288 Exquisite Quest Scroll

    It was hard to say what a player could receive from the Mooncake Box.

    The box contained all sorts of things and many people stood around here just so they could see what others were getting. Some people would offer a price if they saw something they were interested in.

    Lonesome Flower was a handsome guy with a cold demeanor; there was no way he would act like the others and rub his hands or pray to the Gods before he opened the boxes.

    He opened the first box, which contained a $100 Walmart voucher.

    That's right, items from the real world could also be obtained from these boxes. From Lu Li's knowledge, the highest-valued real item that you could receive was a cool Maglev Sedan, which was worth one million dollars.

    A $100 voucher was only equivalent to one gold coin, but it was still better than selling the box to those businessmen for 20 silver coins.

    The second item was a Steel grade equip; it was level 5 too. This box wasn't worth it.

    The third item was a Mooncake. Eating the Mooncake would give the player a +200HP buff which lasted for 20 minutes. The buff would disappear upon death or going offline.

    After opening a few more boxes, he finally received a good item.

    An accessory!

    It wasn't a necklace or a badge, but rather an accessory outside the normal range of equipment.

    Normal bosses didn't drop these accessories; they were limited and only available in events.

    The accessory that Lonesome Flower received was a pair of earrings with +5 Constitution. There was nothing really special about the earrings, other than the fact that they were exceptionally beautiful.

    March Rain really liked them.

    As long as March Rain liked them, Lonesome Flower was very satisfied.

    It didn't take long for Lonesome Flower to open all of his boxes.

    The other items that he received all belonged in the previous categories. They weren't bad items, but they weren't very exquisite either.

    Other people went to open their boxes as well. Mooncakes were the most common, closely followed by equipment.

    The equips that the Mooncake Box provided were all quite poor in quality; they were either Steel grade or Silver grade with very average attributes. Those who were unlucky even received Bronze grade gears.

    Lu Li queued up behind Remnant Dream. He had 34 boxes, which wasn't a lot compared to Lonesome Flower, but was still an amazing sum to the average players.

    Lu Xin stood beside her brother with high expectations as she watched him open his boxes.

    "Oh, a Mooncake! Attack+10%, not too bad. Here, take it," Lu Li said as he passed the Mooncake to his sister.

    In the past, during Mid-Autumn Festival, they would both still buy Mooncakes, because Mooncakes symbolized reunion. When they ate the Mooncakes, it felt like their deceased parents were still with them.

    Even though the in-game Mooncakes wasn't permitted in matches, they were still usable in dungeons, and could also be used when farming monsters in the wild, or during PVP with other players.

    Lu Li continued to open the boxes.

    Mooncakes, Steel grade gears, Mooncakes...

    "Mage Tower" Quest Scroll?

    Lu Li stared blankly for a few seconds, then was overwhelmed with joy.

    If his memories were correct, there would be a certain chance for him to obtain either Polymorph or Ice Block when he completed the quest. Both were God-tier skills for the Mage class.

    If he was extremely lucky, he might even have a chance to receive both skills books.

    Polymorph could turn a single target into a small animal. This effect lasted for 15 seconds and during this time, the transformed target would be unable to attack or cast spells. However, the transformed target would rapidly regain their health.

    Ice Block was even more impressive; everyone referred to this skill as the "refrigerator". After using this skill, the Mage would gain an invincible status for 10 seconds.

    Of course, after using it, they wouldn't be able to attack anyone else.

    This quest scroll was priceless.

    Unfortunately, Lu Li wasn't a Mage.

    This wasn't the first time that he had questioned his class choice.

    On his first day of playing, he had obtained "Frost Nova", a skill book that even most level 30 Mages would not be able to obtain. Now, Polymorph and Ice Block were waving at him again.

    "Flower, yours," Lu Li said as he passed the quest scroll to Lonesome Flower.

    Lonesome Flower took the quest scroll and briefly scanned it. He didn't think much of it; he had no clue about the rewards of this quest.

    Lu Li didn't explain it either - he wasn't interested in showing off. Once Lonesome Flower received the reward, he would thank him anyway. Besides, Dawn's quests had always been very strange - putting in more effort didn't mean that you would receive something better. Sometimes, going with the flow was the best option.

    After this scroll, there was nothing else from the box that was worth mentioning.

    Collectively, the Xin Xin Mercenary Group had opened a couple of hundred Mooncake Boxes, but no one had managed to obtain a mount.

    According to the forums, the best item that could be obtained from these boxes was a level 20 Silver grade mold. Perhaps there were better items, for example, the "Mage Tower" Quest Scroll that Lu Li had given to Lonesome Flower. However, no one knew of its value yet.

    As for the accessories, it was hard to determine their value. Some would consider the accessories to be extremely valuable, while others complained about their barely existent attributes.

    Before he went offline, Lu Li sent a message to Shen Wansan and asked him to help him purchase similar scrolls.

    Whether they were quest scrolls or dungeon scrolls, he wanted all of them.

    Many people were clueless about the value of these items, but Lu Li had an extra three years of game experience.

    Mid-Autumn Festival arrived on the next day.

    A festive atmosphere could be felt everywhere in the game. Lots of places hung up different decorations to celebrate and players could even set the environment of the cities to night-mode.

    Hence, a bright moon hung in the sky and the city was lit by lanterns. Even by reality's standards, this was a beautiful and rare sight.

    "Everyone, good luck. The top hundred are going to be decided today. Don't get eliminated."

    Lu Li didn't admire the beauty of the scene for too long. He was calm and only thought about performing well in the competition.

    "Relax. We're still planning to see you in the finals."

    Azure Sea Breeze seemed to be confident about his team.

    "I'd hope so..." Lu Li didn't want to discourage him.

    Even with luck on their side, Azure Sea Breeze might not even be able to make it into the round of sixteen.

    Wandering's team had an even smaller chance, since they had already lost a match before. If they lost another match before they entered the top hundred, they would be eliminated.

    After sending a request to the system, Lu Li and the others waited for a few minutes before they were teleported inside.

    The fruit of victory was right before their eyes. If they lost at this point, they would definitely regret it, so all those who were participating in the matches today made sure they were at their very best.

    Lu Li's team had only just seen who they were up against when they were rushed by the opposing team.

    It was another team that consisted entirely of damage dealers.

    Moonlight used Whirlwind right in front of March Rain and a Thief was forced out from Stealth.

    This wasn't just a lucky guess, but rather, an accurate judgement made by a PVP master. He assessed the movement speed and positioning of the opponent and casted the skill before they could lay their hands on the healer.

    The Thief was caught by surprise and instantly used his Swiftness effect.

    He thought he could make it out of Whirlwind's cast range with the burst of his movement speed, but he had no clue that Lu Li was already waiting for him.

    Lu Li opened with a sudden strike and forced the Thief to stay where he was.

    The Thief endured the entire Whirlwind. Even for a leather-armored class, Whirlwind wasn't a skill that could easily be tanked.

    The Thief never got his chance; he died even before he could do anything.

    The other team was left with a Paladin and a Warlock.

    They had wanted to save the Thief too, but he was stuck inside the Whirlwind. There was nothing that they could do.

    The opposing team had lost their main damage output right from the start; there was no doubt about who was going to win the match.

    However, they still fought as hard as they could, until the Paladin was finally struck down and sent out by the system.

    Lu Li's trio was the first to win a match today; it didn't take long before they were teleported out too.
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