399 Water Fairy’s Resentmen

    Lu Li wasn't very lucky this time. He had received a level 30 Silver dagger that was worse that the two he already had equipped. Even the daggers he were carrying in his bag were better, so this was given up to the guild warehouse for more points.

    However, both Sesame Rice Ball and Sakura Memories managed to receive good items. Rice Ball got a piece of equipment that had particularly good stats while Sakura Memories received a skill book.

    "Shamanic Fury" - the effect of this skill reduced damage taken by a Shaman by 30% for 15 seconds. The key part of this skill was that it could be used even while affected by crowd control. As such, it was quite a good damage reduction skill.

    Some of the others managed to get decent items as well, but they weren't suitable for them.

    The Xin Xin Mercenary Group frequently achieved First Clears so their equipment was quite exceptional, which made it difficult for them to pay much attention to ordinary equipment.

    For example, the Claws that Sakura Memories had equipped was a level 20 Silver equipment, but its effect was simply too good to give up. The same could be said about Lu Li's cloak. Lu Li estimated that this level 15 cloak would stay with him for a long time to come.

    "Your strategy - how much do you want!?" There was only one female who would be so upfront and aggressive.

    It hadn't been that long since they had achieved the First Clear. While the world was still talking about the Xin Xin Mercenary Group, Water Fairy had already sent a message.

    "There isn't much strategy to the Arsenal; you just have to avoid the bombs. We got lucky and completed it," Lu Li vaguely explained. He was the only one who could resist this beautiful woman.

    Water Fairy was a beautiful woman who always got what she wanted. As such, it was even harder for her to accept Lu Li's resistance to her pressure.

    A beautiful woman is every hero's weakness. Every man was afflicted by that to some extent.

    Drizzle Court's population wasn't very high; they only had tens of thousands of people. Even so, they still managed to rank amongst the big guilds.

    If they said that it had nothing to do with everyone else supporting them, they would be lying.

    When players ran into Drizzle Court players fighting a Wild Boss, they wouldn't let the Boss go completely, but they would still cut them some slack.

    Among the circle of star players that participated in PVP, half of them were involved with Drizzle Court. The players in this circle included Dust Dragon, the president of Blood Red War Flag and Azure Guard's Floral Paralysis.

    Water Fairy huffed in indignation and left the chat room. It was quite an amusing experience.

    It wasn't like no one had ever resisted her before, but no one had done it to the extent of Lu Li. He was quite unique in this regard.

    As the female tycoon continued to farm, she thought about Lu Li with resentment.

    You better not ever need my help, because even if you begged, I wouldn't help you.

    After the Arsenal, Lu Li and the others immediately started the Scarlet Cathedral.

    This was the last Instance Dungeon of the Scarlet Monastery and also the most important one. Once they completed this one, they would be considered to have completed the entire Instance Dungeon set.

    To put it simply, the Scarlet Monastery was the Scarlet Crusade's place of operation.

    The history of the Scarlet Crusade could be split into two periods. One of these periods was the time when Alexander Mograine was still alive. During this time, Grand General Abbnedis, Grand Inquisitor Isillien and Highlord Mograine had co-founded the Crusaders.

    In their early days, the Crusaders were an aristocrat organisation. This frenzied and violent behavior that could be seen now did not exist back then.

    The second period was heralded by the death of Alexander Mograine. This was when the Scarlet Crusade started moving towards madness.

    One of the reasons for this movement was Alexander Mograine's death.

    He had been killed by his son. In the lore of Dawn, Renault Morgraine and Arthas were quite similar.

    When the Scourge first appeared, Renault lived in a farm house in Brill. His mother died in labor and exchanged her life for his brother's.

    Renault joined the Silver Hand Paladins when he was about 15 years old, but when Prince Arthas betrayed Lordaeron, Lordaeron was reduced to a living hell.

    During the Battle of Andorhal, the Silver Hand's Uther the Lightbringer was killed by Arthas. The Silver Hand had almost been destroyed. Those who remained were Alexander Mograine, Isillien, Afred, Abbendis and some others. Most of these people were involved with the creation of the Scarlet Crusade.

    Renault Mograine had been very competitive ever since childhood. Being the son of a distinguished Paladin like Alexander made his desire to become stronger even fiercer. He longed to be a hero like his father.

    However, as the Ashbringer's son, he was always shrouded by his father's shadow. He didn't want to rely on his father and tried to prove himself, so that he could be seen as a brave and fearless warrior. Despite his best efforts, the Highlord always found fault in Renault and often reprimanded him in public, which damaged his self-esteem.

    Perhaps the Highlord also hoped that his son would become a hero, which was why he imposed such strict requirements.

    Even so, throughout history, it was the strange things that ultimately led to big events.

    The father and son eventually became enemies solely because of one woman - the Scarlet Crusade's young Priest Sally.

    Whitemane had grown up with Renault and the two had always admired each other.

    However, it was completely unacceptable for Alexander's son to fall in love with his adopted daughter. He implored Renault to uphold the creeds of the Paladin, which were humility, honor, heroism, sacrifice, mercy, faith and honesty. He was to treat women with respect and protect them, but not possess them. Feelings and sensuality would make a Paladin lose the will to fight.

    "The old man is really annoying."

    The two young girls who really liked love stories became quite angry when Lu Li was telling the story.

    "Is Whitemane really that beautiful?' Wandering asked as he gently stroked his chin. He didn't believe that someone else could be that good looking.

    "I hear her legs are more beautiful than yours," Azure Sea Breeze laughed.

    "You're gross; why are you looking are my legs?" Wandering's temper flared up.

    "Get out of here," Azure Sea Breeze spat back.

    There were internal conflicts and an external fear of Grand Crusader Saidan Dathrohan being possessed by Balnazzar, in addition to Kel'Thuzad participating in the conspiracy.

    The two young people had hearts filled with resentment and planned the conspiracy.

    Under the guidance of the Scarlet Crusade Traitor Azshir, Renault lured his father Alexander and Inquisitor Fairbanks into the ruins of Stratholme where they were surrounded by Scourge.

    Inquisitor Fairbanks was long gone and soon, Alexander was alone with the Scourge. Renault then approached from behind and killed his weakened father.

    However, the entire act of Renault killing his father was seen by Fairbanks who had somehow managed to escape.

    The Inquisitor took his infected body and returned to the Scarlet Monastery. He then angrily exposed Renault's heinous behavior to everyone, but many, including Isilien, were reluctant to believe that it was true. Sally Whitemane, who was part of the conspiracy, also helped to cover up Renault's crime. She simply said that Fairbanks had been infected and so he was detained in a secret room of the Scarlet Monastery.

    After the Inquisitor was imprisoned, he was replaced by Sally.

    In this Instance Dungeon, there were three Bosses - Interrogator Jimmy Vishas, Commander Renault Mograine and Great Inquisitor Sally.
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