696 A Great Disappointmen

    After they cleared the wave at the entrance, Lu Li led his team members into the Crystal Lair.

    Ever since Zaetar, the son of Cenarius, had been slain and his corpse brought here, Princess Theradras had been watching over her husband's body. She never left this spot and even refused to see her sons.

    Anyone who wanted to enter the place had to face her guards outside, including the half-Centaurs.

    "Haha, princess, here I come! Haha... uhm..." Deep Watersong dashed in; he couldn't wait to see the princess.

    What had he just seen?

    There was giant mud-colored thing, and if it was only the color, it wouldn't have been too much of a concern.

    What kind of person would be nine meters tall with a nine-meter-wide radius? What kind of person would have such an ugly face with such a giant body shape?

    Strange voices began to come out from Deep Watersong's throat as he fell to the side to vomit.

    Cain's Left Hand's face went pale, and the two hands that he used to hold his daggers were shaking. These were the hands of a Thief, so his heart must have truly been shocked.

    Water Fairy looked disappointed.

    When a beauty was going to see another 'beauty', they would usually subconsciously preen themselves beforehand. Along the way, she had already tidied her fringe a few times, and even took the time to clear the stains on her forehead from battle.

    She thought that she would be seeing a legendary beauty.

    The game developers weren't bad bad at making beautiful characters. Good examples were Carolina and Meisnera, who even Water Fairy was slightly intimidated by. She thought that this princess in Maraudon would be the same.

    Who would expect to see such an ugly monster?

    Hachi Chan tilted her head to study the looks of the princess. Perhaps she was the only one who didn't find her ugly. Or perhaps, she was envious of Princess Theradras' looks. She probably thought that it would be great to look so 'mighty'.

    "What's wrong with Zaetar!" Deep Watersong cried out with tears flashing in his eyes as he steadied himself.

    This was the same question that everyone asked when they saw Princess Theradras.

    The love between Zaetar and the princess had never been blessed. The difference between their races had caused others to give them judgmental glances and comments.

    Why would a demigod fall in love with a monster like this?

    Some said that one of the reasons why Zaetar had left his kind behind was because Cenarius heavily favored his other son, Remulos - the one who helped Lu Li upgrade his ring.

    Zaetar was deprived of attention which caused him to leave.

    Regardless of the truth, what was meant to happen eventually happened. Zaetar wanted to marry Princess Theradras regardless of all that stood in their way. For this very reason, he came to Maraudon to settle down with his loved one.

    "Perhaps they really loved each other," Lu Li said. He felt like the main reason was probably because Princess Theradras wasn't a beauty.

    What if Zaetar and Princess Theradras lived in an underground palace of Maraudon, where they planted a beautiful garden and tended to all sorts of gentle animals together?

    Being the son of a Demigod and the daughter of an Earth Elemental, this wouldn't be difficult for them at all.

    What if they then gave birth to many sons and daughters?

    These sons and daughters would have the wisdom of the Demigod, and the honesty and humbleness of the Earth Elementals. They would love their parents and live a peaceful life with them in Maraudon, a place where no one could intrude on them.

    This would be a beautiful love story that bypassed the judgement and racial differences of the world. Even if Princess Theradras was a little ugly, this wouldn't impact the romantic side of the whole situation.

    Unfortunately, this had never happened.

    Their son had killed his father. After this tragic event, Princess Theradras took her husband's corpse and sat in this cold palace alone.

    For once, Water Fairy spoke up.

    "I think it's alright. She looks sad - maybe she really did care for Zaetar. Would you not love a woman solely because of her looks?"

    "Of course not," the men said, standing their ground on the topic together.

    None of them spoke with certainty though; everyone loved to look at beautiful things. Before they found their real love, everyone and anyone could just be someone who was into looks. They could be attracted by a beautiful face and even mistake that as love.

    "Why did the son kill the dad?" Hachi Chan asked.

    This was a real and innocent question. She wasn't interested or concerned about these relationship issues and neither did she understand them. This question, asked out of logic and reasoning, was right where the core of the situation lied.

    "This was how the gaming company designed it. It can't be helped," Lu Li replied seriously.

    "These people are so perverted," Hachi Chan said in disgust.

    They studied the princess for a while, but they had to complete the dungeon regardless. There weren't any monsters nearby, which would save them some time.

    "How do we do it?" Deep Watersong's question was simple, but he sounded tired.

    "We just do it," Lu Li's answered bluntly.

    There weren't any guides needed for this fight. If they could do it, then they could do it. If they couldn't, there wasn't much they could do about the situation either.

    The princess was the final Boss of Maraudon and was also the strongest one.

    She had two signature moves - one was a group knock up, while the other was a group fear. These gave her the ability to attack and deal damage. Not to mention, she was also an Earth Elemental Princess, so it wasn't hard to imagine the amount of Defense and Health she would have.

    High damage, high defense, group control and group damage - Princess Theradras was a true all-rounder.

    "My *****, only forty points of damage! This is so damn hard!"

    Deep Watersong's face looked like he was about to cry as he barely scratched Princess Theradras. He had previously imagined a beauty, but now he wanted to kill himself first.

    "I dealt 170 points of damage with a skill..." Lu Li sighed.

    When Lu Li had attempted this dungeon in his previous life, this Boss wasn't this tough. In one of the future versions, the game company would reconsider and weaken this boss.

    For now, they could only face the princess head-on.

    Princess Theradras could take out about 400 points of health from Deep Watersong with one hit. Hachi Chan had to use two Rejuvenation spells to bring his HP bar back up.

    "Watersong, don't forget to drink potions. The same goes for the rest of you. Stupid Hachi, look after yourself. If you're out of mana, we're doomed," Lu Li said.

    "You're the stupid one; I rarely get to finish my mana bar," she answered rudely. However, Hachi Chan was a good girl and began to save her mana. She even started to drink mana potions when her mana bar dipped below a certain level.
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