456 Battleground

    Lu Xin didn't even notice when he paid. She kept her head down as she read through the property information and attempted to find a cheap and decent house.

    "Girl, we're going," Lu Li said as he waved his hand.

    "Oh, we're not buying a house anymore?" Lu Xin asked carefully. She thought that her brother had probably changed his mind because the houses were too expensive. The siblings shared similar values in terms of finance - they were both quite stingy.

    She was relieved, but at the same time a little disappointed.

    She didn't know that Lu Li had already secretly bought the most expensive house in Dawn. He had paid entirely in cash and signed the contract without any hesitation, which went to show that he was willing to do anything for her.

    Lu Li also finally understood the reason behind the cheap price of the house. The price was low because the main city had only just been made available for players. In about another month, there was a good chance that the prices would go up.

    After he paid the money, Dra gave Lu Li some papers and a plate, which was his identity for his new house.

    The item could not be dropped or damage, but it could be traded. The owner of the house would be able to set up restrictions, with the highest level of restriction allowing them to ban other players from approaching the property.

    Lu Li allowed his sister to have complete authority around the house, and there was another option made available for them on their Hearthstones.

    Previously, they would get teleported back to their selected inn. Now, they could choose to either teleport back to the inn or their home. This was a special service made available by the system after the update.

    However, Lu Li still chose to walk over with his sister.

    The teleportation fees were free - after they arrived at the hall, they could choose to teleport to their location. It was only a matter of seconds for them to travel from the North to the South of the city. Someone had previously tested travelling this distance with a 60% movement speed mount. If the players didn't use the portal, it would take them at least half an hour to make the trip.

    There were quite a few good places around the south side of the city. Priest skill trainers, Alchemy skill trainers, Herbalist, Pet trainers - there were lots of useful NPCs were around. The auction in the south side of the city was also linked with the auction system in other locations, which made item purchases much easier.

    Just a little further down was the greatest building in Darnassus - the Temple of the Moon Goddess.

    As the only Goddess of Azeroth, Elune had her own reputation with many races.

    The Temple of the Mood Goddess wasn't easily accessible; there were many people around the area. A majority of them would come to visit its garden, which was the greatest herb research center for the Night Elves.

    After the garden was the lake.

    Hidden within the bushes and the grass, a small bridge extended across the lake. Fairies from the garden would sometimes play on the bridge, softly singing tunes that calmed the soul.

    It was unwise to attempt hurting these little fairies.

    They were the essence of high Elves who had died fighting in the war for their race. Once you displayed any form of aggression against them, the Elf sentinels hidden within the bushes would definitely attack you without a second thought.

    "Is our house in the water?" Lu Xin had already asked plenty of questions along the way - where did we buy the house, are we there yet, are we there yet...

    Her mentality was a little like a wanderer returning home. She was a child from a poor family and it was the first time moving into a new house of her own. It was hard for the average person to comprehend how she felt.

    Lu Li held his sister's hand as they walked onto the bridge; it didn't take long for Red Leaf Island to come into sight.

    The name wasn't fancy, but it was a clear portrait of the island's image. From afar, it was an island covered by red leaves that rested in clear waters, calm and lazy.

    "It's here; this entire island," Lu Li said with mixed feelings.

    "But, but..." The little girl was almost drooling, but she was quick to grasp the key point:

    "How much did this cost!"

    "I'm the first to buy a house, so the system only took a thousand gold coins," Lu Li lied. For his sister to not feel any psychological burden, he would even be happy to announce this island as the reward for winning the Shadow Cup.

    Lu Xin was used to trusting her brother, so she didn't think that he would lie to her, but that didn't mean she wasn't concerned about the 1000 gold coins.

    "This is a big island and it's pretty too. As long as the game is still around, we'll be able to stay here. We're not losing anything," Lu Li said as he pushed his sister's shoulder and took her around the island.

    Lu Xin was amazed by the beauty of the place, and liked it the more she explored.

    "Boss, are you done yet? We're all waiting."

    A message was sent and interrupted Lu Li; he had to stop what he was doing.

    "Monkey, can't you guys play without me? I'm quite busy." Lu Li wasn't impressed.

    "What are you busy for? We all know you're in the city; your coordinates are constantly getting refreshed. Come join us in battleground; it's so fun. We don't have enough numbers. If you come, we'll definitely win."

    Fat Monkey was in the battleground with others from the guild.

    He wasn't in the battleground at Grey Valley; he was in the new battleground.

    There were ten people on each team and it was played in capture-the-flag mode. Victory was only announced when the flag was stolen by one team three times.

    Fat Monkey had been very active. He was very passionate about gaming and he immediately tried the new battleground dungeon as soon as it was released.

    The poor child truly experienced how important it was for him to have good team members. The first time he went in, eight out of his nine team members were terrible. The battle was completely one-sided - they didn't manage to take the flag, not even once.

    After his painful experience, the future Fire Mage Lord learned his lesson. He grouped a bunch of people from his guild and they played the battleground together.

    Unfortunately, the battleground was split into sections, and he could only group players between level 30-34.

    Ruling Sword had less higher-level players compared to other big guilds.

    Most players also had their own teams, so there weren't many players available to play with him.

    On the other hand, a few players from Lu Li's usual team responded to his call. Sakura Memories, March Rain and Moonlight were all team members for the upcoming competition, so there was no doubt about their response.

    Azure Sea Breeze claimed that he was unbeatable, and he needed to go into the battleground to show off his amazing defense.

    As for the others, Lonesome Flower and Sesame Rice Ball didn't want to show their weaknesses. Wandering was too busy drinking in the bar, Remnant Dream had to take her pet on a walk, and Hachi Chan was busy trying to hatch her Spirit Dragon mount. Anyone who dared to interrupt her would be cursed by her.

    Azure Sea Breeze, March Rain, Moonlight and Fat Monkey - this was already a really strong team. They just needed a few other players to fill in the gaps.

    However, without Lu Li, they didn't feel secure, which was why they kept messaging him.

    "You should go; I'll play here by myself." Lu Xin was a good girl and encouraged her brother to participate in events.

    "Alright, take a look around and let me know if anything needs to be reconstructed or if we need to purchase anything. Make a list; I'll buy everything when I come back. Or, you can message Square Root 3 - he'll definitely be able to sort everything out." Lu Li also knew that he couldn't afford to stop. The battlegrounds were still a good place for him to practice, so it was better if he went.

    Hence, his original plan to spend time with his sister to redecorate their new home ended.
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