510 Finding Another Treasure Map

    The level 40 Gold Healing Cloak wasn't necessarily better than the previous two items, but Lu Li decided that March Rain should take it because she could immediately wear it.

    It had a -20% level requirement!

    This special effect was basically a hack, as it allowed level 40 equipment to be worn at level 32.

    Level 40 equipment generally had stronger properties and special effects than level 30 equipment, not to mention that this was still a Gold Healing Cloak.

    Other than the level reduction, the healing cloak also had two other special effects.

    One was a damage reduction skill that was similar to Pain Suppression, but its effect was slightly worse as it only reduced damage by 30%. The duration was also slightly lower at 5 seconds. However, the good part about it was that it could be held and used at any time, regardless of whether a player was stunned, feared or in any other uncontrollable state.

    The other special effect was called Spirit of Redemption.

    When the Priest who was wearing this died, they would transform into a Spirit of Redemption for 15 seconds. During that time, they could not attack, be attacked or be targeted by any skill or effect. However, they could cast any healing skill without consuming mana. After the effect ended, the Priest would die.

    Considering how important Priests were, this was a very strong skill.

    Many players called this state the Fairy Sister. After a Priest had this skill, they wouldn't immediately turn into a corpse upon death. Instead, they would live on in an angelic form and continue to provide healing.

    When the players saw a teammate doing that, they would always feel touched.

    This piece of equipment was very powerful and suitable for March Rain. March Rain was also a competitor in tournaments, so she naturally had priority.

    Lu Li also wasn't a greedy person, so he wasn't going to take this item for himself without compensation.

    They had lost a match in the Magic Cup and they could still lose another tomorrow. Lu Li could accept these defeats, but he certainly did not welcome them.

    "There is also a rare material - Secondary Sea Essence," Remnant Dream said, before sullenly announcing, "That's it. I'll get more next time."

    "That's okay. One Dark Gold item, two Gold items and a rare material is pretty good. What more do you want?" Lu Li comforted as he patted her head and took the Secondary Sea Essence.

    Secondary Sea Essence could be used to make equipment that would allow one to swim in the sea.

    It acted like a permanent Underwater Potion, but was even more effective.

    For example, it could increase underwater agility or the amount of time spent underwater. These effects could allow a player to properly fight underwater monsters.

    Unfortunately, it wasn't True Sea Essence. True Sea Essence was necessary was forging Giant Sail Boats.

    Azeroth's land was quite expansive, but it was nothing compared to the ocean. Players in Lu Li's previous life had spent fortunes forging fleets, with the ambition to enter the boundless Great Sea.

    The islands throughout the oceans contained innumerable wealth and bountiful rewards.

    Unfortunately, most fleets were swallowed by the endless whirlpool of the sea. The losses were not small; these huge ships required Sea Essence as their cores.

    However, that could be worried about in the future; it wasn't important now.

    When a First Clear on a Wild Boss was taken, not everyone received a reward, like in an Instance Dungeon.

    However, there was still a reward for Lu Li, who found that his backpack contained 3 items. One was a skill book - Counterspell, which was one of the Mage's crowd-control skills.

    This skill required careful attention to the timing of skills.

    For example, if your opponent was a Mage casting Frostbolt, you could use Counterspell on them to interrupt their channel. Then, they would then be unable cast any ice-type skills, but natural and fire skills could still be used.

    Conversely, if Counterspell was cast when an opponent wasn't channeling a skill, it would have no effect.

    You had to wait for someone else to use a skill for it to produce an effect.

    This skill was particularly useful for PVP, but had limited uses in PVE. Lu Li gave this item to Fat Monkey.

    Given his current status in the competition, he obviously had priority.

    The second reward item was a rare material, but it was more common and had limited uses. Lu Li intended to just drop it off at the Guild Warehouse for someone else to claim.

    This was the kind of luck Lu Li had. If it weren't for the fact that his drop probability had been increased by the First Clear bonus, his luck would be no different to an ordinary person's.

    The third item was a little bit better, but after looking at the properties, Lu Li decided to let the players bid for it in the Guild Warehouse as well.

    It was a Silver level 35 Dagger with decent properties and three special effects. It also had bonus Critical Hit like most exquisite weapons, but Lu Li didn't need any weapons right now. This dagger wasn't good enough to replace the ones he already had.

    "Boss, there's something here," someone on the guild channel said as he sent over an item.

    This item was called Map Fragment (Middle) and looked like half a piece of parchment paper. It only had a name and didn't even have a description.

    Perhaps it was a part of something else; the original text and pattern was hidden. It seemed like once you found all the pieces, the whole thing would be revealed.

    "I have a top piece here," someone called out.

    "I have one here too, but it's just like that one. It's a middle as well."

    "You all saw the System prompt. This is a treasure map, but it is divided into three parts - top, middle and bottom. You need all three pieces to make a full map. You also need a Captain's Key. Once you have all four items, you can go on a treasure hunt," Lu Li said, not bothering to hide it. Before long, someone would find out, so it was better for his guild to know first.

    "Do you mean this treasure can be repeatedly found? Is this a Treasure Map?"

    Wandering was a smart guy and quickly worked out what the items were. There were probably only a few of these Mag Fragments in Dawn right now.

    "That's right. When you have all the pieces, you can form a party and go searching," Lu Li confirmed.

    "Ha, you guys can go find someone else. I can't be bothered; I want to sleep." Wandering wasn't too interested in these half-parchments and started leaving for the city.

    He was a veteran and an elder, so no one objected to his decision.
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