695 Dreams and Reality

    Water Fairy had killed strong crocodile monsters before at Dustwallow Marsh when she was completing the quest for Ravenholdt Manor. It was originally an impossible mission, but she had followed Lu Li's advice and completed it.

    Now that she thought about it, Water Fairy felt slightly guilty - Lu Li was actually quite nice to her.

    However, when she thought about how merciless Lu Li was sometimes, most girls would probably hate him if they knew him.

    It wasn't like she was expecting him to be overly nice, but there was no need for him to be so cold either.

    Lu Li had no clue that someone was cursing him behind his back for him to be single his whole life. He instructed everyone to dodge the crocodile Boss' sweeping skill and ushered them behind the attack range.

    The damage from the skill wasn't too high. What was worse was that the damage dealt would be multiplied by two and added to the Boss' health.

    Fortunately, Lu Li had been instructing everyone on where to position themselves. The battle participants were all quite skilled and the fight took around half an hour to finish.

    In the end, the Boss went berserk and its Attack damage greatly increased.

    Lu Li and the others weren't upset; they were happy instead. After the Boss went into berserk mode, its Defense decreased which made it easier to kill.

    After Rotgrip finally fell to the floor, it dropped a katar-type weapon. Thieves could use these weapons too, but all three of the Thieves in the party used Daggers, so they could only put this up for sale. Some Thieves liked to use strange weapons, especially katar-type weapons, because it made them look cooler. They would gladly take this for a high price.

    Rotgrip also dropped another rare material - Crocodile's Forearm.

    Lu Li watched as Water Fairy pulled off the crocodile Boss' front leg and was astonished by how this material dropped. The animation was way too violent.

    However, this material was still very useful and in-demand.

    The Spicy Crocodile Leg was very delicious and could sell for up to a few hundred gold coins. Lu Li had the privilege of eating it at some point during his life, but didn't realize how precious it was until he tried it.

    "Pass it to me," Lu Li said.

    "Sure." Water Fairy didn't try to make it hard for Lu Li this time.

    "Shouldn't you two ask for our opinions?" Deep Watersong laughed bitterly.

    "You got a problem?" Water Fairy shot back, giving him a side glance.

    "Not at all."

    Deep Watersong shook his head. Although Water Fairy looked more humane today, she was still the same boss.

    "I'll make a Spicy Crocodile Leg later. Don't forget to come and have some," Lu Li offered, then paused and added, "Everyone has a share. I'm sure you all know where I live in Danassus."

    It would best if no one showed up - the leg wasn't enough for everyone.

    "I won't go. I'm busy."

    Cain's Left Hand was a wise man. A good employee knew when their boss really wanted to treat them and when they were just saying things to look good.

    "I'm not eating it either. I like carrots," Hachi Chan said as he glanced at the crocodile leg that was still dripping with blood with disdain.

    She had fallen in love with Dolanaar Carrots and had obtained the recognition of all the civilians living in the area. She was allowed to eat them as often as she wanted, while other players had to pay a good amount of gold coins for one.

    Apart from being delicious, these Dolanaar Carrots also gave players a random Attribute that lasted for up to a day.

    The skill book that dropped was Rend, which was for Warriors.

    Rend: Inflict a grievous wound to the target and deal 600 points of bleeding damage over 8 seconds. After 8 seconds, the wound explodes, dealing another 150 points of bleeding damage.

    This was a decent skill which most damage-type Warriors would require before they were ready for PVP.

    Water Fairy took this skill book as she had given away two items to Lu Li already. If Lu Li took the skill book, even he would feel embarrassed for himself.

    After they took down Rotgrip, there was only Princess Theradras left in the dungeon.

    This admired Princess was actually the third daughter of Therazane, the Stone Mother. She was born with a high social status that only a few princesses in Dawn were able to contend with.

    There were plenty of princesses amongst the players that were famous, for example, the Kitty Princess Donna Anthania. She had a gentle name and a beautiful appearance, but strangely enough, she carried a blood-stained axe.

    Princess Tempestria was a giant Water Elemental and looked similar to the Mages' pets.

    Princess Stillpine was a princess amongst bear-type monsters. She had been locked in a cage, so apart from the Draenei players in Bloodmyst Isle, no one else knew of her.

    The Blue Dragon Princess, Tyrigosa, was the descendent of Malygos. Her pictures were hung up around Stormwind City and her beauty was unrivalled within the region.

    Hence, Princess Theradras was a great topic of interest for many players.

    Even though this highborn princess was a widow, her husband had died a long time ago. This didn't stop players of different races and social statuses from being interested in her.

    However, that would only last until the day when they reached the end of Maraudon.

    "I'm so excited, Lu Li. Have you seen the pictures of the princess?" Deep Watersong asked as he rubbed his hands together. They were in Stealth and were almost outside Princess Theradras' private palace.

    As he imagined a beauty in there waiting to be rescued, his heart wildly thumped.

    Cain's Left Hand stared at Lu Li too; he was a timid one and barely talked. However, Lu Li had seen how good he was at cracking dirty jokes in the guild channel. He knew that Cain's Left Hand was probably interested too.

    "Not at all," Lu Li sighed again from the bottom of his heart.

    Hopefully, their mentality was strong enough that they wouldn't be too shocked and never fall in love with woman again. If that happened, the gaming company really would get sued for it.

    "If I accidentally touch the princess while I'm attacking, the System won't kill me, right?" Deep Watersong laughed.

    He was one of the main players in Drizzle Court and the guild was filled with pretty girls. A few of them had made it into the beauty rankings as well.

    "I hope that you'll still be as switched-on when you see her..." Lu Li muttered.

    What if he decided to not fight the Boss, or if he got kicked offline from a heart attack? How would they continue with the dungeon then? This was a serious issue that he needed to take into consideration.
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