61 Videoed Again

    "What video?" Lu Li had an uneasy feeling.

    Were there so many bored people taking videos everywhere?! Last time, it was during the day and there were many people passing by. It was only natural that the scene would be filmed. However, this time, it had been at night and in such a remote location. Who could have possibly taken this video?

    Indeed, the top thread on the forum had changed.

    The God Thief reappears: the birth of the Night Ghost!

    There was no other description in the thread, just a video.

    From the videographer's perspective, a group of 30-40 players sinisterly marched into the Forest. They were made up of all sorts of professions and there were even close-ups of some players and their equipment.

    "This is the Imperial Secret Service's 'Sorry I'm Stronger Than You'. He's quite skilled at PVP and is ranked in the top 10,000 in China's Steel Blood Rankings (PVP Rankings). This is..." Dou Dou pointed out some of the players, introducing them to Lu Li.

    Top 10,000? He was so weak?

    Lu Li felt that he hadn't fought anyone who was particularly skilled last night. Only the two Thieves at the end were relatively well known.

    The scene in the video changed to two Thieves lying in the grass, silently watching another Thief farm monsters in the distance. The Thief who was farming looked incredibly efficient and powerful.

    "One of them is called Swirling Left Eye and the other is called Staring Right Eye. They are a very scary duo and have defeated many people in the top 100 Steel Blood Rankings," Dou Dou explained.

    "Wait, this video seems fake," Lu Li said with a face of confusion, "The scenes are changing too fast. Maybe there's something wrong with the angle, or maybe..."

    "What's the matter? I don't think anything is fake," Dou Dou said as she glanced at him.

    "This video was made by the Imperial Secret Service," realised Lu Li.

    The battle was very entertaining, shot from different angles and edited by an expert to the standards of a Hollywood movie. The members of the Imperial Secret Service did not slander Lu Li in the video, but seemingly praised and flattered him.

    There were a few dodge-moves that looked clumsy, but were edited by the Imperial Secret Service to look graceful.

    In the video, Lu Li was the main actor and all of the attention was on him. His face and hid actions exuded a sense of fierceness and power.

    There weren't any other players present to be witnesses at the time, so it must have been The Imperial Secret Service who made this video of their own guild members being killed. Then, after some weird editing, they posted it on the forum for all to see.

    "Did they not use an umbrella in the rain? Are their brains filled with nothing but water?" Huan Huan asked sarcastically.

    "No, they're very clever."

    Even though the Imperial Secret Service players were not very skilled in PVP, Lu Li was impressed with what they had done today.

    "Why? I think every one of them is stupid."

    The girls did not understand why Lu Li thought so highly of them.

    "After defeating the Imperial Secret Service players last time, they lost a lot of their reputation," Lu Li speculated. "This time they must have wanted revenge and initially intended to record a video of me being killed, but that didn't turn out as expected."

    "Then why did they still post the video?" Dou Dou asked.

    "They want everyone to know that the person who defeated them is very strong. The stronger that person seems, the more understandable their failure is," Lu Li said.

    "That's true. Maybe they're not as useless as they are known for," Huan Huan nodded in agreement.

    "Also," Lu Li rewinded the video, pointing at the robe of a magician, "This is a Steel grade equipment from the Spider's Lair Instance Dungeon, with very good defence. However, it could only last a couple seconds against me. He didn't even have an opportunity to retaliate. What does this tell us?"

    "Wow, your attack is so high!" Dou Dou exclaimed with a face of admiration.

    "Your attack is high; therefore, you must have a lot of good equipment on you," Yi Yi said calmly, collecting herself after being impressed by Lu Li.

    "Exactly, they want to tell everyone that I have a lot of Steel grade equipment. In doing this, they not only explain the reason for being unable to defeat me, but they also encourage people to hunt me for drops," Lu Li said.

    "Big brother, you must be in danger."

    Lu Xin held onto Lu Li's arms with a worried expression.

    "Especially from those thieves who enjoy PVP for the fun of it. You must be careful in the future, because anyone could strike you from behind and take your equipment," Yi Yi said, taking joy in his misfortune.

    Lu Li felt slightly uneasy but ignored them. He yawned and said, "Ok, are your curiosities satisfied? Everyone go back to sleep. Xin Xin, you're going to a new school tomorrow, do you want others to see your eye bags? Also, don't enter my room without my permission next time. "

    "Do you feel uncomfortable with a couple of beautiful girls coming into your room?" Huan Huan said teasingly.

    "Tsk Tsk, you have a nice body, boy."

    Dou Dou approached Lu Li, wanting to caress his chest which remained visible under his shirt. She was an extroverted and naughty little girl, who seemed to be able to sense that Lu Li had no ill intentions towards them.

    "You never go to the swimming pool and it's such a waste that it's just sitting there. We don't mind if you use it; we could even go together since we don't normally skinny dip anyway," Yi Yi said with evil intentions.

    Lu Li could not handle them anymore and chased them all out of his room.

    The next morning, Lu Li politely refused the 3 girls' requests to come along and took his sister to the No.1 Middle School to handle the admission procedures.

    The Higher Education Mega Centre was basically a small city. Several universities surrounded the Central Business District and the streets were filled with people. Lu Li felt deeply moved, coming here with his sister.

    He found it miraculous that the Heavens had given him another chance. This time he would protect and guard his sister well.

    The No.1 Middle School had a great location, next to the best universities and had a great school environment. The students seemed to have more energy and spirit compared to the Common District.

    "I've made a call before. This is my sister's grade report."

    Lu Li had a clear goal as he entered the enrolment office. He handed the forms to the enrolment director, an old man dressed in plain and simple clothes who looked to be nearing his 60s. According to Dou Dou, he used to be the principal of a Normal University and had been a teacher for his entire life. After his retirement, he continued to serve in the enrolment department at the No.1 Middle School.

    "Grades like this from that place. Not bad, not bad."

    The old man was impressed.

    After this, he asked Lu Xin a few more questions, to which she all cleverly replied.

    "Why do you want to come to No.1 Middle School? Our enrolment standards and our school fees are much higher than other middle schools?" the old man asked sincerely.

    "Our living standards have improved by quite a bit, so I wanted to give her a better education and environment. I know that No.1 Middle School has higher enrolment standards, but my sister's grades are not bad. She is very mature and is willing to put in the effort," Lu Li said.

    "To strive to create a better learning environment for your sister is commendable. Have you studied at a school before?"

    The old man's attention suddenly turned to Lu Li.
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