65 Moonlight is Killed

    "You will get the reward. You just need to go into town and enter your account. There is a small transfer fee though, so you'll need to wait for a while to receive the experience," Lu Li explained.

    "Oh my, it sounds expensive by the way you describe it. How much is this transfer fee?"

    Everyone was curious.

    "Transferring from the Novice Village costs 1 Gold and transferring between towns costs 2 Gold. You cannot transfer between Novice Villages..."

    Lu Li shook his head, feeling the burden of the price.

    He had a plan to send it to different cities, but the cost would give him some trouble.

    The game company must have been going bankrupt to try and make money so ruthlessly. Everyone was speechless.

    Most of the group was considered to be doing pretty well. Remnant Dream was carrying 4-5 Gold, while Lu Li had over 10 Gold, even after purchasing the upgrade materials for the Supreme One Ring.

    How could ordinary players spare that kind of money? Even 1 Gold was considered quite a lot.

    Only those who spent money on the trading platform to buy Gold coins could spare some.

    Repairing equips cost money and potions cost money. With these two costs, a player's earnings would quickly be gone. If one wanted to buy 2 Common equips, they would truly be impoverished.

    "It's just 1 Gold, I guess."

    Other than Lu Li, Azure Sea Breeze also had money to spare after fighting a few Bosses.

    "After beating the Boss, I want to claim the EXP. I'm 10% EXP from reaching level 10 now. How much EXP will I get?"

    "Let me calculate... you should be at least level 12 after receiving it."

    Lu Li calculated it based on some previous posts he had read, but he was unsure.

    "If I can really get to level 12 that would be great! After level 10, the EXP cost to level up each time is a couple times more than the previous level. I'm currently levelling up slower than this turtle!" Azure Sea Breeze burst into tears.

    Kleig blinked innocently. It wanted to turn and run but was intercepted by Moonlight's Charge. Once again, it was attacked relentlessly.

    Without its healing ability, Kleigh was a piece of cake. After only 20 minutes, it let out a scream.

    "The Boss is here and there are players killing it already!"

    The Boss' scream seemed to have attracted some players.

    "I'll get the items; you guys return to town!" Lu Li decisively spoke and picked up the Boss' drops.

    Moonlight didn't pick up any items, but didn't channel his recall either. Instead, he faced the two players and rushed towards them. With three swishes of his axe, one of them was already dead.

    Charge, Slash, Sweep... Execute!

    Lu Li stared and was a little scared. He wasn't paying attention, but this guy seemed to have execute.

    By the time the other player had reacted, he only saw the corpse of his companion. In his surprise, he was unable to stop Azure Sea Breeze's and the others' return channels.

    Lu Li didn't channel either, instead preparing to go into Stealth after picking up the items.

    He was a Thief! Thieves would never need to use the return channel!

    Lu Li didn't advise Moonlight to return either: he was a PVP maniac, so he wouldn't give up any PVP opportunity. He would rather die.

    Lu Li snuck off to the side, watching Moonlight make use of the cramped forest terrain to kill the players one by one. He had no plans whatsoever to help. It was too bad that he didn't have some melon seeds to snack on; otherwise, this would have been perfect.

    Moonlight's technique was excellent. His positioning was always right and he moved around to avoid most of the non-targeting skills. The Axe in his hands was constantly waving around. The Berserker was commonly dubbed as the King of physical attack, but tended not to kill people efficiently.

    However, after fighting for 3 minutes, Moonlight had already taken a dozen lives. When he cast Whirlwind, he took out 5-6 players who only had a bit of HP left.

    Nevertheless, the overpowered Berserker was not invincible.

    Moonlight's HP continued to decline: 80%, 60%, 50%...

    Oh no, he had been crowd controlled!

    The next wave of attacks hit really hard and he was now at less than 10% HP.

    Moonlight had no intention of running away, but at this point, only Thieves and Druids could possibly escape.

    "Die! How dare you mess with the Glorious Paladins!"

    Moonlight then fell as this was shouted.

    His axe dropped and didn't turn white with his corpse.

    The weapon dropped!

    It looked cool, had high attack and possibly some other effects. All the players excitedly held their breaths.

    "Wow, so pretentious for such a small guild," Lu Li thought. The players who PVP'ed with Moonlight were all members of the Glorious Paladins. They were well disciplined and left the dropped equip to the commander. Not one of the players went to pick it up.

    As the commander bent down and picked up the weapon, a Thief with his face covered suddenly appeared before him. He picked up the axe and threw it into his backpack before slowly fading away.

    His attitude was way too casual, like he had picked up a coin from his bedroom floor.

    "What are you guys looking at? Go and flush out that Thief!" The commander was frozen for a full 5 seconds before roaring at his guild members.

    Even the Imperial Secret Service's elite players couldn't flush Lu Li out. For these slow-reaction, second-rate ordinary players to do so was just wishful thinking.

    "I dropped my weapon." Moonlight sounded depressed.

    He had lost the high attack Bloodseeker's Axe that gave additional Strength and swung smoothly. He could have dropped anything, but somehow this was the thing that dropped.

    "Hey, I just picked up an axe. Not sure if it's yours," Lu Li joked.

    "You really are something else. I'll wait for you in the village."

    Moonlight didn't offer any money, immediately sending a trade request. He spent all day PVPing, so he didn't have any money to give Lu Li.

    "Don't stay in the village, go to Snake Valley and fight snakes for the next two hours. Then, we can kill the snake Boss before going to town," Lu Li said.

    Once the others heard about the Boss, they forgot about everything else.

    Lu Li transformed into a small Leopard and rushed like a gust of wind. He didn't take the road in case someone saw him, instead running through the bushes by the side of the road.

    Later on, when the Child of the Forest skill was more common, the small golden leopard would be a common sight and he would have nothing to worry about.

    "Lu Li, which town are we going to? I just saw a transfer representative and there are 126 towns where it could be sent to."

    Azure Sea Breeze was worried about where to go.

    "Grey Valley of course," said Lu Li without hesitation.
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