529 Feeling Frustrated

    "A hundred might be quite difficult to find."

    Usually, when there was an opportunity for their guildmates to benefit, they would randomly select a few players that had decent equips. However, based on Lu Li's description, the small faction was enough to alter the future of a player's career. Players that could enter the small faction would be able to accept special quests that rewarded much more EXP than normal.

    "Take your time. I'll send the items to you." Lu Li decided to take it slow as well.

    It didn't matter if they entered the small faction later on; the important thing was that he had obtained the item that allowed them to enter.

    "There are two more matches tomorrow. Are you doing ok?" Although Square Root Three was busy with other matters, he still cared about the tournament.

    Even though there were a variety of events that were offered in Dawn, for someone who was in charge of a guild, the most important thing was taking care of their players and making sure that they were ready for tournaments.

    "I'm fine; don't worry about me too much. I just need to relax a bit more. Got to go, talk later," Lu Li said, then hung up as the hostess approached him.

    The hostess was still as beautiful as ever, but she wasn't interested in Lu Li at all.

    He knew that he had a gloomy and scary expression on his face. Anyone that had to fight a level 40 Boss alone to complete a quest would be as exhausted as Lu Li.

    "What would you like to drink?" The hostess was not afraid of Lu Li at all.


    The hostess smiled and left his table.

    Lu Li was frustrated at himself for being so careless; he shouldn't have come to this place with Water Fairy. He let his guard down because everything in life had been going well for him recently. However, he had to learn the hard way that life was full of obstacles.

    "Here's your ale. You seem quite gloomy; was the quest too hard?" Instead of leaving, the hostess sat down in front of Lu Li and started a conversation.

    "Not just hard," Lu Li sighed, "The quest told me to defeat a level 40 boss by myself..."

    Lu Li couldn't blame anyone and had nowhere to release his frustrations.

    "That's impossible," the hostess exclaimed in surprise with eyes wide-open. "How could they expect you to complete the quest by yourself?"

    "Complete?" Lu Li said. "You mean completed."

    Lu Li didn't mention that he had completed the quest with the help of an NPC. If Ravenholdt Manor wanted to punish him for this, he would use this as an excuse to be kicked out.

    He hadn't even brought back the head of the boss that he was supposed to kill. In reality, he had barely touched it at all.

    "Although I don't know the details of the quest, I know whether the quest has been completed or not. I can't believe you were able to solo kill a level 40 boss..." the hostess said.

    The hostess was amazed because she knew that she had no chance of solo-killing a level 40 boss.

    "So, I finished the quest?" Lu Li asked as he let out a sigh of relief. There were better small factions than the Assassin League, but not many were suitable for him. As long as he had finished the quest, then everything would be fine.

    "Yep, you've completed the quest," the hostess confirmed and nodded.

    He then received a system notification: "Mission target eliminated, assassin quest complete. EXP and rewards will be given. Ravenholdt Manor favourability increased."

    Although SP hadn't been rewarded, Lu Li was not disappointed at all. He had previously received some SP from Althea Ebonlocke. As long as he received his EXP reward, he would be completely satisfied.

    He had just levelled up to Lv35 and gained a large chunk of his EXP bar.

    These quests were the definition of high risk high reward.

    "This is for you; you might like this."

    The hostess placed some leather armour on the table and Lu Li instantly took it.

    In the corner of the dim-lit bar, no one could tell what they were doing.

    Voodoo Chest Plate (Gold Grade): Mould.

    Lu Li's expression remained unchanged as he sipped on his ale, but internally, his heart was dancing in joy.

    If he crafted this, he would be able to obtain another level 40 Gold Grade equip. He didn't expect himself to become so excited over a piece of equipment.

    Only Lu Li knew that the Voodoo Chest Plate was part of a level 40 Gold Grade Set.

    The only other place that the Voodoo Chest Plate could be obtained from was the level 35 Instance Dungeon boss Zul'Farrk, but the chances were very low.

    Equipment Sets were always the strongest because of the set effects.

    This was a concept that most Dawn players were aware of. No matter how weak the individual pieces were, the set effects were always enough to compensate.

    There were four pieces in the Voodoo set - a chest, head, cape and shoulder guard. The set effects depend on the quality of each piece.

    If all four pieces were collected at the Perfect grade, the set effect would be out of this world.

    However, the chances of that happening would be incredibly low. Since leather armour required tailoring, Lu Li could not craft it himself. The chances of a casual tailor crafting a perfect grade item was very poor.

    As such, Lu Li decided to wait until he found a qualified player with high tailoring mastery.

    He decided that he would go and complete a difficult quest that rewarded an item which increased the chances of crafting a higher-grade equip. The item was equivalent to a forging hammer in smithing.

    However, before he undertook this, he would have to prepare himself because the quest was quite troublesome.

    "Looks like you're very satisfied with this equip," the hostess smiled and said. "Who knows how your female companion is doing? I wonder how difficult her quest is..."

    Lu Li began to feel worried because Water Fairy had accepted the same quest. What would her quest be like? Did she use a NPC to help her just like Lu Li did?

    If Water Fairy didn't complete the quest, Ravenholdt Manor would banish her or even try to kill her. Would she hate Lu Li for this? Would she be sad and depressed? Would she ask Lu Li to pay back the money he owned and prevent him from making money? The more he thought about this, the more anxious he became.
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