546 The Goddess’ Insults

    A day after the quarter finals began, Lu Li was made clearly aware of his sister's condition. It was a doctor who gave him peace of mind and forced him to rest after logging off.

    It was the old hospital director that told the Lu siblings to get out of the isolation ward.

    According to the director, Lu Xin's recovery had gone so smoothly that there was no need for her to say in the suffocating isolation ward. She could now go into general care.

    However, Lu Li rejected the director's suggestion and insisted that his sister only leave when she had fully recovered.

    The director of the hospital was actually also thinking about Lu Li; one day in the isolation ward cost tens of thousands of hospital fees. It wasn't affordable for the average person. Moreover, the Lu siblings didn't seem to come from a rich family.

    The day after the match with Majin Temple, Water Fairy finally completed her quest.

    Lu Li received the message about it while training. To help him level faster, Ruling Sword had sent eight of their best Mages and divided them into teams so that Lu Li could continually gain EXP.

    Lu Li wasn't lazy - almost all professional players received such treatment.

    He didn't waste that time either, using it to practice his skill technique and familiarizing himself with the other professions. There were some PVP maniacs in the guild who weren't as good as the professional players, but they were more-skilled than ordinary players. As such, they would come and train with Lu Li.

    This meant that there were at least a dozen players around him.

    Some might feel like the players who had been chosen for these tasks would be upset. However, in reality, the opposite was true; these positions were snapped up by the guildmembers.

    The eight Mages who were responsible for levelling Lu Li also received some EXP and were reimbursed by the guild for all their expenses, such as potions.

    As for those who loved PVP, they didn't receive any EXP, but it was a prime learning opportunity.

    For the professional player, this was the kind of treatment that most people dreamed of.

    Lu Li wasn't incompetent in his knowledge of any of the professions, but there were some unique insights that he could still learn. Sometimes, an inadvertent phrase made by a player could help him improve by leaps and bounds.

    "Thank you so much," Water Fairy said gratefully and excitedly.

    "Looks like you've finished your quest." If there was anything that could make this tycoon so grateful, it would be the Assassin's League quest.

    "Yeah, thanks to your Bloodstained Badge. Jaina looks pretty, but she's too cold. I just couldn't talk to her without Medivh's letter of introduction. She must be jealous that I look better than her..." Water Fairy said angrily.

    Lu Li began to sweat a little. Why did he always run into this topic? When two females came face to face, did they first check to see who was more attractive?

    "Theramore simply doesn't let any strangers in. You needed to start from a quest given by the guards," Water Fairy continued to rant in frustation.

    Who could imagine a goddess like Water Fairy would go on an insulting spree like this? She was attacking everything from the muddy swamp, to the Theramore soldiers and even Jaina's arrogance...

    "This is a normal thing; it's a game after all. If you don't reach a certain level of prestige, the NPCs won't care about you," Lu Li weakly consoled.

    "You're actually speaking in their defense?" Water Fairy got even madder.

    This Lu Li guy really didn't know how to talk to girls; he was definitely going to live his life alone.

    "Keke, how did you solve it then?" Lu Li really wanted to change the subject. While he was speaking, he was also crazily attacking another Thief from the guild.

    Ever since he saw what Floral Paralysis had done, Lu Li had begun to take blocking much more seriously.

    This skill couldn't be upgraded with Skill Points; it had to be controlled manually in Manual Mode. If he wanted to use it more efficiently, he needed to practice it. He needed to make it part of his sub-conscious.

    Once his blocking ability was improved, he could be almost invincible when in close combat.

    In close combat, a Thief could fight another Thief, a Warrior or a Paladin. A successful block would greatly reduce the damage taken and also have a chance of preventing a crowd-control effect from activating.

    "It was thanks to your Bloodstained Badge. I took it to the place you told me and ran into an old man..." Water Fairy started to thank Lu Li again...

    Old man...

    Lu Li sighed and thought about how Medivh really was just an old man if you ignored his vast magical ability.

    "I'm sorry," Water Fairy spoke weakly as she suddenly remembered something.

    "What happened? Why are you apologizing?" Lu Li was immediately on alert. He didn't expect for the female tycoon to act like this.

    "Your badge has been taken away, but I'll definitely repay you with something better," Water Fairy said, patting her chest as a show of guarantee.

    "Uh..." It would be a lie to say that the loss of the badge wasn't distressing. It wasn't just a badge; it was a token given by Medivh. He didn't think that the old man would be so stingy as to take the badge as part of the transaction for a letter of introduction.

    Aegwynn's book of Enchanting was a relic that belonged to his mother.

    "Who is Medivh? Jaina attached such a great importance to him that when she received my letter; she came out to talk to be personally. She even said I had to fight the crocodile king and sent a regiment to help..." Water Fairy didn't quite understand Lu Li's loss and was immersed in trying to understand Jaina.

    "Medivh is a prophet, comparable to that of Tyrande and Malfurion. He is Jaina's guide."

    What's happened had happened, so Lu Li could only just try and stay calm.

    Of course, he was still a little annoyed.

    This loss would sooner or later be recovered from the female tycoon. As for Medivh, he was a 100-year man (or God) but he had turned out to be quite difficult to predict.

    "So that old man was really strong," Water Fairy was a little surprised.

    "Did you get anything good from killing Ripscale?" Lu Li asked curiously. The Boss was supposed to be level 45, so even if it was 10 levels lower, it would still drop decent items.

    "Unfortunately, I didn't get the last hit EXP," Water Fairy said pitifully.

    "I asked if it dropped anything good." Lu Li was furious with her casual tone. He wanted to know what it had dropped; her EXP gain had nothing to do with him.
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