568 Monster In The Magma River

    If he could farm this world, he could make quite a bit of profit from it.

    Lu Li wanted to use the Double-Headed Hellhound as an experiment. If he could defeat it, then he could farm this place. If he couldn't defeat a monster that he just randomly found, then he would just forget it.

    The Double-Headed Hellhound itself wasn't uncommon - they could be found all over Azeroth at varying degrees. Some of them were between level 10-20, while others could be up to level 50-60. Some of them were even Bosses.

    Lu Li quietly snuck around to the back of this monster.

    Before he had even attacked, the monster's snake-like tail swung at him. It was such a surprise that Lu Li didn't have the chance to avoid it.

    However, after being hit, Lu Li actually felt less worried.

    The attack only dealt 100 damage to him; its attack strength was really low.

    Even so, after being oppressed by those gorillas, he put that thought out of his mind. He didn't want to underestimate the Double-Headed Hellhound before him.

    Although he hadn't been careful, Lu Li was confident in his Stealth ability.

    As such, he concluded that his Stealth somehow didn't work on this monster. Could it be that because it had two heads, it had better Detection than most monsters?

    After the Stealth failed, Lu Li didn't retreat, but instead went on the offensive. He stabbed the dagger deep into the Hellhound's head and dealt more than 200 damage.

    At the same time, he also saw the Hellhound's level. It was actually only level 32 - five levels below Lu Li.

    For a common monster at this level, it was already quite impressive that it could deal 100 damage to Lu Li. It seemed that the strength of the monsters here was quite high. Lu Li hoped that there wasn't a Boss around.

    He then took two steps back, waiting for the Double-Headed Hellhound to make its move.

    He wasn't just trying to kill the monster; he was trying to thoroughly determine the attacks of monsters in this secret area.

    The Double-Headed Hellhound that was attacked let out a cry before the two heads started shaking. The two heads then shot fiery red fireballs from their mouths at Lu Li.

    They weren't slow, but Lu Li felt like he could dodge them.

    However, he didn't dodge them this time and instead allowed the two fireballs to hit him.

    -245, -230.

    The attacks were quite strong and did about twice the damage of a normal one, but the two-second cast time was more than long enough for Lu Li interrupt it.

    He could finally rest assured knowing that this monster wasn't stronger than he was.

    With that in mind, Lu Li used Sudden Thrust to approach the Double-Headed Hellhound before using Kick to interrupt its skill...

    What happened next was almost comedic. After the skill was interrupted, the Hellhound couldn't release the fireballs, so it was forced to swallow them. Two damage values of over 300 appeared above its head.

    Moreover, it also applied a burn effect that dealt 20-30 damage per second.

    Was this the legendary magic reflection? What a pleasant surprise.

    After killing the Double-Headed Hellhound, Lu Li received a few coins and some random materials. He didn't see any equipment, but when he thought about how it was just a common monster, this was no surprise.

    Surprisingly, it turned out to be exceptionally rich in EXP - it gave three times more EXP than usual monsters at level 35.

    All of these things weren't too surprising given the circumstances.

    These level 30+ common monsters dropped some kind of demon emblem in addition to the materials and common equips. Although Lu Li had experienced rebirth, he didn't know what these were.

    This item looked like money and didn't have a high drop rate. Only one dropped for every dozen monsters he killed.

    Lu Li guessed it was some kind of secret currency. Perhaps it would be useful after he left this place, but he never really paid attention to things like this in his past life, so he didn't really know.

    After a while, he finally saw the second monster - a lava monster that was covered in red hot stones. It used physical attacks, but these attacks would come with burn damage. These were quite effective against a Leather-armored Thief.

    Moreover, because its body was covered in stones, Lu Li's damage was greatly reduced. Sometimes, some of his damage was even rebounded to him.

    Fortunately, this monster didn't have any skills, so as long as he didn't run into a large group of these, he would be okay.

    Lu Li was more and more convinced that this was an small abandoned world. He hadn't even seen two monsters together, let alone a group of them. Lu Li initially wanted to farm here, but perhaps that was a happy misunderstanding.

    As for the items, those monsters could drop Strengthening Stones.

    These stones could increase the overall quality of an equipment. Lu Li had collected 20-30 of them, but hadn't had a chance to use them yet.

    In one graceful step, Lu Li used his familiar Backhand Backstab and the lava monster stopped moving. Its body started fragmenting as burning lava flowed out of it.

    Lu Li picked up a Strengthening Stone from the lava body and nodded with satisfaction.

    It was good EXP and he had found a Strengthening Stone. This trip was definitely worth it.

    Every time Lu Li stopped, he would mark the map so that he wouldn't get lost.

    "It looks like this secret area isn't small. Who knows how many times I can use the orb to come in here? If it's just once, that would be too unfair." Lu Li knew that this place wasn't going to be this simple. The monsters near the entrance would definitely be the weakest ones and they would get stronger as he progressed further. There could even be a Boss here, just like in an Instance Dungeon.

    It appeared there was even a river in this small abandoned world.

    It was hard to see it, but Lu Li could hear the sound of moving liquid.

    Lu Li was reinvigorated by the sound; he was about to going crazy from this place. There was no wind, no sound of birds, no trees and no grass. He had no idea how living things survived here.

    At the very least, this river was something he was familiar with.


    When Lu Li reached the river, the heat wave that he felt was suffocating and caused him to immediately retreat. The river was actually filled with magma, and there was no way he could approach it.

    The temperature was so high that anyone who approached it would probably be burned to ashes.

    The air was filled with sulfur, and Lu Li couldn't help but bend over and cough.

    After a while, he felt better. Lu Li then saw a shadow creeping around him. He didn't want to wait to see what it would do, so he tumbled away and started running.

    However, that shadow was quite flexible and quickly caught up to Lu Li.

    It was cold!

    Feeling the terrible chill of the shadow, Lu Li couldn't help but shiver.
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