and continued to think, "My Gold Essence Warrior Power's defensive technique, Supreme Golden Body, has insane abilities; I haven't seen any technique better at defense compared to it. Now, I can't even block Qian Zhanxuan's strike. However, he can do it now? What is that bodily protective technique?"

    "As long as I can combine them," Qian Jin laughed confidently. His Ignition Soul Realm had more functions than he had imagined. This soul realm couldn't only release heat. It could also melt his warrior seals and combine them.

    More importantly, slightly different from the traditional Ignition Soul Realm, Qian Jin's soul realm could ignite his warrior power and temporarily increase his combat strength. It was similar to the mages' supportive spells such as [Dragon-Slayer], [Berserk], and [Bloodthirst], but Qian Jin's soul realm only increased his strength but couldn't leave behind any side-effects.

    Also, this soul realm wasn't only useful for Qian Jin. It could expand, and all warriors inside the soul realm would be stimulated and receive the power-up. In a sense, Qian Jin could temporarily strengthen anyone he wanted to in his soul realm.

    The Ignition Soul Realm could stimulate his strength, and the Destruction Soul Realm could... the power... Qian Jin realized that he couldn't imagine the power he was capable of.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Is this really the Ignition Soul Realm?" Qian Jin thought to himself. However, he wouldn't know what this soul realm was if it wasn't the Ignition Soul Realm.

    Duren Burg looked at Cech Flet with curiosity.

    This demon warrior gave up on becoming a saint warrior and lost his Demon Eye of Destruction to save Qian Jin. Duren Burg wondered what kinds of benefits Cech Felt received from digesting the essence from the Heart of Lucifer.

    Out of everyone here, only Cech Flet was the most compatible with the Heart of Lucifer. Theoretically, he should have received the most benefits.

    At this stage, Duren Burg couldn't tell what benefits that this fallen angel bloodline warrior received.

    The sand grains groaned as people stepped on them, sounding like thick piles of snow.

    Everyone slowly moved forward. Powerful demon beasts that could kill everyone here might appear at any moment in the Ancient Desert Sea; no one could be sure that a high-level demon beast wouldn't wander to this place.

    After walking for two days in the desert, a tall snow mountain appeared before everyone. White snow covered half of the mountain, and it looked really misplaced in this hot desert.

    If this were a place in the Zence Empire, many adventurers and mercenary groups would have ventured in to see what was going on.

    However, the Ancient Desert Sea was a place full of danger and death.

    There were only countless vicious demon beasts in here, and these creatures couldn't be curious about this scene. They wouldn't think that having a snow mountain in the middle of the hot desert was strange.

    "Mirage?" Zence Matten rubbed his eyes and said, "That is right. This must be a mirage."

    Fanta Kunge looked around and wanted to know where this projection came from. It wasn't strange to see mirages in the desert; they saw mirages almost every day. These mirages were only visual projections from another place, and these projections would only exist for a little while.

    "It is hard to tell which direction. It can come from anywhere... huh? There are people on the mountain?" Duren Burg scratched his head.

    Qian Jin squinted and looked at the figure that seemed a little familiar on the mountain. "This... barbarian... behemoth?"

    Seventh Prince Farak of the Barbarian Empire, one of the three geniuses of the Royal Family of Barbarian, didn't die after taking one strike from Bandit King Bhang Wusheng, and he only spat out blood and was injured. After that, he left the Frontier.

    It was surprising for Qian Jin to see Farak here in the Ancient Desert Sea.

    "How come he is here?" Qian Jin frowned and thought, "There is only one map for sure! How come we ran into Farak here? Judging from the barbarian warriors beside him, they are powerful warriors who are agile. It seems like they are looking for something."

    "What can they find on this mountain? How did these barbarians find this place?" Qian Jin was confused.

    "Who are they? Did they get here earlier?" Duren Burg looked around and tried to spot the location where this mirage came from. He urged everyone, "Guys, let's look around. We can't let them get to it..."

