264 Forging The Corrupted Fang

    It took Lu Li about two to three hours to complete the seven equips that Water Fairy had requested. Including the five equips that he had made previously, he had consecutively made a total of twelve.

    Following his own professional ethics, he gave his all while he made them.

    As such, he felt lightheaded and was extremely tired after focusing so intensely.

    Forging equipment was definitely more tiring than killing monsters.

    Among these seven equips, two of them were Exquisite quality - one was a Staff and the other was a Dagger. Water Fairy was very satisfied with the results and wanted Lu Li to continue making equipment for her.

    Lu Li wasn't down for it.

    "I didn't put down any restrictions this time because it was your first deal and we have a pretty good relationship, but from now on, I'll only make three equips per day. If you want me to make equipment, you'll have to pre-order the spots, and there'll be no discounts in prices either."

    Among the twelve equips that he had crafted, Lu Li had only taken one of the Exquisite ones. In all honesty, he barely made any profit.

    Anyone else would have charged at least two hundred gold coins for three Exquisite-quality equips.

    Although Water Fairy was disappointed, there wasn't much she could do. She was very pretty, but Lu Li didn't care about her looks.

    Furthermore, there was no way she would act cute like the other girls, which further minimized her chance of getting what she wanted.

    "Then can we do tomorrow? We'll pre-order all three of the spots."

    Water Fairy couldn't bring herself to beg, but it didn't seem right to ask for something using a cold tone, so she spoke in a slightly uncomfortable manner.

    "You can pick two of the materials from this list to give to me as service fee."

    Lu Li brought out a list filled with rare materials.

    Some of these he currently needed, while others were there based off his memories from his previous life.

    "There's only a few of you; what's the point of having so many rare materials?"

    Even Water Fairy felt pained by looking at the names on the list.

    "For the materials that are in red, one of them is equivalent to two. I can also make one more equip for you." Lu Li didn't answer her question, but instead kept talking about the deal.

    Undoubtedly, he had the potential to remain single for the rest of his life, considering how he was only talking about business with such a beauty.

    The materials in red were required for upgrading Lu Li's ring. Water Fairy silently remembered the list and traded the equips with Lu Li before she left.

    Before Lu Li even had a chance to take a break, Shen Wansan messaged him.

    "There are now quite a few Molds on the market. I've found a few of them for you; you should take a look and decide on the prices you're willing to offer." Shen Wansan cut straight to the point.

    "40 gold for the staff, 50 gold for the shield, 25 gold for the boot. I don't want the dagger... 60 gold for the Spellfire Longsword......" Lu Li thought for a bit, then named his price.

    "......" Shen Wansan was at a loss for words.

    "What? Is something wrong?" Lu Li asked.

    "Bro, I'm not sure if I'm the equipment dealer or if you are. You're more familiar with the business than I am." Shen Wansan couldn't help but admire Lu Li.

    Molds weren't like other items - they were truly a gamble.

    Because everyone was only able to see a name, the most that they could do was make judgments based on the materials listed by the Mold.

    However, this method of judging wasn't guaranteed either. Shen Wansan had bought a Silver-Grade mold with a high price in the past that created an equip with terrible attributes. Not only was the Mold expensive, but the required materials were also expensive - the total cost was around two hundred gold. Unfortunately, no one wanted to buy it, not even for twenty gold.

    "I just pay more attention to these things on a regular basis. That's why I know a bit about it."

    He had seen too many equips in his previous life and was able to guess most of the special effects from the molds that Shen Wansan had sent him.

    For example, the Spellfire Longsword was a dual blade suitable for Paladins and came with a very strong special effect. That was why Lu Li was willing to buy it for 60 gold.

    As for the dagger, based on the required materials, it probably wouldn't turn out to be too bad.

    However, Lu Li knew better than anyone else that it was very hard to forge it with a good special effect that was of equal value to the price paid. Nine out of the ten daggers forged from this mold would be nothing but garbage. He was better off not buying it.

    What costed the most in a Silver Grade equip wasn't the mold, but the rare materials.

    As such, all the big guilds used any possible means at their disposal to gather rare materials, which made the game more and more difficult for solo players.

    If Lu Li was to play the game by himself, chances are, he would still be a fairly decent player, but he wouldn't be as wealthy as he currently was.

    Dawn was simply not a solo game.

    "That's fine, we'll go according to your prices. I'll have a chat with them." Shen Wansan didn't plan to waste time.

    "It's okay to spend a little more if needed," Lu Li added. He had based the prices off his past experience in combination with the prices from the current market. It was impossible to not have any change in the pricing.

    With the amount of money he was earning, he could afford to spend a little more.

    In his previous life, Lu Li's favourite thing to do besides reading books in the library was to discover underpriced items. He would often stay in the Auction in his spare time to analyze the prices of items. He would buy the underpriced items and sell them at a higher price, earning a small of income for himself.

    If he was lucky, he would run into very underpriced items.

    For example, someone had once placed an item in the Auction without any knowledge of its real value. This resulted in Lu Li earning a small fortune.

    Some players even forgot to enter an extra zero after their prices.

    Occasions like these were a gift from heaven. Even if it wasn't a lot of money, Lu Li would still be excited about it for a long time.

    Now that he thought about it, it was pretty funny, but that was the harsh reality that he faced.

    He didn't need to do this anymore in his current life; he could earn way more with the time that he spent to find underpriced items.

    The prize money for first place in the Shadow Cup was a total of five million dollars. There were also other awards such as MVP, Celebrity player, etc. If he received any award, it would make all of his previous investments worth it.

    Lu Li was pretty confident in receiving an award.

    It was Saturday today, which meant that only one day was left before the competition started. It would be nearly impossible for people to catch up to level 25 in this short period of time.

    When the time came, they would have a team with three level 25s who were equipped with some level 25 Silver-Grade gear. They would be able to crush most teams with their levels and gear alone.

    After completing Water Fairy' requests, Lu Li didn't rush himself to make the next equips. Instead, he went offline and napped for two hours before he logged back on and began his work.

    Mold: Corrupted Fang (Silver)

    Recipe: Forge

    Requirement: Journeyman Forging Recipe (100)

    Use: Forging "Corrupted Fang"

    Corrupted Fang: Attributes Unknown.

    This was the first equip that he was going to forge.

    Both of the daggers that Lu Li currently had equipped were severely lacking in damage. He desperately needed a new, main dagger.

    Ice Spike, Nethershard and a bunch of other materials pushed the cost of this dagger above 140 gold coins.

    This was equivalent to $15,000.

    Exquisite, Exquisite, you better give me an Exquisite-quality.

    It would be sad if he made three Exquisite-quality equips for other people and failed to make one for himself.

    After all the preparations were done, Lu Li followed the system's instructions as he carefully forged the dagger.

    When he made equips for Water Fairy, the time spent on each one was different due to the differences in the forging process. However, none of them took him longer than half an hour.

    However, because Lu Li had higher expectations for this dagger, he repeatedly hammered the blade, ensuring that all the materials blended in perfectly. He devoted all of his energy to every inch of the blade, not even daring to carve the inscriptions on the handle until he had gained some confidence from practicing on a piece of wasted material.

    The entire forging process lasted almost fifty minutes.

    He was unconsciously dripping in sweat, as if someone had just pulled him out of a river.

    However, he didn't feel this at all. To prevent his sweat from affecting the quality of the weapon, he had even worn a secure helmet.

    He was finally on the last step. If the dagger was anything below Exquisite, it was going to Auction.
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