55 Rager Equipment Se

    In addition to the System Announcement, Lu Li also received a large amount of exp. There was so much that it was hard to believe, but when he thought about it, it was to be expected. This was a level 12 Boss and there was only 3 people to split the EXP with. Those who had died did not receive any exp.

    The Boss showered the ground with items. One didn't even need to look to know that there was a huge reward!

    Lu Li and Azure Sea Breeze relaxed and sat on the floor, while March Rain worked on reviving Lonesome Flower and Remnant Dream.

    Not only had Lonesome Flower and Remnant Dream lost 10% of their EXP, they also didn't receive any of the LV12 Boss EXP. It would be unusual if they weren't a little sad, but they were all excited to look at the loot.

    "Remnant Dream, go get the equips and see what they are."

    Lu Li didn't want to move, instead assigning the looting to the little hunter.

    The little hunter really liked doing that, so she happy picked it all up.

    She didn't know that her luck would be so good; the first item she picked up was a Steel Hunter Bracer. It had a level 10 requirement, but added 8 Agility and 2 Constitution. It perfectly matched her needs.

    The second item was Lu Li's. Once he heard the name, he already knew its attributes.

    Rager Bracer (Steel): Amour 15, Agility +6, Critical Hit +5%, Level Requirement LV10. Durability 32/32 (One of the Rager set, Exclusive to melee)

    In his previous life, Lu Li had this equipment. At that time, the game had been out for a while and there were countless players who were already LV10. Its price was very low, but Lu Li still had to work for 2 weeks to buy 2 pieces of the Rager Equipment Set.

    Besides this Bracer, there was a Rager Necklace that could be dropped by Wild Bosses from level 10 to 20. Unfortunately, it wasn't dropped this time.

    When both pieces of the Rager Equipment Set were equipped, the set would produce an effect.

    Rager: Travelling Speed increased by 20%, Attack Speed increased by 20%, Defence reduced by 20%. Lasts 30 seconds.

    The first two were buffs, while the last one was a debuff. Together, they made up the most common Equipment Set for newbies.

    Compared to the Jungle Herdsmen Equipment Set, this set's effects were like night and day. Melee players who used this set wouldn't need to change their equips until they were LV30.

    The Boss only dropped these two Steel equips. The other 3 equips were Bronze and fit nicely for the three others who didn't get a Steel equip. There were two materials left; these could be used to make level 20 Silver Equips and were very valuable. Their value was not far from Steel equips.

    Lu Li gave one of them to Azure Sea Breeze and the most valuable one to Lonesome Flower, which was more or less a fair distribution.

    This was one of Lu Li's problems; he always wanted things to be equal. Azure Sea Breeze disagreed with Lu Li's method of assignment, but he didn't want to say anything in front of everyone. He put away the material that Lu Li had given him, but returned the equip, claiming that he was too lazy to sell it.

    The five of them formed what could be considered the basic part of the permanent group. Normally, they would train separately, but when it came to fighting Bosses or doing Instance Dungeons, they would join together. Moonlight's skill was high, but he had a greater interest in PVP. Most of his time would be spent fighting other players, so he unfortunately became an optional member of the group.

    Lu Li planned to set up a small mercenary group after some time.

    Mercenary groups were officially recognized and did not conflict with Guilds. Members of different groups could join the same Mercenary group. This was going to be introduced in the update the following Monday. The cost of setting one up was fairly low as well: for just 1 gold, you could add up to 100 people.

    However, Lu Li had no intention of being in charge, and when the time came, he would recommend the position for Azure Sea Breeze.

    Firstly of all, their personal friendship was good and second of all, Azure Sea Breeze was capable.

    Azure Sea Breeze had even more experience in previous games than Lu Li. He knew more about creating teams and wasn't like Lu Li in trying to make everything equal.

    Moreover, Lu Li had too many secrets that he couldn't just share with everyone.

    There were many things he couldn't explain by saying that he had a friend on the inside. Who knew what people were thinking? If anyone went to talk to the game company, he would have some problems.

    Most of the time, he needed to do things on his own.

    After gathering some money by taking advantage of rebirth, he would be able to save enough to treat his sister's illness. He could also go to the battle area and practice his PVP techniques.

    After fighting the Boss, it was already nighttime. The party members started channeling their Hearthstones to return home.

    The party had not yet been dismissed; everyone still had to give their feedback for the game. According to Lu Li, if their feedback was accepted there would be an EXP reward. Everyone firmly believed this.

    After a while, Moonlight was also added to the party.

    He was still level 8, which was not far behind Lu Li. This was one problem with PVP - you don't increase your level and if you die, you also lose EXP.

    They said it was a discussion, but it was really Lu Li directing everyone on what direction to take.

    An example was skill promotion. The players had been playing for such a long time, but even their most commonly used spell was not level 2. For Lu Li, this was Shadowstrike, which was currently at 466/1000.  He was still missing over half the EXP required.

    This was a very big issue, and the game company would want to address this for the sake of the ordinary players.

    The suggestion that Lu Li offered was that one would gain a Skill Point every 2 levels. By using a Skill Point and a gold coin, you could increase a Skill's level. This way, all people would have the opportunity to try higher level skills.

    Another example was the arena, which was the most requested part of the game. A game without an arena would struggle to attract people. At the moment, players weren't actually sparring with each other because if they died, they would lose EXP.

    There was also the matter of an Auction Room, but even if no one suggested this, it would inevitably appear in the game. This could be a 'suggestion' that allowed one to receive some EXP.

    Lastly, there was the issue of syncing up the days and nights with real days and nights. This didn't really matter to Lu Li, but most of the players who needed to get up early wanted to strangle the game design team because of this.

    Showing damage taken by party members, daily quests, changing EXP lost upon death, increasing stats shown, additional Trade Skills, weather effects, changing hits under Automatic Mode, adding a bounty function, changing Stealth tracking, stacking materials in inventory...

    Lu Li knew that most of them had played many games. Even with Lu Li's 2-3 years of experience, everyone added their own opinions and they quickly reached about 100 suggestions.

    Lu Li knew that many of these were not going to be accepted, which meant that there would be no EXP reward. These were called invalid suggestions.

    However, they couldn't just send in the suggestions that they knew would be accepted. If they sent in 30 suggestions that were all accepted, the game company would suspect insider information being leaked. If that were the case, they would have some trouble.

    According the previous life, the most submitted suggestion from this round from a player called "Brother Yang is Here" who was a Paladin. He gave 300 suggestions which was astonishing. However the person who got the most accepted was not Brother Yang is Here but rather a hunter called"I No Understand". This hunter submitted a few more than 60 but over half of them made it into the game.

    Lu Li calculated that of their 92 suggestions, if all goes to plan they should have 48 of them accepted. That doesn't sound too crazy.

    After submitting the feedback to the official site, Lu Li took advantage of the system that is yet to be updated and set up a booth at Moon Shadow Valley to sell the Bronze equips from today. In addition, he has also raised a sign which indicates a few things that he is looking to buy.
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