    "There is no need to look. It is right under our feet." Qian Jin said as he pointed at a sand whirlpool in the desert not too far away.

    "Quicksand whirlpool?" Everyone looked at each other in surprise. They were all great warriors in the young generation, but they were still insignificant before the Ancient Desert Sea, which was a forbidden area.

    A small quicksand whirlpool could quickly bury many people, but it couldn't stop these young men.

    Further away, the giant sand whirlpool could devour a mountain. If they entered and wanted to get out...

    "That must be the location." Qian Jin leaped into the air and dashed toward the sand whirlpool. Others looked at each other and smiled. Without saying anything, they unleashed their power and followed Qian Jin.

    To them, there was nothing to be afraid of about a sand whirlpool. After all, they almost died together the other day when facing undead creatures.

    The hot quicksand quickly engulfed everyone, and the strong tearing force made them have to unleash their warrior power and bodily protective techniques to stay alive.

    Thud... thud... thud...

    The hot sand around Qian Jin suddenly disappeared, and he sat on the ground, looking up at the giant, seemingly endless snow mountain.

    Right now, he was still standing on sand, and he felt like he was pushed up from the ground. If someone were looking at everything from the outside, they would see that he was standing upside-down.

    However, everything seemed reasonable in here.

    Whoosh! Whoosh!

    Two mighty arrows flew toward Qian Jin, and he raised his left hand and traced an arc in the air. Then, the two arrows that could easily penetrate bodies fell into his hands like gentle birds.

    Archery of barbarians! Qian Jin stood up and looked at two barbarian warriors who shot the arrows and were hiding in a forest not far away.

    "Purple-vein bloodline archers?"

    Those two barbarian warriors hiding in the forest had purple lines all over their faces. This was one of the signs when they activated their bloodline power. It was said that when purple-vein bloodline warriors reached the peak level, their entire bodies would turn purple when using their bloodline power.

    "We missed? The arrows were caught?" The two barbarian warriors stared at the two arrows in Qian Jin's hand. They were proud of their archery; they could easily take down eagles that were soaring high in the sky.

    However, these two purple-vein bloodline warriors missed their target when they were sneak-attacking, and their hiding spot was instantly discovered.

    As an archer, the highlight of one's career was to kill an enemy with one shot and not let enemies discover their whereabouts.

    Now, these two barbarian warriors failed in both fields. They were defeated by their prey, who hadn't figured out this environment and terrain yet.

    After a moment of hesitation, these two purple-vein bloodline warriors loaded their bows and were ready to shoot again. Arrow-shaped energy flames that could tear through everything appeared around the arrows and spun on the bows.

    At the same time, two brighter energy arrows appeared in Qian Jin's hand, and the chilly lights dashed into the eyes of these two barbarian warriors.

    At that moment, it seemed like these two barbarian warriors were under a strange immobilization spell; they stared at the arrows in Qian Jin's hand without moving.

    Real archers could tell whose archery was better without needing to shoot arrows. Only one glance was enough.

    That is right. Qian Jin didn't even have a bow in his hand, but he grabbed the two arrows and released a trace of his arrow spirit, nailing those two archers.

    Qian Jin didn't need to take out his bow and load the arrows. The arrow spirit was enough to defeat these two purple-vein bloodline warriors and make them lose the courage to shot.

    "Put down your bows; you are not..."

    Bang! Bang!

    Two bowstring vibration noises still sounded from the two barbarian archers. The sound that was more pleasing than piano notes to archers resonated in the area, signaling death.

    Qian Jin clenched onto the two arrows in his hand with his thumb, and he used his index finger as the bow. While he shook his wrist and slid the arrows on his thumb as if it was the bowstring, the two arrows shot toward the incoming arrows.

    The four arrows collided in the air, creating a series of sparks. The arrows that the purple-vein barbarian warriors shot out groaned as they broke into pieces, and Qian Jin's arrows penetrated the two warriors' shoulders and nailed them onto the giant rock behind them.
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