631 A Business-Minded Father

    There was not much to oppose for this kind of thing. After the father understood what it was and made sure it wasn't a contract for her to sell herself, he signed his name on it.

    Her cute little daughter had become a property owner, and a young one at that.

    "Congratulations. If a financier decides to invest in our club, your daughter's wealth will increase a thousand fold," Lawyer Zhang said with zeal and envy.

    He was just a lawyer at Ruling Sword, and was only associated through their business together. He didn't know that Lu Li didn't accept company investments.

    As for Remnant Dream, she probably understood this, but she was more interested in being able to catch more pets.

    "Thank you. So, Mr. Kirby, it's your turn," the father said as he sent the lawyer away and turned to Mr Chen of the Kirby Company.

    He had already planned to interrogate his daughter later; she had done all of this without letting them know. What if she really did accidentally sell herself? But, since there was someone here, he held himself back and stroked her head gently.

    "My name is Mr. Chen. We, as the Kirby Company, want to invite your daughter to act as our spokesperson in the game for a year. During her time, she will usually also participate in some simple promotional activities."

    As a minor, she couldn't be forced to do anything.

    Mr Chen made sure to stress that point, as this father looked like he might not like this proposal.

    "Kirby is a pet food right? What does that have to do with my daughter?" the father asked very seriously. "Or do you think she ate this stuff when she was growing up?"

    "Please, why would you make a joke with such a serious face?" Mr. Chen thought to himself as he broke into a cold sweat.

    "Pfffshht," the father laughed and glanced at her daughter before breaking into a smile. He decided not to tell the story about how she had secretly decided to taste fish pet food. It wasn't worth showing that off now; his daughter was a businessperson now...

    Remnant Dream scratched her head. She could already imagine the kind of mockery these men would receive after they left.

    She was quite unlucky to be born into a family like this. Hachi Chan was much more fortunate - her parents were much more normal and never joked about how she was stupid.

    Mr. Chen explained with difficulty about why their company wanted to find a young girl to endorse their products. He also tried to explain how this business practice was quite normal and would have a significant influence on the game.

    She didn't have to do too much and would have the experience of earning some money, so Remnant Dream's father didn't really mind.

    "Alright, how much will you pay her?"

    "This..." Mr. Chen hesitated for a while before saying, "I think your daughter could tell you the amount."

    The moment Remnant Dream heard about the money, she instantly came alive and used her fingers to count, "5600 gold coins..."

    She could buy the pet manor with 5500 gold, and she was going to use the remaining money on raising a big pet family. The little girl had a very specific vision in mind.

    Mr. Chen wasn't sure if Remnant Dream's father would understand, so he quickly explained the purchasing power of 5000 gold coins.

    "8000 and not a cent lower. If you want to have her, that's the price," the father firmly said after pondering for a while. He understood his daughter very well - she had always been one to only ask for as much as she needed.

    The reason why Mr. Chen didn't say the amount himself was because Remnant Dream wanted a low amount.

    If she wanted such a low price, then it couldn't be said that Mr Chen forced them, and the company could save some money. Even though he didn't receive that money, he might earn some rewards at the end of the year.

    "My daughter has 87 pets. Thirty-two of them are rare and some of them are unique to her. You probably won't be able to find anyone better than her in this regard. She is also a shareholder in Ruling Sword and has many very strong friends who can help her find more pets. Not to mention, she is also quite famous in game and even more so among the pet-keeping circles..."

    He indeed was a businessman - these were all facts given by Mr. Chen previously and he had no way of refuting them.

    Even Mr. Chen knew that Remnant Dream was more suitable than anyone they else they could find.

    "This is what my daughter has decided to do, so I will support her. But, the price of such things must be fair, or you won't have proper cooperation between both sides. Kirby is a very reputable company; I hope you will carefully reconsider," the father concluded calmly.

    Mr. Chen helplessly called his boss and went back and forth before agreeing on the new price.

    In fact, they had actually exceeded their company's budget. Kirby was a pet food company, not a diamond mine. However, after hearing Remnant Dream's father's words, it would be embarrassing to let him down.

    Her father scoffed at the idea that she was using this money to buy a pet manor, but he also didn't want to comment on this.

    Hachi Chan lived nearby and in that time, lawyer Zhang had also completed the shareholding contract with her.

    Ruling Sword had been established for some time now and there were various legal proceedings that flowed from the game.

    Remnant Dream and Hachi Chan were special examples as they were minors. Minors had no capacity for liability and their contracts had to be signed by a guardian.

    Lu Li was the owner of the club and in reality, the founder of the company. Square Root 3 was the manager who was currently organizing the third Elite Group in addition to running the company for Lu Li.

    The third Elite Group was mainly going to be made up of players who displayed good performance.

    Just like the first group, they needed to work in Jiangnan City. If everyone played the game together, it would help increase their loyalty to the company and reduce the possibility of being poached by other guilds.

    However, Lu Li didn't care about these things. After he lost his levelling spot with the Chimpanzees in Stranglethorn Vale, he had to find something else.

    He had originally thought that Tanaris was a good place as the monsters were an appropriate level, but it turned out that they were too overpowered. The Sandworms were very hard to deal with and he couldn't kill them efficiently.

    The competition here had also become fiercer. The pirate captain that Lu Li had gotten the First Clear on was dropping highly sought-after treasure maps.

    As such, he spent most of his time in the Hinterlands, killing some of the Trolls that were around level 45. Occasionally, he would travel to the Southshore Tavern to pick up a few quests. The waitress there hadn't released the new Assassin League quest yet.
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