693 The Princess’ Secret Admirer

    They immediately ran past some three-headed monsters in Maraudon.

    These monsters were probably the descendants of Hydras and and possessed great casting abilities. The abundant flow of magic in Maraudon was the reason that they served under Princess Theradras.

    "Don't pull too many of them; we'll kill them one by one," Lu Li said.

    "Why, can they detect Stealth units?" Deep Watersong asked in confusion.

    "Anything they drop is worth a good fortune. I thought you were knowledgable; you should read more books," Lu Li joked. There was no need to hold back now that they were all so familiar with each other.

    These Three-headed Serpents dropped Scales which were good material for forging armor. The armor made from these scales was light, with good Defense. Some people even sewed them on the backs of Mage gowns, which greatly increased their defensive Attributes.

    These Scales weren't classified as rare materials, but they were definitely more valuable than some.

    One of the Three-headed Serpents snaked towards them and sprayed a jet of venom at Deep Watersong.

    "My *****! Its damage is so high!" he cried out.

    From the animation, it looked like it was frost damage. Not only was the damage high, but it also came with movement speed reduction and poison effects.

    No wonder why Lu Li had requested that these monsters be killed one by one.

    "Don't be afraid - you won't die," Lu Li said casually.

    Deep Watersong was an expert tank, so there was no way that he would easily die to an Elite monster.

    The Three-Headed Serpent didn't drop a scale when it died, but this wasn't something that could be rushed. Lu Li signaled for Water Fairy to go up and skin the serpent, which netted them its hide and a Three-Headed Serpent Scale.

    They used the same method to clear out all of the Three-Headed Serpents along the way, and obtained few dozen Scales.

    Some people believe that Maraudon was a valuable dungeon. As long as you entered the Maraudon and farmed all the Serpents, you would have basically covered the costs for the dungeon.

    The expenses for the dungeon trip generally included potions and equipment repair fees.

    Lu Li and the others were quite strong, so they had less costs to cover. Other weaker teams would have to spend more on repairing equipment and might require valuable elixirs to attempt the dungeon.

    For many years, Landslide the Ancient Mountain Giant had been looking after the Crystal Garden in Maraudon. Ever since the day that Theradras had moved in, Landslide had felt a deep attraction for her.

    The giant who once had no desires now only had one wish - to serve his new vicious master.

    "I'm so envious of Landslide," Deep Watersong sighed. "How many people out there can spend time with the person they like every day, watch the sun set and rise, and go to sleep satisfied?"

    "Don't pull any monsters yet - wait at the entrance. There are two Rock People that just went out for a patrol. We'll kill them first after they return," Lu Li instructed as he pointed at the two Elite monsters that had just passed by.

    "No need - they probably won't come back into the garden if they keep on their current route," Deep Watersong said.

    "It's better to be safe. It won't take us much time anyway."

    Most of those who died here were players who thought like him. Lu Li was the only one who understood how cunning these two patrolling Rock People were.

    Even Landslide himself probably hadn't killed as many players as these two crafty patrols.

    After they cleared out the Rock People, Lu Li pointed towards the corner of the wall and said, "Watersong, go stand there and pull the monsters. Make sure they don't bump you out. Even if they do, don't panic - just remember to use your damage reduction skills."

    "Right. Rock Giants can knock up people since their fists are extra hard," Deep Watersong nodded.

    "You should think about joining our guild someday," Lu Li suggested with sincere eyes.

    The players in his own team either never asked why, or who always asked why. None of them were like Deep Watersong, who gave a perfect explanation for everything that Lu Li did.

    Of course, there were no results for this kind of invitation which sounded like a joke.

    Deep Watersong was one of the top three Main Tanks of Drizzle Court. He was well-treated and Drizzle Court was also a guild filled with beautiful ladies. It was a guild that male players dreamed of entering; only an idiot would leave it for Ruling Sword.

    The Rock Giants had high Defense and health, but their attacks were quite average.

    It dropped a Gold shield with decent Attributes that was distributed to Lu Li, based on the previous rules that they had formed. He placed it into his bag without hesitation.

    Druid tanks couldn't use shields anyway, so none of the players here had a need for it.

    No guild would ever think that they had too many good shields. Although Azure Sea Breeze's current shield was better than this one, Lu Li could still offer it to the other tanks in the guild.

    Although Water Fairy also wanted the shield, it wasn't good enough to make her beg Lu Li for it.

    Once again, they ignored the monsters. The five of them went into Stealth and moved to their next destination. It only took them a few minutes to arrive at Tinkerer Gizlock's Working Space.

    Some said that Tinkerer Gizlock wasn't a native to the area. He had snuck his way into Maraudon with five other gem hunters to collect previous crystals.

    However, all of his other team members were slaughtered by Satyr. When he understood that their plans had failed and he was shrouded by the fear of death, he vowed his loyalty to Princess Theradras.

    Since then, Tinkerer Gizlock had become one of the Bosses in Maraudon.

    There was no way to earn coins here, so Gizlock became crazy and began to view himself as the new dictator of this underground kingdom.

    "What's going on outside?"

    After he saw Lu Li and the others, Gizlock didn't attack immediately. This seemed to be the first time he saw adventurers.

    "The old war has ended and the new war is about to begin," Lu Li replied.

    Gizlock thought for bit and found that he couldn't find a reason to disagree with Lu Li. Azeroth had always been unlucky and was constantly ravaged by war.

    "Why have you come to my kingdom?"

    "Go and see Princess Theradras," Lu Li said.

    "Princess..." A trace of fear appeared on Gizlock's face as he shook his head in panic.

    "No, I must stop you all, I must stop you all..."

    "Get ready to fight the boss," Lu Li said in a low voice.

    As expected, Gizlock turned on them. He charged at Lu Li and the others with his Goblin Dragon Gun, which dealt 120 points of fire damage per second to all players in front of it for 8 seconds.
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