535 Arugal’s Wrath

    When his first skill was interrupted, Arugal became angry and lifted his hands as he summoned a black mist.

    The physical attacks coming from Lu Li and Moonlight began missing while the attacks that did hit were significantly weakened. This was an instant cast skill that couldn't be interrupted.

    Arugal's personal strength was said to be greater than any individual Kirin Tor Mage. However, for the players, this was a welcome surprise.

    Many professional Mages wanted this skill.

    Once they learned this skill, almost all physical threats against them could be neutralized.

    "Dammit, how do we fight like this?" Azure Sea Breeze cursed. He felt like he was unable to keep the Boss' aggro as none of his attacks were hitting.

    "Ranged players, attack slower." Lu Li was helpless too.

    At least half of his attacks were missing, which made his damage output lower than Remnant Dream's.

    Unfortunately, Lu Li didn't speak quickly enough and Lonesome Flower's DPS shot up too high. Not only did he take the Boss' aggro, but he also further aggravated the Boss.

    Arugal stopped to cast Shadow Bolt directly at Lonesome Flower.

    "Ah!" March Rain suddenly exclaimed as her brother turned into a Worgen. For a moment, she even forgot that this was a game and immediately rushed over to her brother. A skill like this was bound to cause chaos.

    After transforming into a Worgen, Lonesome Flower could only watch as he attacked his sister.

    When Arugal was aggravated, he would immediately turn the player with the highest DPS into a Worgen to attack the other players...

    Fortunately, Lu Li had already anticipated this situation. This was one of the biggest obstacles he had faced in his past life. At the time, the way they handled it was by killing the one who had been controlled.

    Although they would lose a member or two, it was better than the Worgen wreaking havoc on the rest of the party.

    The difficulty in facing Arugal was in the duration of his skills. Both the melee debuff and the Worgen transformation skill lasted for a long time.

    "March, pull your brother away and hide around a pillar. Don't forget to heal yourself," Lu Li commanded. As Lonesome Flower was a Mage, the Worgen version of him didn't have that much physical strength so March Rain could survive if she just healed herself.

    With the eight remaining players, Hachi Chan had now become the main healer.

    "Hachi, your healing is..." Azure Sea Breeze couldn't even finish what he was saying as he was completely focused on damage reduction.

    After a slow two minutes, Lonesome Flower finally returned to his original form. Both the brother and sister were now back to their respective roles, but Lonesome Flower was much more conservative and made sure he didn't take aggro.

    Shortly thereafter, the melee debuff also wore off.

    Taking Lonesome Flower's lesson into mind, Lu Li and Moonlight didn't dare to deal too much damage either. They all made sure they didn't take aggro, just in case they were selected to become a Worgen.

    "It would be nice if Polymorph was that strong," Lonesome Flower said coldly.

    After playing for so long, he had grown to really love his profession. When he had nothing to do, he would study his profession's skills, but now that he had seen Arugal's Polymorph, he couldn't help but envy it.

    Turning your opponent into a Sheep and then making it attack their teammates...

    This was a ridiculous request. If such a skill existed, Mages were truly rule the world.

    "Do you want me to cast Bloodlust?" Sakura Memories usually casted Bloodthirst before fighting a Boss, but Lu Li hadn't asked for it this time, so she was a little confused.

    "No, we need to fight this Boss slowly," Lu Li said as he shook his head.

    This Boss had 160,000 HP and also had Regeneration. If they fought it slowly, it would be years before they would be done. They also didn't know what it would do when it got to low HP, but Lu Li didn't have a choice - he didn't know how to deal with its Polymorph.

    In fact, there wasn't a strategy to defeating all Bosses in Dawn.

    Sometimes, the slow and steady approach wasn't the most optimal, as it depended on a team's endurance. Fortunately, everyone's level was close to Arugal's so there was no disadvantage. This meant that there wasn't much extra pressure on March Rain either.

    They continued fighting Arugal like this for another 20 minutes before he was finally reached low HP.

    At this time, Arugal revealed a new skill - Worgen Summoning. This summoned seven Worgens, but they were all pulled away by the secondary-tank Wandering. They then quickly turned on them and cleared them out.

    During that time, Arugal also started spouting more nonsense.

    "What did I do wrong? When Dalaran was captured and High Mage Antonidas was killed, who protected the Mages? Was it Kel'Thuzad, the one had had long betrayed the faith, or was it the pretty Jaina? No! It was me, Arugal!" the old Mage shouted angrily.

    Lu Li had never done this dungeon at Nightmare difficulty before, so he had never seen such an intelligent Arugal.

    Dawn was really too realistic; it even gave NPCs real human emotions.

    They looked at each other and didn't know how to respond to this Mage who seemed to have gone astray like Kel'Thuzad.

    "I studied at Dalaran from an early age, but everyone despised me. They all said I had no magical talent and that I should just water the flowers in the garden. The High Mages didn't take notice of me and neglected my insignificant life. In this world, everyone has their own story. Some are recorded and some are forgotten."

    "I want my story to be recorded by the future generations. I don't want my name to be forgotten, because, I, too, have a vibrant life. No truth should ever be ignored. It is like the wildflowers that you see - small but real."

    After Arugal finished his rant, it almost seemed like it wasn't nonsense after all.

    The players that were present, even the inexperienced girls, were all touched.

    Arugal was not in the same class as the famous Mages like Antonidas, Kel'Thuzad or Jaina. He was just a servant of magic who loved magic and had slowly gotten this far.

    As his HP depleted, he became more and more angry. "I will become a god! I will create life! I will subvert the laws of this world to my ways! Look at these Worgen..."

    Another group of Worgen were summoned, but unfortunately, they weren't a threat to Lu Li and the others at all.

    At this moment, Lu Li decided that there was no need to stall anymore. He ordered Sakura Memories to cast Bloodlust as they attacked together to drain old Mage Arugal of his last bit of HP.

    When Arugal finally fell, all of the Worgen dissipated like spirits.
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